Rehabs That Will Pick You Up

Rehabs That Will Pick You Up

Get Local and Airport Pickup for Rehab at Purpose Healing Center

Seeking help with addiction is a big enough step without having to worry about where you will park your car, or how you will get from the airport to your chosen rehab. At Purpose Healing Center, we get it.

Parking garages are expensive and other travel arrangements aren’t always an option. When you need help getting to rehab to start recovery, finding rehabs that will pick you up makes starting treatment that much easier.

Purpose has facilities located in Scottsdale and Phoenix. We offer pickup services throughout the Phoenix Valley, including Scottsdale and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. This allows us to offer comfort and convenience when arriving at our rehab, for both our in-state and out-of-state clients.

Keep reading to learn more about our pick-up services and our Arizona-leading programs for mental health and substance abuse treatment!

Get a Firm Foundation for Recovery at Purpose

What Rehabs Will Help with Transportation?

At Purpose Healing Center, we help with transportation as part of our standard services. We offer pickup at airports near our treatment centers, making it easy for clients from anywhere to get the help they deserve. We also offer transportation from Phoenix Valley, Scottsdale, and other nearby areas for local residents who need help getting to rehab.

There may be other rehab facilities offering pick-up around Scottsdale and Phoenix. However, few of these facilities hold both Joint Commission accreditation and accept AHCCCS insurance as we do at Purpose.

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Transportation to Rehab?

Traveling for Rehab to Purpose in Arizon

A few of the big-name insurance providers may provide transportation to doctor’s appointments, wellness visits, and other medical rides. This may or may not include the cost of transportation to your chosen rehab program and can vary based on your location, which facility you wish to attend, and the transportation needed to reach this facility.

Fortunately, even if your insurance provider for rehab won’t cover the costs of traveling to rehab, centers like Purpose will pick you up. To ensure safety on your trip for treatment and to find out more about transportation to our rehab, timing, and availability, give us a call today.

We have admission staff available 24/7 to ensure that whenever a client reaches out, we are ready to give them the best standard of care. We’ll even serve as your alarm clock and give you a call when it’s time to get up and catch a flight to our facilities!

Can I Attend Out-of-State Treatment Centers?

Whether you can attend treatment programs out-of-state depends on health insurance coverage, ability to travel, and requirements for the facility you’ve chosen. Many people in-network treatment centers for addiction treatment services so they are more affordable. However, there are other options including financial assistance and payment plans that we can also discuss.

While our staff at Purpose will help individuals seeking substance abuse treatment with us arrange transportation to rehab, not all adult rehabilitation centers offer this same benefit. Government-funded rehab programs also may require that a client be a resident of the state where they are seeking drug or alcohol treatment.

The Rehab That You Choose Matters

Evidence-Based Treatment

Rates of relapse vary from 55-85% depending on factors like the substance used, length of addiction, and the quality of treatment received.

Many centers offer things like counseling, life skills development, and even spiritual direction to clients, but few offer the high-quality, evidence-based treatment needed to help you take back control of your life. This is why the quality of in-state or out-of-state services used matters.

Evidence-Based Practices Endorsed by the Mental Health Services Administration

At Purpose Healing, we use evidence-based practices endorsed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Alcohol and drug addiction affects communities across the United States.

By offering confidential support in an addiction space where we can ensure the safety of our clients, we help you develop tools that prevent relapse.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Our Rehabs That Will Pick You Up

It is not uncommon for individuals struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol to have underlying mental health conditions. We offer rehabilitation services and counseling for mental health in addition to substance use treatment. Our comprehensive care improves each client’s chance at lasting recovery from addiction.

Get on the Road to Recovery with Purpose Healing

Outpatient Treatment and Aftercare

Support for adults and their families does not stop after completing an inpatient program. Following rehab, some people attend intensive outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, or a sober living facility.

For individuals who are not local, we can also help you find support groups in your local area and connect you with a therapist, psychiatrist, and other support services.

Easily Find Out if Your Insurance Covers Substance Abuse Treatment at Purpose

The easiest way to find out if you are covered is to reach out to Purpose so we can verify your insurance. You can call us directly for a confidential consultation or fill out a form on our website. Then, someone will contact you within the hour to answer any questions and offer support needed to overcome substance abuse.

We work with private and public insurance and can even help you make other arrangements to pay for inpatient treatment or counseling for drugs and alcohol. Don’t hesitate to get you or your loved one the support you need today.

3 Benefits of Traveling for Rehab to Purpose in Arizona

Relaxing in Arizona’s Natural Beauty

Program participants often find treatment for drug and alcohol abuse outside of their local area, allowing them to access a quality treatment provider while enjoying Arizona’s natural beauty and changing their scenery for a fresh start.

Call us to start the admission process and find out if there is a waiting list for our programs today!

1) Getting Addiction Treatment at a Better Quality Facility

Not every alcohol and drug rehabilitation program in Arizona is created equally. Purpose Healing Center is Joint Commission Accredited for our standard of care. We work closely with clients and their loved ones to determine which rehabilitation services will offer the most benefits.

Additionally, we work closely with several health insurance companies and help clients with transportation, making it easy to access recovery services.

2) Relaxing in Arizona’s Natural Beauty

Of course, you’ll find the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Wonders of the World in Arizona. However, the Arizona landscape is also known for its evergreen forests, canyons, snow-capped peaks, red rocks, and flatlands covered in flowers.

The beautiful landscape sets the perfect scene for starting the recovery process. Seeking drug and alcohol addiction treatment in a place surrounded by so much beauty gives you a chance to appreciate good things during a time that is difficult for many people.

3) Changing Your Scenery for a Lower Chance of Relapse

A major contributing factor to relapse following treatment is staying in the same environment that contributed to substance abuse. People sometimes return to the same social circles thinking that they won’t return to the same habits.

Attending a non-local program gives you a fresh start and lets you focus on recovery.

What Are Some Disadvantages of Traveling for Treatment?

The biggest obstacle to traveling to addiction treatment programs is transportation. But, with centers like ours offering transportation, it’s easier to get support. It will also be harder to have in-person visits from a friend or loved one when attending programs out-of-state, but we offer plenty of virtual family therapy options to help address this concern as well!

What You Should Bring for Rehab?

What You Should Bring for Rehab

When attending rehab, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Many adult rehabilitation centers encourage clients to bring their own clothing. You’ll want loose-fitting, comfortable clothing like sweatpants, t-shirts, and undergarments. At Purpose, we also have a pool that can be used so you might also want to bring a swimsuit.

Bring your toiletries including toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, and even make-up, as long as they are unopened and fully sealed. Bring current medications, books, magazines, or other busy work for free time, and a list of important phone numbers so you can reach out to friends and family.

While this is a good place to start, contact our facility with specific questions about what you can bring.

What Should I Do with My Car While I’m at Rehab?

Many drug and alcohol rehab centers in Arizona and elsewhere do not offer parking. For locals, the easiest way to get to rehab is to have a friend or loved one drop you off. We also may be able to help with transportation for individuals who cannot arrange a ride to rehab, typically for free.

If you are an out-of-state client traveling by airplane, it’s also easiest to have someone drop you off at the airport or to use Lyft, Uber, or a cab company. Many airports offer shuttle services and either of these options will stop you from paying for the cost of keeping your car in a parking garage during your stay.

If this is an obstacle for you or your loved one for attending treatment, please reach out directly to our Admissions staff and we can help you navigate the issue effectively.

Up To 100% of Rehab Costs Covered By Insurance

Make Purpose Your Destination and Let Us Pick You Up Today

You can take a huge stride toward recovery success just by picking up the phone. Purpose Healing Center has staff available 24/7 to take your confidential call. We can answer your questions about different types of rehabilitation programs and even arrange transportation to our Arizona-based rehabilitation facilities.

Our team understands that there are other treatment options out there. At Purpose, however, we strive to provide the highest standard of care. Not only are our private facilities comfortable, but you or your loved one will also find a safe space where you can focus on recovery and learn useful tools for overcoming substance use disorder. Reach out now and let us help, let’s get the admission process started today!