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Education on drug addiction can be a crucial part of or step in substance abuse treatment for clients and their families. The reason for this is that drug addiction is frequently misunderstood.

In reality, it is a serious but common mental health concern and brain disorder. The good news is that addiction is treatable and sobriety is more than possible – even if you’ve been to rehab or have experienced a relapse before.

The right approach to treatment and prolonged support make a difference. Purpose Healing Center has drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in Scottsdale, AZ, and Phoenix, AZ.

Both of our locations offer drug rehab Arizona programs, have a full continuum of care, and are dedicated to helping those with drug addiction and co-occurring concerns heal through our whole-person approach. So, what should you know if you or someone in your life is facing drug addiction?

Let’s go over what we know about drug addiction and how it develops first. Then, we’ll talk about the best approaches to addiction treatment and how our programs at Purpose implement them for lasting recovery success in clients with drug addiction and dual diagnoses.

What is the Definition of Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction refers to repeated, compulsive use of a substance. Someone with drug addiction may struggle to stop using drugs or continue using a substance even if they try to stop. In the diagnostic criteria for all substance use disorders, this is a key trait. Many people don’t understand addiction and think that it’s a choice, but that isn’t the case.

Trying a substance initially can be a choice in some instances, but addiction is not a choice. Research shows that there are physical brain changes in people who face addiction. Specifically, parts of the brain that are crucial for decision-making, behavior control, judgment, learning, and memory. 

If left unaddressed, substance abuse without treatment can lead to severe physical health problems, new or worsening mental health issues, legal and financial problems, and familial and relationship problems.

Drug addiction can also lead to trouble at work or school, job loss, and accidental death by overdose. Substance abuse treatment programs, such as our accredited offerings at Purpose Healing Center, can help.

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What are Common Risk Factors for Drug Addiction?

Understanding the risk factors for addiction can be beneficial because it helps us understand why some people are more likely to experience drug addiction than others. Genetics and life circumstances can both play a role. Here’s some of what we know from addiction research:

  • Addiction is largely genetic. Drug and alcohol addiction research shows that genetics and family history of substance use disorders increase the risk of substance abuse in individuals.
  • Trauma increases the likelihood of addiction. Adverse childhood experiences and other traumas significantly raise your risk of addiction.
  • Other mental or behavioral health concerns can increase your risk of addiction. Living with another mental or behavioral health concern (e.g., anxiety, schizophrenia, trauma disorders, and mood disorders like depression or bipolar disorder) heightens your risk of addiction.
  • Early use can be a factor. Using substances earlier in life (e.g., teen years) is linked to a greater risk of addiction.

Even with these factors in mind, it is critical to remember that anyone can develop a substance use disorder. People’s addictions start in different ways. Sometimes, it starts with an injury and a prescription; other times, it starts early in life, with a street drug, or runs in families.

Either way, it is possible to stay sober and live a life that you’re proud of. In fact, 7 in 10 people who have faced substance abuse consider themselves recovering or in recovery.

How to Defeat Drug Addiction: The Components of Effective Programs

Treatment programs need to cover more than one base to produce successful outcomes. Our Arizona addiction treatment center uses evidence-based treatment strategies for those facing drug abuse, including but not limited to the following.

  • Behavioral therapies.
  • Social reintegration support.
  • Medication management and medication-assisted treatment (MAT).
  • Psychological and emotional therapy and support.
  • Trauma therapy for clients who have faced traumatic events.
  • Family therapy or counseling.
  • Relapse prevention strategies.
  • Learning what to do in case of a relapse.
  • Teaching coping skills and long-term lifestyle management.
  • Supportive holistic treatments

Recreation activities, help for clients with pending legal issues, job and education exploration, housing support, nutrition, physical activity, and couples therapy via Zoom or in-person sessions are also offered at Purpose Healing Center.

What is the Drug Rehab Process Like?

Intensive outpatient treatment

The rehabilitation process is different from what most people believe it to be. Our luxury rehab center provides you with more than just medical services, and the goals our clients work toward expand far beyond abstinence from drugs alone. Instead, we help you rebuild your life and overcome the effects of addiction. 

Some components of what to expect at a drug and alcohol rehab center like Purpose Healing Center depend on the care level you’re in.

Purpose Healing Center offers the following treatment programs:

  • Drug detox: We have an inpatient detox program and outpatient detox services. Detox is usually the first step in the addiction treatment and recovery process, lasting about 3-10 days and ideally serving as a precursor to another level of care.
  • Residential inpatient rehab: Our medically managed residential inpatient services provide 24/7 supervision and support that outpatient treatment does not. Residential treatment is an ideal starting level of care for many clients.
  • Partial hospitalization: Purpose Healing Center’s partial hospitalization program (PHP) is the most intensive of our outpatient services. Clients attend treatment for the majority of the day but return home or to sober living once treatment is over for the day.
  • Intensive outpatient treatment: Our intensive outpatient program is similar to PHP but with reduced treatment hours, making it ideal for clients with external commitments (e.g., work or school), mild symptoms, or those who are stepping down from a higher level of care.
  • Alumni support: When you graduate from treatment, we’re still here. Purpose Healing Center’s alumni program offers continued support and connection to the recovery community you build with us after treatment.

Our medical and mental health professionals have decades of experience treating drug addiction and mental health. Before you leave either of our treatment centers in Arizona, we’ll help you design a custom aftercare plan to aid your continued, successful, and lasting recovery.

What Cities and Areas of Arizona Does Purpose Serve?

Purpose Healing Center is convenient for cities and the residents of cities and towns throughout Maricopa County and our gorgeous Grand Canyon State as a whole. From our accredited and medically supervised detox facilities, to inpatient and outpatient programs that meet the needs of clients from across the state, Purpose is the destination of choice for recovery in Arizona. 

We are conveniently located for the following municipalities in Maricopa and beyond:


4 Ways Our Drug Rehab Arizona Services Support Lasting Recovery

Purpose Healing Center’s drug rehab in Arizona uses evidence-based practices to help clients in our treatment programs understand and address their full spectrum of needs. When you’re considering drug and alcohol rehab — or when you’re in the depths of drug addiction — the thought of treatment can be daunting. That’s where we come in.

Some people won’t be able to envision addiction recovery yet due to long-term use. Others notice the signs of drug abuse and seek mental health services early. Our Arizona drug rehab center moves at your pace and gets to know you as a unique person so that you can get the quality care you deserve and discover the tools needed to lead a healthier life confidently.

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1) Dual Diagnosis and Mental Health

Co-occurring disorders are common in those with substance use disorders. In fact, over 1 in 4 adults with serious mental health concerns also have a substance use disorder, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). It’s recommended that mental health conditions and other behavioral health issues are addressed alongside drug addiction when applicable for the best treatment outcomes.

When another mental health condition pairs with drug or alcohol addiction, it is called “dual diagnosis.” Purpose Healing Center is an addiction and mental health treatment center with dual diagnosis programming for clients with one or more additional mental health conditions.

2) Individualized Treatment Plans

Individualized Treatment Plans

No two people with addiction or mental health concerns are quite alike. Individualized care matters. All clients at our drug and alcohol rehab get a 100% customized treatment plan. Furthermore, we treat most forms and severity levels of drug addiction. These include but aren’t limited to benzodiazepine addiction, opioid addiction (including fentanyl, heroin, and prescription drugs), methamphetamine addiction, cocaine addiction, marijuana addiction, and alcohol addiction.

When it’s time for your intake assessment, we’ll ask questions about your current substance use (e.g., frequency of drug/alcohol use), personal history, and co-occurring mental or behavioral health concerns. This will help us provide informed care and recommendations for your treatment at our Arizona drug rehab centers.

3) Personalized Treatment Program Length

Longer treatment stays give you more time to do the delicate work required to overcome addiction and are associated with better outcomes in addiction recovery research. While many treatment centers primarily advertise short rehab programs, 30, 60, and 90-day stays are all typical at Purpose Healing Center.

When you leave treatment with us varies based on a wide range of factors, such as your personal treatment needs and insurance coverage. The staff members at Purpose Healing Center are here to monitor your progress, make recommendations as needed, and work with you throughout treatment to help you determine your next step.

We offer every level of care used in drug addiction treatment centers worldwide. This allows clients to use a step-down approach, where you start with a higher level of care and transition out in stages. For example, after medical detox, you might start with our inpatient Arizona drug rehab program and step down to one of our outpatient programs when you no longer benefit from 24/7 supervision.

4) Evidence-Based Therapy Modalities

The licensed therapists, counselors, psychologists, and social workers at our drug rehabs in Arizona use a range of effective evidence-based and holistic treatments. For example, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), motivational interviewing (MI), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and other therapies. If you want to know whether our treatment center offers a specific form of therapy or treatment activity, call our Admissions team directly at any time.

Next Steps: Our Addiction Treatment Centers in Arizona

One of the first things most prospective clients and their families think of when pursuing addiction treatment is insurance coverage. Purpose Healing Center accepts most forms of insurance and is an in-network provider with many private insurance companies. To verify your benefits for rehab at our Phoenix or Scottsdale recovery center, give us a call or finish the insurance verification form on our website.

After that, you’ll complete an intake assessment. Our staff will discuss your treatment options with you and help you find a placement in one of the treatment programs at our Scottsdale, AZ, or Phoenix, AZ, location. We will also answer any questions you have about treatment and tell you what to bring to Purpose Healing Center if you’re entering our inpatient Arizona detox or addiction treatment program.

Purpose Healing Center provides transportation to help pick you up to and from both of our addiction treatment centers in Arizona. Please give Purpose Healing Center a call to discuss transportation or get directions from one of our staff members.

Get Support for Drug and Alcohol Addiction at Purpose Today

Our Joint-Commission accredited drug rehab in Arizona is here to help you or your loved one overcome substance abuse. Purpose Healing Center is proud to offer multiple drug addiction treatment programs that offer evidence-based approaches.

To learn more about our treatment center in Arizona and start addiction recovery today, make the confidential call to Purpose Healing Center now!

FAQs on Drug Rehab: Arizona-Based Programs and Services

How do I find NA meetings in Arizona?

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) offers free support groups for people overcoming drug addiction. You can find an NA meeting in your area by going to the official NA website and selecting the “Find a Meeting” tab. In-person and virtual meetings are available.

What are some sober activities in Arizona?

Butterfly Wonderland - Sober activities in Arizona

It’s important to find drug and alcohol-free activities to enjoy in addiction recovery. If you’re a client in one of our outpatient programs at Purpose Healing Center, have a loved one in treatment, or have recently left residential care, you may want to explore sober activities in the area.

Scottsdale and Phoenix are about a half hour apart, and both are rich with sober hobbies and attractions. Here are some sober activities for clients and their families to consider in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ:

  • OdySea Aquarium.
  • Arizona Boardwalk.
  • Butterfly Wonderland.
  • Desert Botanical Gardens.
  • Scottsdale Wildlife Conservation Center.
  • Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art.
  • Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts.
  • The Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix.
  • Children’s Museum of Phoenix.
  • Musical Instrument Museum.
  • The Ocean Floor Aquarium.
  • Penske Racing Museum.
  • Phoenix Art Museum.
  • Old Town Scottsdale.
  • Wonderspaces Arizona.
  • Octane Raceway.
  • Heard Museum.
  • Phoenix Zoo.

There’s an abundant variety of parks, tours, fitness opportunities, and other activities close to our Joint-commission accredited inpatient and outpatient Arizona rehab centers in Scottsdale and Phoenix.


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