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Unlocking Hope: Comprehensive Insurance Coverage for Rehab
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Getting Addiction Treatment Covered at Purpose Healing Center

If you need substance abuse treatment, one of your top questions might be whether you can use your insurance coverage for rehab. First, we are very happy you are seeking addiction treatment services. Taking the time to do research shows that you are making a huge move in the right direction.

Alcohol and drug addiction can feel like a spinning carnival ride where the ride operator never stops the motion to let you exit. With drug or alcohol abuse, you can quickly get stuck in a loop of using or drinking, coming down or sobering up, and then seeking more to use again. But the stop button for the ride is accredited and effective addiction treatment.

Purpose Healing Center, with locations in Scottsdale and Phoenix, is here to help you end that loop and live a fulfilling, happy life again. We feel so strongly about that, that we adopted as our motto: “Imagine a life with purpose.”

We will not only help you put aside the drug and alcohol abuse; we’ll also help you discover the “why” behind your substance use disorder. For some, that’s a mental health concern. For others, it’s unresolved trauma. Whatever your case, you can expect top-notch care from our entire team.

We invite you to continue reading to learn more information about how your group or private insurance integrates with treatment programs at Purpose, and how to get support for recovery with us today!

Fast and Free Insurance Verification

Does Insurance Cover Rehab and Substance Abuse Treatment Centers?

The Affordable Care Act became the law of the land on March 23, 2010. Its passage had a favorable impact on the behavioral health industry, especially regarding addiction treatment.

Before the Affordable Care Act, people who needed substance abuse treatment faced almost impossible roadblocks to getting into treatment programs. The lack of coverage from insurance providers made rehab costs almost unbearable.

However, the Affordable Care Act placed mental health and addiction treatment on a level playing field with physical health disorders. One of the main ways of achieving that was by deeming drug and alcohol treatment an “essential health benefit.” Thus, health insurance policies featured on the Health Insurance Marketplace had to provide substance use disorder benefits to remain competitive.

Insurance Coverage for Rehab: Pre-Existing Conditions Must be Covered

Any health plans not complying with the Affordable Care Act could not participate in the Health Insurance Marketplace. For the first time, every insurance provider had to offer mental health and substance abuse coverage.

Besides that, the Affordable Care Act also ensured that insurance plans could no longer deny Americans coverage under pre-existing conditions clauses. That even included denying coverage for a substance use disorder. Using the Health Insurance Marketplace as a mechanism to enforce compliance with the new legislation was a game changer.

For the first time, many who had previously been denied help paying for rehab facilities for a long-term mental health crisis or addiction. The two largest roadblocks – the cost of rehab and the pre-existing condition language – were eased for millions.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Warns of Rising Risks

If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab, know that you are not alone. Drug and alcohol abuse has reached epidemic levels.

Recent behavioral health statistics shared by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) warn that drug abuse is on the rise, particularly in adults aged 26 to 49. While younger adults in the 18 to 25-year age range still have the highest numbers of drug abuse, the record-shattering numbers in their older peers also.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services also noted how the United States still faces mounting numbers of people abusing meth, cocaine, opioid, and prescription drugs. If you struggle with any addiction, you can use your insurance plan for drug or alcohol addiction treatment.

What Treatment Program Does Your Insurance Plan Cover?

Insurance plans vary from one to another. The best way to get an accurate picture of how to get the best addiction treatment afforded by your policy is to call us. Our insurance and admissions specialist will gladly look into your group or private insurance coverage to decide the best next steps.

Generally, here are some things that insurance policies cover:

Do You Need an Inpatient or Outpatient Program at a Drug or Alcohol Rehab Facility?

Insurance plans offer coverage for outpatient or inpatient programs at rehab facilities. The level of care (inpatient versus outpatient programs) you qualify for depends on numerous factors. These can include the severity of your addiction, how many times you have used insurance for rehab in the past, how long you’ve abused drugs or alcohol, and other risk factors.

Medical Detox with a Qualified Treatment Provider

Insurance plans offer medically supervised detox if you qualify for inpatient or outpatient treatment. During this process, you will be under close care by specially-qualified healthcare providers. You’ll receive medication to manage the most severe withdrawal symptoms to make it a more pleasant process.

Relapse Prevention Planning for After Drug or Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Insurance covers rehab, but your journey to sobriety doesn’t end when you walk out the door of your drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. You will leave Purpose Healing Center with the skills to resist relapse.

These may include having a local support group (like AA or NA) or having a designated person on speed dial to call if you feel triggered. Those are just two examples – you will leave here not with just one or two tools in your hand; we will help you fill the whole toolbox.

Therapy and Counseling to Break the Cycle of Abuse

Therapy and Counseling

Mental health and substance abuse treatment centers provide clients with therapy to help better understand why they abuse drugs or alcohol. These can be individual, group, and family sessions – most insurance companies cover a specific number of sessions.

Your insurance company may also cover Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a keystone any any high-quality behavioral healthcare. While therapy helps you understand why you use, CBT helps you to change your behaviors – for good!

Real-World Applications

Attending outpatient rehab allows patients to immediately put their strategies into practice. These strategies are the coping mechanisms they’ve learned through recovery. This real-world application can solidify their training. It helps them navigate challenges as they arise.

Privacy and Confidentiality

For many, there’s a desire to keep their recovery journey discreet. Outpatient programs enable individuals to maintain a level of privacy about their treatment. These programs ensure their regular life isn’t dramatically disrupted.

Diverse Treatment Modalities

Just like in inpatient programs, outpatient rehab offers a variety of treatment methods. These include individual and group therapy, educational sessions, and skill-building workshops. This ensures a holistic approach to recovery.

Continuity of Care

For those transitioning from an inpatient program, outpatient rehab ensures continuity of care. It acts as a bridge helping individuals navigate from intensive treatment to reintegrating into society.

Empowerment and Responsibility

With the freedom and flexibility of outpatient rehab comes responsibility. This structure encourages individuals to take charge of their recovery. It empowers them to make choices and decisions that bolster their journey to sobriety.

Why Attend Rehab at Purpose Healing Center?

Using your insurance coverage for rehab at Purpose is an effective way of getting help at all levels of care, and for several proven and verifiable reasons.

Purpose Healing Center commits to exceptional quality care standards, as proven by our Joint Commission approval. The Joint Commission is an independent non-profit that certifies healthcare companies. Our rehab center has earned the National Quality Approval, meaning we have met the industry’s top standards. This recognition sets us apart from other treatment centers.

We also commit to getting excellent results for our clients. As mentioned, we want everyone to have a healthier life and a sense of purpose when they go home. Ultimately, we want you to experience the benefits of holistic healing. Yes, we want you to leave your drug or alcohol rehab program free of your addiction. However, we also want to support ongoing physical and mental health, which is often compromised during an addiction or mental health crisis.

Get Accredited Treatment Programs at Purpose.

Meet Stacy, Who Went from Tranq to Triumph at Purpose Healing Center

Stacy came to Purpose Healing Center with an addiction to Xanax. She was a professional in the financial sector and had a high-pressure job. Most days, she came home to her apartment but could not stop worrying about her career. She played high stakes with investors’ monies, and it was a role she took seriously.

But the ongoing, racing thoughts became intrusive. She talked to her family doctor about it. He prescribed Xanax to ease them, but she also advised Stacy to see a counselor. Stacy took the Xanax, and it felt so good that she thought she didn’t need counseling.

The doctor refused to continue to write scripts for the Xanax without counseling. Stacy turned to street dealers and continued to take illicit drugs. She soon found that she needed more doses, and higher potency as she developed dependence. What was once an evening dose began spilling into her workday. The cycle continued for almost a year; she knew she was in a tailspin.

Getting Essential Support Before the Pain of Rock Bottom Hits

Nobody at work had discovered Stacy’s addiction. She knew she couldn’t risk her career – she’d worked hard to get to the top of her game! She gathered information about different rehab facilities, then took FMLA time off to spend 45 days in an intensive outpatient program covered by insurance at Purpose Healing Center.

There, she detoxed off the Xanax. She also learned that she had an undiagnosed anxiety disorder. The care team helped her develop a recovery plan.

Today, Stacy is back at work and manages her anxiety by going to the gym most days to blow off steam. She also decided the high-powered job was not worth it after all. She’s now working as a CFO at a non-profit that mentors at-risk teens – it’s much more rewarding.

Getting Help With Health Insurance Companies to Enter a Treatment Center

Reading your insurance plan can be incredibly dull and extremely confusing. The language can be hard to follow, especially if you don’t deal with insurance providers very often.

But here’s the thing – we deal with insurance plans all day, and we can also help you get the drug or alcohol treatment you need. Remember, mental health disorder services are covered under the Affordable Care Act, and health insurance must help pay for the cost of rehab.

At Purpose Healing Center work with most insurance plans, even if not in-network providers with your specific health insurance. Out-of-network insurance companies pay at least a portion of the cost of rehab. After you speak with us about coverage, you will know up-front any out-of-pocket expenses arising from rehab treatment.

Are you planning to pay out of pocket for your drug or alcohol rehab? We also work with private pay clients.

What Providers Does Purpose Healing Center Accept as Insurance for Rehab?

Purpose Healing Center proudly accepts most major insurance providers, both from Arizona as well as nationwide. Among the many insurance plans we accept are those from:


Make the Call to Purpose Today for Recovery Support

Our Admissions staff and treatment facility team can help you leverage group or private insurance plans to minimize or remove the costs associated with treatment. You can rest assured that personal health information is kept strictly confidential, whether for yourself or a loved one.

Contact our rehab center team – we’re here to help you sort out those insurance details. Click here to connect.

There’s no better day than today to become clean and sober. Seize the momentum, pick up the phone, and let’s get started helping forge a brighter tomorrow!

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