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Providing effective addiction treatment means being able to offer a comprehensive, step-down model of consistent support to the clients we treat.

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At Purpose Healing Center, overcoming substance abuse often starts with our detox program. New clients preparing for detox might wonder what to expect.

To help you or your loved one feel more comfortable in attending our medically supervised setting, we’ll go over what detox is, why detox programs are critical and life-saving for people overcoming addiction, common withdrawal symptoms, and what the next steps to support recovery often look like after detox.

Providing effective addiction treatment means offering a comprehensive, step-down model of consistent support to the clients we treat. One of the features that sets Purpose Healing Center apart from other addiction treatment centers is that we truly offer a full continuum of care.

Even better, our substance abuse treatment plans are 100% customizable and catered to your needs, from the detox process to aftercare and beyond. Let’s start with a simple definition of detox and the types of detox programs we offer. Then, we’ll cover everything else you need to know about the effective, evidence-based detoxification services at Purpose!

What is Detox in Addiction Treatment?

Detox is the period of recovery where the presence of drugs and alcohol are removed from your system and recovery begins in earnest. This can be very hard on the body and mind, leading to cravings and potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms. In addiction treatment, detox services help you through the initial process of getting off of substances safely.

Withdrawal can come with physical and emotional symptoms. Our professional detox services are here to help you avoid potentially fatal or otherwise serious withdrawal symptoms while navigating cravings and distress that might arise. 

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Types of Detox Offered at Purpose Healing Center

There are two main kinds of detox programs: Inpatient and outpatient. Purpose Healing Center offers both inpatient and outpatient detox services so that you can pursue the option that’s right for you.

Inpatient Medical Detox Program

Inpatient detox requires that you eat, sleep, and live on-site. If you’re at our inpatient medical detox facility, you’ll get close monitoring and medical care from staff around the clock. Our inpatient detox centers in Arizona are most suitable for those facing severe or life-threatening withdrawal symptoms or for those with histories of relapse during prior treatment.

Outpatient Detox Services

Outpatient detox is best for those with more minor symptoms who don’t require 24/7 supervision. Rather than live on-site at our detox facility, outpatient detox clients at Purpose Healing Center can leave after their treatment schedule is over for the day.

Can You Detox on Your Own? The Risks of Going ‘Cold Turkey’

Because the first step of detox is simply stopping your use of an addictive substance, many people are confident that they’ll be able to do it at home without professional help. This is not as easy — or as safe — as it may seem.

A process called withdrawal begins as soon as a substance is not present in the body at high enough levels. This comes with uncomfortable symptoms and powerful cravings for the substance in question. Many people are unable to resist the urge to start using again when they aren’t in a controlled environment during medically supervised detox, and the symptoms of withdrawal can put their health at extreme risk.

During and immediately after withdrawal are high-risk times for a person in recovery, and are reasons not to attempt a ‘cold turkey’ detox even if you are not physically dependent on a substance. Cravings are heightened during these phases, which is associated with a high relapse risk. In some instances, withdrawal can be fatal, such as in the case of heavy alcohol use or opioid use.

How Do I Know if I Need a Detox Program?

Before you are admitted to any of our treatment programs, our admissions team will give you a free intake assessment. During that intake assessment, we’ll ask questions such as the following.

  • What is your current daily substance use like (e.g., how many drinks per day)?
  • How long have you used substances for?
  • Do you have any co-occurring mental health conditions?

Your answers will help our staff determine your starting level of care, including whether or not detox is recommended for you. And, if it is, whether inpatient or outpatient detox is ideal.

The severity of your withdrawal symptoms, which is largely determined by factors like current daily usage, will impact whether inpatient or outpatient detox is right for you and what your next steps should be.

Common Withdrawal Symptoms and Side Effects

The side effects of withdrawal vary between different substances but commonly include headaches, fever, increased heart rate, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, anxiety, and depression. Some people face sweating, shaking, chills, and other symptoms, too.

Sudden, uncontrolled withdrawal can put people at risk of severe, sometimes fatal, conditions, which is why many detox programs choose to gradually decrease levels of the substance in the body — called a “tapering” program — instead of stopping it all at once.

How Long Does Detox Take?

Medical Detox Time-Line

Like with all of our programming, we take a customized approach to detox because no two clients are exactly the same. It’s also true that different substances take a longer time to be removed from the body completely. For example, benzodiazepine and stimulant withdrawals will almost certainly vary in severity, symptoms, and length.

For most clients, the initial detox process will take an average of 1-2 weeks to complete. This is called “acute detox.” After that, withdrawal symptoms are significantly easier to manage, but they may persist for a few weeks longer, even if you’re medically stable.

Ideally, you’ll transition from an inpatient or outpatient medical detox program to another level of care at that point. That way, you can continue getting support for drug or alcohol addiction, navigate residual withdrawal symptoms with treatment professionals, and address the underlying causes of substance abuse. 

What are the Stages of Detox?

The first stage of detox at Purpose Healing Center is called evaluation. This usually happens when a client is entering and enrolling in our facility. We ask a series of questions to identify the specific type and severity of their substance use disorder, check the status of vital signs, examine a client’s health history, and develop a targeted treatment plan.

Next is supervised detox treatment. In this phase, we help clients get clean, monitoring their health and using a variety of therapies to make them as comfortable as possible as they withdraw from addictive substances.

Finally, we prepare them to enter treatment in full. Most clients move directly into our inpatient programming, but this depends on a few factors, including the severity of the case and their responsibilities outside of treatment.

What to Expect in Detox at Purpose Healing Center

Detox at Purpose Healing Center

While we are an addiction treatment center in Arizona, the treatment can’t start until detox is complete. However, detox is an excellent opportunity for clients to start getting into the rhythm of Residential Inpatient Treatment, attending group meetings, talking to their counselor, and practicing positive life skills that bring critical balance to their lives once they move down into less engaged programs like Partial Hospitalization (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient (IOP).

One of the reasons people choose our upscale rehab centers is that we work with all types and levels of substance use disorders. Other reasons to attend one of our luxury addiction treatment and detox centers in Arizona include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Location and decor: Our inpatient and outpatient facilities in Arizona are welcoming, with comfortable, semi-private rooms and other amenities.
  • A whole-person approach to treatment: We believe in removing stigma from addiction and addressing every aspect of your quality of life throughout treatment.
  • Payment plans and insurance coverage. Purpose Healing Center’s detox center and addiction rehab in Arizona work with most major insurance companies and will help you navigate treatment costs as needed.

Medications and other comforts are available at Purpose Healing Center. Medication management is often a crucial component of detox, whether you attend detox on an inpatient or outpatient basis. FDA-approved medications will be administered by treatment staff, who will check in with you regularly to ensure that everything is going as expected.

Is Detox the Right First Step for You?

Some treatment centers offer only detox, but this isn’t the stage where the real work is done. Detox is only the initial step toward regaining your well-being after addiction. At Purpose Healing Center, we offer detox as the first step in a full continuum of care. This allows us to make sure our clients are clean, sober, and ready to start the work required to make those changes last a lifetime.

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What Happens After Detox? The Role of Ongoing Treatment

Further treatment is almost always recommended after detox. Similar to how our intake assessment will help you decide on whether inpatient or outpatient detox is right for you, it can help determine your next steps in the treatment process post-detox.

Many clients will start with inpatient rehab, but not always. Like with inpatient detox, our inpatient treatment program requires that you live on-site. Outpatient services, such as our partial hospitalization program or intensive outpatient program, might be ideal for clients with well-managed symptoms and cravings because they allow you to go home at the end of the day.

In some cases, people opt for outpatient due to professional obligations and other commitments. You also might transition into outpatient care after inpatient rehab to make the transition back into daily life smooth and fully supported.

Directions and Transportation

Purpose Healing Center has two locations: Our Scottsdale, AZ, location and our Phoenix, AZ, location. If you’re interested in detox services or continued treatment at our drug and alcohol rehabs in Arizona, we’ll help you find a placement.

If you need help with directions or want to learn about transportation options that can help you get to our detox centers in Phoenix or Scottsdale, please give us a call.

Therapies and Treatments at Purpose Healing Center

Whether you’re in inpatient rehab or an outpatient program at our treatment center, we will use a combination of evidence-based treatments. If you decide to continue treatment at Purpose Healing Center after detox, you’ll receive a personalized treatment schedule. This may include groups, individual therapy, family therapy, medication management, meals, recreation, and other services.

Inpatient substance abuse treatment is a starting point for many clients. On the other hand, our outpatient programs are ideal for clients with more manageable symptoms who have external commitments like work or school to tend to while in treatment. Outpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs can also be part of a step-down approach for those who have completed a higher level of care.

Co-occurring mental health issues are prevalent among those with alcohol or drug addiction. This is called “dual diagnosis.” If you do have one or more co-occurring mental health conditions, we’ll factor that into your program and address them accordingly. This is yet another reason detox isn’t enough; it doesn’t address co-occurring disorders the way further treatment will. 

Get Medical Detox for Substance Abuse at Purpose Healing Center

Let us help you or your loved one put aside worries about withdrawal and sickness, and let the recovery process flourish at our Arizona detox and rehab center. Our facilities at Purpose Healing Center offer an ideal solution for anyone looking for detox centers in Arizona and surrounding areas.

To find out more about what our addiction treatment and detox center in Arizona offers, call our Admissions line today for a completely confidential discussion of options and support!

FAQs on Our Detox Centers in Arizona

Does insurance cover detox?

The Affordable Care Act considers medical detox and other addiction treatment services an essential service. As a result, your insurance plan should cover detox and rehab in Arizona.

Purpose Healing Center can run a free insurance verification check for you if you’re not sure whether or not we work with your insurance company. We understand that self-payment is not feasible for most clients or their families and work with AHCCCS policies as well as many private insurance plans.

How long do detox programs for substance use last?

Detox programs usually last for around 3-10 days. Since detox is focused on helping you get sober and medically stable but does not address the underlying causes of addiction, it is recommended that you transition into a substance use disorder treatment program after detoxing from alcohol or drugs.

Can I have my cell phone in detox?

What Items to Bring to Detox

All detox centers and drug or mental health treatment centers have their own policies. Before you admit to one of our locations, we will let you know what items to bring to detox and what to leave at home.

How do I find support groups for drug addiction in Arizona?

Many clients who graduate from our Arizona drug rehab and detox center benefit from attending support groups in the area after treatment. There are a number of different types of support groups for people working to overcome alcohol or drug use.

You can find Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Arizona by clicking on the Find A.A. Near You tab on the official AA website.

Narcotics Anonymous meetings are easily found the same way. Just go to the official NA website and click “Find a Meeting.”

SMART Recovery is another option. SMART recovery meetings are available to those experiencing a diverse set of concerns related to addiction and problematic behaviors, such as gambling, drug and alcohol addiction, and smoking.

You can find SMART meetings in Arizona on the official SMART Recovery website.



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