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Addicted to Cocaine? We Can Help

If you or someone you love suffers from addiction to drugs, alcohol, or other substances, we understand how devastating it can be. Substance abuse corrodes relationships, shatters dreams, destroys health, and robs people of the life they deserve.

But there is hope. The compassionate, highly-skilled team at Purpose Healing Cocaine Rehab is dedicated to providing personalized, evidence-based treatment programs to help people reclaim their lives from addiction to cocaine.

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Why Choose Purpose Healing Center?

Purpose Healing sets the gold standard for addiction treatment, which is why we are accredited by The Joint Commission for our outstanding levels of quality care, safety and ethical standards.

We utilize a holistic, customized approach focused on healing the mind, body, and spirit. Our substance abuse treatment programs have excellent success rates in helping people achieve recovery and lifelong sobriety.

Experienced Staff

Our experienced staff includes board-certified psychiatrists, addiction medicine physicians, licensed therapists and counselors, nurses, and other specialists dedicated to delivering comprehensive, integrated care.

Thorough Assessment

We conduct an extremely thorough assessment to understand the unique needs of each client. We get to know you as a whole person – your personal and family background, medical history, mental health, challenges, and strengths. This allows us to customize a treatment plan that truly supports your personalized path to recovery.

Supportive Environment

Our rehab centers offer a peaceful, supportive environment to focus completely on your recovery journey. We have private and shared rooms in our comfortable residential facility. Nutritious meals designed by our expert chefs nurture the body as you heal.

Our serene healing centers are surrounded by nature, along with amenities like walking trails, yoga spaces, and more, providing a soothing oasis to rejuvenate as you recover.

Get Effective Detox and Rehab Options at Purpose

Looking at the Journey Through Treatment at Purpose

The proven treatment programs at Purpose Healing Center are designed to comprehensively meet each client’s needs. Our innately personal model of care includes the following core programs:

Medically Supervised Detoxification

Medically Supervised Detox Process

The first step when overcoming addiction is to fully clear substances from the body. However, withdrawal symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable and dangerous without 24/7 medical supervision.

Purpose Healing’s medical detox provides the safest, most comfortable path to achieving sobriety with:

  • 24/7 monitoring from experienced physicians who adjust medications based on your unique needs
  • Evidence-based medications to ease withdrawal side effects
  • Treatment of co-occurring medical issues
  • Nutritional support
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Education on the detox process
  • Yoga, massage and other therapies to aid relaxation
  • Comfortable, welcoming accommodations with premium amenities

We support you through every step of the medical detoxification process, ensuring you start your recovery feeling healthy, grounded, and prepared for the work ahead.

Residential Inpatient Rehabilitation

Your recovery journey continues seamlessly into Purpose Healing’s personalized residential rehab program once detox is complete. Immerse yourself in intensive treatment in one of our thoughtfully designed, peaceful residential centers.

Our residential program provides:

  • Private and shared suite options with premium amenities
  • Evidence-based individual, group, experiential and family therapies
  • 1:1 counseling with expert clinicians
  • Psychiatric assessment and medication management
  • Treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, PTSD and more
  • Life skills, vocational and wellness training
  • 24/7 medical and nursing care
  • Nutritionist-approved meals and snacks

Our typical residential rehab stay lasts 30-90 days, however we sometimes recommend longer stays for those who need more time to establish their recovery.

Reasons to consider residential treatment include:

  • Safe, substance-free environment away from triggers and stressors
  • Ability to focus completely on treatment and healing 24/7
  • Social support from peers on the same recovery journey
  • 12-step support groups
  • Daily group and 1:1 treatment sessions
  • Treatment of addiction alongside any co-occurring disorders
  • Development of a comprehensive continuing care plan

This focused time for self-reflection in our recovery community allows you to dig deep into the root causes, thoughts, behaviors and triggers behind your substance abuse. You’ll gain self-awareness, healthy coping skills and a toolbox of therapies to support your sobriety.

A Partial Hospitalization Program or PHP

Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) provides the same comprehensive treatment programming as residential rehab. However, clients return home each evening after the full day of treatment. PHP is ideal for those needing a structured recovery program while easing back into daily life.

Programming runs 4-6 hours daily, Monday through Friday. Your treatment team will recommend adding weekend residential treatment if needed. The intensive daily group and individual sessions in PHP help manage cravings, build sober living skills and prevent relapse.

An Intensive Outpatient Treatment or IOP

For those able to maintain sobriety with more independence, Purpose Healing’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) allows you to continue work, school or family life while actively engaging in addiction treatment.

This customizable program offers 10+ hours of treatment each week provided evenings and/or weekends. Components include:

  • Group counseling and support
  • Coping skills and relapse prevention
  • Family education and therapy
  • 12-step principles
  • Goal-setting and accountability
  • Continuing care planning

Holistic and Experiential Therapies

Alongside traditional clinical and medical therapies, we integrate holistic practices designed to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Every client works closely with our team to personalize a complement of holistic treatments including:

  • Yoga and meditation
  • Exercise, nutrition and wellness programs
  • Art and music therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Outdoor adventure therapy
  • Mindfulness practices

Holistic therapy immerses clients in the serene recovery environment. Activities calm the nervous system, build healthy coping outlets and foster mind-body-spirit reconnection.

Purpose Healing also offers unique experiential therapies. Experiential groups allow clients to acknowledge past pain and self-defeating patterns while learning to trust, connect to others, and gain self-confidence.

We emphasize integrative wellness of mind, body, and spirit to support you on your lifelong recovery journey.

Family Therapy and Education

Addiction deeply affects families and loved ones. That’s why we offer special family programs as part of residential treatment, including:

  • Family programs
  • Multi-family group therapy
  • Family education on addiction and recovery
  • Communication and relationship skills
  • Family counseling
  • Creating home environments supportive of recovery

Family participation allows loved ones to understand addiction, engage in the client’s treatment, and play a pivotal role in their ongoing recovery success.

Continuing Care Services and Relapse Prevention

Individual Counseling For Relapse Prevention

At Purpose Healing Rehab, our commitment to clients continues long after completing treatment. Strong continuing care services are vital to maintaining the recovery gains made in rehab.

We coordinate care with outpatient providers, sponsors, and community resources to create comprehensive discharge plans. Post-treatment offerings include:

  • Weekly individual counseling
  • Support groups and peer recovery communities
  • Group counseling and skills training
  • Family support services
  • Case management by recovery advisors
  • Social events and alumni activities
  • Assistance finding employment, education, housing, and healthcare
  • Lifelong recovery coaching available 24/7

By maintaining your connection to Purpose Healing and your recovery community, you stay accountable and avoid isolation. Our team proactively reaches out and monitors your recovery progress. Our comprehensive aftercare services dramatically reduce relapse rates so you can thrive in your new sober lifestyle.

Get Accredited Treatment Programs at Purpose

Treating Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction can feel like an impossible cycle to break. The powerful, but short-lived euphoric high gives way to crashing lows, leading you to compulsively seek your next dose. This dangerous pattern quickly escalates, destroying health, careers, finances, and relationships.

Fortunately, Purpose Healing rehab provides highly customized therapies to target the complexities of cocaine addiction. Our treatments are designed to eliminate dependency, cravings, and toxicity so you can permanently regain control over your life.

Cocaine Detox

Treatment begins with medically supervised detox to alleviate uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Our clinical experts monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, anxiety levels, insomnia and other health markers around the clock to ensure your optimal safety and comfort.

Medications such as Suboxone are often prescribed to ease the detox process. Anti-anxiety medications and sleep aids may also be administered as needed.

Cocaine Addiction Rehab Program

With cocaine fully expelled from your body, the hard work of rehabilitation begins. Our team will assess whether our residential program is recommended for your long-term recovery plan.

This immersive, substance-free environment removes all access to cocaine and triggers. We surround you with compassionate behavioral and talk therapies, peer support groups, medication management, and healthy habits to build a strong foundation for lasting sobriety.

Common therapies utilized in our cocaine rehab program include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy to identify unhealthy thought and behavior patterns, build coping skills, and prevent relapse
  • Behavior therapy to manage difficult emotions and improve relationships
  • Motivational enhancement to solidify your commitment to recovery
  • Group counseling to feel connected and gain perspective
  • 12-step principles to acknowledge the need for support in recovery

Holistic practices like yoga, nature walks, or art therapy help you find relaxation and joy in sobriety. Treating any co-occurring disorders like bipolar depression or ADHD, which often contribute to substance abuse, is also key for successful rehabilitation.

In outpatient programs following residential rehab, we provide relapse prevention education, counseling, drug testing, 12-step programs, and peer support. Healthy social activities with our recovery community nurture your new sober lifestyle. Our comprehensive cocaine addiction treatment programs lead to excellent long-term recovery outcomes. We empower you with the tools and ongoing support to confidently maintain lifelong sobriety.

Paying for Cocaine Rehab Arizona Programs at Purpose

Drug Rehab Payment Option

Affording rehab should never stand in the way of receiving this vital care. We work diligently to provide payment solutions, maximize insurance benefits, and reduce out-of-pocket expenses.

Specific options include:

  • Accepting most major insurance plans
  • Our team verifies benefits and obtains maximum approved coverage
  • Offering reasonable self-pay rates with flexible financing plans
  • We have partnerships with lenders providing affordable monthly payments
  • Assistance accessing state and local government programs, grants and scholarships that cover addiction treatment costs
  • Referrals to charitable organizations that subsidize rehab costs for those in need
  • Reduced pricing for long-term stays and those paying without insurance
  • Payment plans tailored to your financial situation

We encourage you to discuss your needs with our admissions team so we can customize practical solutions. Your health and recovery are too important. We want to make Purpose Healing rehab accessible for you.

Recovery Outcomes and Success Rates

Completing integrated treatment programs at Purpose Healing Rehab Center  leads to excellent long-term recovery rates. Clients report significant improvements in relationships, mental health, employment, physical health, and overall wellbeing.

These outcomes result from our personalized treatment plans, compassionate staff, therapeutic environment, and comprehensive continuing care services.  Our team draws on decades of addiction medicine experience and proven methodologies to set clients up for lifelong recovery success.

You Deserve Treatment at Purpose Healing

Addiction punishes people who don’t deserve it. The empathetic team at Purpose Healing Center understands how substance abuse can make you feel trapped and utterly hopeless. But we are here to tell you that your addiction does not have to continue defining you.

A future life of health, purpose, and joy awaits when you take the courageous first step toward recovery.

There Is Hope and Healing at Purpose

We know this will likely be the hardest work you’ve ever done. But you will not walk this road alone. We will be with you through every challenge, every triumph, and every moment of doubt or pain. Our unwavering support, guidance, and compassion will see you through to the other side.

You will feel part of a family at Purpose Healing – a sober family that wants nothing more than to witness your success. You will leave our program equipped with a powerful recovery toolkit and supportive community standing beside you for the rest of your journey.

Make the confidential call today, and get proven support for cocaine recovery with us now!


Up To 100% of Rehab Costs Covered By Insurance

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