GEHA Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab Coverage

GEHA Rehab Coverage: Your Path to Sobriety with Purpose Healing Center

Get Accredited Treatment as a Federal Employee at Purpose

With the Government Employees Health Association, GEHA, drug rehab access has never been easier. GEHA offers federal employees many options when they need drug or alcohol addiction treatment. Whether you need help for yourself or a dependent on your policy, you have generous coverage that will cover your needs for accredited treatment at Purpose Healing Center.

GEHA insurance is one of the widest provider networks open to federal employees. You will find that most substance abuse treatment and behavioral health services are covered, at least partially.

Purpose Healing Center, located in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona, is pleased to offer drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs to federal employees with GEHA insurance coverage.

Keep on reading – we’d love to help you understand more about how your GEHA rehab coverage works, and also share how to get effective support for recovery at Purpose today!

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Government Employees Health Association (GEHA) Drug Rehab

You might not realize it, but GEHA health insurance coverage is only available to a select few. You have elite coverage because you’re part of an elite group of only about 2 million members across the entire United States.

GEHA is short for “Government Employees Health Association.” Not everyone can have a GEHA insurance plan. It’s available only to federal employees, federal retirees, retirees, and their dependents.

The GEHA health plan offers extensive coverage for both mental and behavioral health services, including substance abuse treatment programs.

GEHA Insurance and Mental Health Services

Are mental health concerns at the heart of your drug or alcohol addiction? Mental health and substance use disorders often co-exist. The combination of mental health disorders alongside drug and alcohol addiction is surprisingly common.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) studied co-occurring disorders in 2018. They shared the following facts that highlight how commonly the two intersect:

  • Of 20.3 million adults who had substance use disorders, 37.9% had a mental health disorder.
  • Of 42.1 million adults with mental health issues, 18.2% also had a substance abuse disorder.
  • In total, 7.7 million adults had mental health and substance abuse issues together.

Here’s the more concerning part. 52.5% of those with both did not receive treatment for either of these behavioral health challenges. The majority of those who did not seek help (52.2%) could not afford the cost of mental health treatment programs.

Substance Abuse Treatment and Pre-Existing Conditions

The Affordable Care Act brought mental health parity to the insurance industry, deeming mental health services essential health benefits. That made mental health and rehab services just as important as physical wellness. Unfortunately, many still don’t realize that they have access to substance abuse treatment programs as part of their insurance.

With GEHA insurance, you can access a wide range of treatment options.

Need help accessing your GEHA health insurance benefits? Contact us. Our dedicated insurance coverage specialists can help you take advantage of this essential health benefit.

Addiction Treatment Options With Your GEHA Rehab Coverage

One question you might have if you need to find drug or alcohol treatment is this: “Does GEHA insurance cover drug and alcohol rehab?”

Yes, GEHA does cover substance abuse treatment. You can receive effective, individualized treatment programs based on your specific needs. Gone are the days when insurance coverage for treatment only provided traditional outpatient care and denied more comprehensive coverage.

Read on to learn the three most common programs you’ll find at an alcohol and drug rehab facility: intensive outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs (another outpatient treatment), and inpatient treatment.

Outpatient Programs for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Outpatient Programs for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Let’s start with a closer look at the two outpatient options: intensive outpatient programs and partial hospitalization programs.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) for GEHA Health Plans

GEHA insurance plans offer addiction treatment coverage for IOPs, the most flexible treatment program.

IOP allows clients to receive approximately nine hours of therapy sessions at Purpose Healing Center each week. For anyone with a shorter-term or less severe drug and alcohol addiction, this model provides an opportunity to receive addiction treatment services while balancing family and career.

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) and GEHA Insurance

The GEHA health plan covers a partial hospitalization program for those needing more comprehensive care than the IOP. PHP clients attend therapy sessions by day and go home to sleep at night.

However, the client spends at least five days weekly and up to six hours daily at Purpose Healing Center. It still gives more flexibility than a residential treatment program but takes a larger commitment than IOP. GEHA insurance generally approves this model for those who need more care than the IOP provides.

Inpatient Treatment (Residential Treatment) and GEHA Drug Rehab Coverage

GEHA health plans usually allow people with the most severe and longest-term addictions to receive inpatient treatment. GEHA coverage also commonly approves this when a co-occurring disorder is present in the client.

This setting is structured so that the client has 24/7 monitoring from qualified staff members. This program is the most intensive we offer at Purpose Healing Center. Its main difference from outpatient services is that clients stay in our facility overnight throughout their drug and alcohol treatment.

What Evidence-Based Treatment Modalities Does GEHA Cover?

At Purpose Healing Center, we take pride in Joint Commission accreditation. That seal of approval means that we meet or exceed the healthcare industry’s highest standards of care.

Our commitment to care means we use a range of evidence-based treatments to provide whole-person healing for every client.

Remember that we provide individualized treatment, treating every client as an individual. Here are some evidence-based modalities we use for many clients:

Medical Detox: The Start of Addiction Treatment Programs

GEHA insurance coverage includes medical detox. You might ask: Why would GEHA cover medical detox…why not go cold turkey at home?

Detoxification inside a professional clinical setting is a must for a couple of reasons. First, the cravings for your drug of choice will kick off intense cravings. Detoxing in a clinic helps keep you from relapsing within a relatively short time.

Secondly, and most importantly, detoxing may cause a few mildly uncomfortable symptoms in some. However, others will experience severe symptoms. Because withdrawing from some drugs can cause wild fluctuations in blood pressure and respiration, going cold turkey lead to cardiac or respiratory arrest, perhaps even death.

Here’s the tricky part. There’s no sure way to predict how severe a client’s withdrawal will be.

With medical detox, a qualified nurse will keep a vigilant eye on your physical and mental condition during the withdrawal process. If necessary, you will receive medication to reduce their severity and recover from the discomfort faster.

Get Accredited Treatment Programs at Purpose.

Therapy Sessions: Counseling and Behavioral Health Services

As you work past the withdrawal symptoms, you will enter the next phase of your journey at the drug and alcohol treatment center. GEHA insurance plans assist with several types of therapy.

Individual Therapy Is Standard at a Treatment Center

GEHA health insurance covered individual therapy

GEHA health insurance plans allow for individual therapy. These are one-on-one sessions with a counselor specializing in addiction treatment. You will dig deep to discover more about yourself – what makes you tick and why you use substance abuse as a coping tool. Once you identify these things, the counselor helps you find positive and healthy strategies for a better future.

Group Therapy and Your GEHA Coverage

Your GEHA insurance plan also usually covers group therapy. These sessions include clients who share a common goal – overcoming drug or alcohol addiction. They discuss their traumas and how they decided to enter rehabilitation treatment.

However, they also develop a support network during inpatient or outpatient treatment. These sessions become a great source of comfort once clients realize they are not fighting the good fight against drug and alcohol addiction alone.

Family Therapy and GEHA Insurance

Most clients begin to see how their substance abuse harmed not only themselves but also their families. With addiction, family bonds fray and may eventually break. Family therapy, which GEHA coverage often approves, helps to heal those damaged threads and help clients mend their families.

Who does GEHA cover this? They know that a client’s family can be there closest allies in staying clean and sober.

Aftercare Programs and Avoiding Relapse

Substance abuse did not happen over a matter of weeks. You grew into your active addiction over many months…even years! When put that way, it’s easy to see why you do not leave a treatment center without having a plan to stay clean and sober.

You will have planned strategies to help you stay on the right path. Why? So you do not relapse and start the search for addiction treatment centers all over again.

For some, this could mean additional time with Purpose Healing Center, such as going from inpatient care to an IOP program. But for most, it will mean finding new activities and connections to hold the line on that hard-earned sobriety.

Two community-based programs to try are Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). The best part of these groups is that you can donate if you wish. If you cannot afford to, then it is free – you have no more out-of-pocket costs to attend.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in Arizona and Beyond

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in Arizona

Alcoholics Anonymous is the traditional 12-step program that has helped countless individuals beat an alcohol problem and stay sober. The group setting is supportive; everyone there has struggled and understands what you’re experiencing. It’s a great place to get in contact with positive people who will support you during any challenging days.

Need help finding an AA meeting? Click here.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) for Sustainable Sobriety

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is another excellent community resource. Like AA, it follows the 12-step model. When you arrive, others will welcome you without pressing you to speak. You can share as much as you wish – or as few details as you like. Either way, you will take comfort from this supportive network that shares your journey.

Need help finding an NA meeting? Click here.

Purpose Healing Center Can Navigate Your GEHA Insurance Plan

Whether you have GEHA health insurance or another preferred provider organization, our insurance and admissions team is at your service.

Our mission statement is clear and unwavering: “Imagine a life with purpose.” We do not want health insurance details to keep you from that new reality!

So don’t feel you need to sort out all those details alone. Our team works with the country’s top health insurance companies on a daily basis.

We understand the terminology contained within your health insurance policy. We understand how the companies determine the coverage they’ll allow for each person. Perhaps most importantly, we know how to gain the most comprehensive benefits for the lowest out-of-pocket costs for you.

Our commitment to your health starts immediately, even before you arrive at our alcohol and drug rehab facility.

What You Need When You Call Us to Help With Health Insurance Coverage

We are here to help you get the treatment program you need. But before we can help, we’ll need you to call us with a few important details about yourself and your health insurance plan. The Purposes team fully complies with HIPAA, so your contact with us is confidential.

Here are the things to have ready when you reach out to the Purpose Healing Center admissions team:

  • Your full name (legal name, as on your GEHA insurance card)
  • Birth date
  • A working phone number
  • The best email address
  • Your GEHA insurance policy and member ID numbers
  • Policy numbers for any additional or co-insurance (such as through a spouse’s group health insurance plan).

We will take this information and ask you a few questions about your current status. For instance, are you actively using? Have you used other rehab services in the past? What’s your current mental or physical health?

These questions help us assess your needs and work to get you the appropriate GEHA rehab coverage for your recovery needs.

Get Proven Support at Purpose Healing Center with GEHA Today

Are you ready for effective, lasting substance abuse treatment? With GEHA, drug rehab and alcohol rehab are covered. The Purpose Healing Center team is here to help you along on this path – the next few steps you take might be the most important you’ve taken in your life.

All that’s left to do is make the call to us today; you can step into your clean and sober life as early as tomorrow.

Up To 100% of Rehab Costs Covered By GEHA