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Substance abuse and addiction have devastating effects, tearing apart lives, families, hopes and dreams. Methamphetamine in particular has a strong hold that is difficult to break without dedicated treatment and support. The cycle of addiction leaves you feeling powerless and out of control.

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Here at Purpose Healing Center, we understand the struggle with addiction intimately and have devoted ourselves to helping those captive to methamphetamine and substance dependence reclaim their lives.

Our caring, compassionate staff have decades of experience providing personalized care guided by evidence-based therapies proven to facilitate recovery from methamphetamine, alcohol, cocaine and other addictions.

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Freedom From Addiction is Possible

We know you may feel hopeless and overwhelmed right now. Addiction makes you feel trapped and alone, but there is a way out. Thousands have walked this path before you and recovered.

With the right treatment program tailored to your unique needs, background and challenges, you can free yourself from dependence on methamphetamine and substances and rebuild your health, relationships and purpose.

Our Healing Mission

At Purpose Healing Center, our sole mission is to empower you to achieve lasting sobriety and lifelong wellness. Everything we do is designed to address core issues sustaining addictions and equip you with the tools and community to maintain recovery for the rest of your life. We combine traditional principles with holistic interventions and cutting edge medical therapies.

Our programs are tailored for every phase from detox and residential care to outpatient services. No matter where you are on your journey to recovery, we can provide the level of care, support and healing you need to progress toward freedom from addiction.

There Is Hope

If you feel like methamphetamine or other substances have taken over and there is no hope, we are here to tell you that you don’t have to live that way any longer.

Thousands have found freedom through our comprehensive treatment programs. You can overcome substance dependence, revive your physical and mental wellbeing, restore broken relationships, and live the fulfilling life you deserve. We will walk with you each step of the way, guiding you with compassion.

Rising Meth Addiction Crisis

Methamphetamine has long been a serious public health issue, but meth use, addiction, and overdoses have exploded in recent years. More than 2 million people have used methamphetamine in the past year. This represents a significant increase indicating that the meth crisis is surging dangerously out of control.

A convergence of several key factors has driven the alarming resurgence in meth use over the past decade:

Increased Meth Production

Mexico is now the primary source of meth smuggled into the U.S. Mexican cartels have set up industrial-scale “super labs” capable of generating hundreds of pounds of very high-purity meth for distribution by U.S. Mexican trafficking organizations. Cheaper prices and higher purity means more potent meth flooding the market.

Transition from Prescription Stimulants

Stricter regulation and tracking of prescription stimulants like Adderall have reduced access to these medications. Meth offers an extremely cheap high that is much more potent and longer-lasting than pharmaceutical stimulants.

The Opioid Epidemic

Rising use of meth has paralleled the escalation of the opioid crisis. Meth serves as an accessible, long-lasting stimulant allowing opioid users to counter the downer effects of drugs like heroin. Polysubstance addiction with overlapping meth and opioid dependence has become more common.

Limited Access to Drug Treatment

Government funding and insurance coverage for addiction treatment often falls far short of the increasing needs. The stigma around meth addiction also prevents many from seeking help. Early intervention is critical because chronic meth abuse can cause long-term neuronal damage that gets harder to reverse.

Not everyone who tries meth gets addicted. But it is one of the most addictive illicit drugs due its long-lasting, extremely euphoric high. Tolerance builds quickly as meth rapidly increases the amount of dopamine flooding the synaptic gaps between neurons.

The brain tries to compensate by reducing dopamine receptors and transporters. This is what leads to needing higher doses of meth more frequently to achieve the desired high.

When meth’s effects wear off, depletion of dopamine leads to a severe crash where energy levels and mood plummet. To avoid this crash, meth users go on binges, repeatedly taking more meth for days on end until running out completely.

Addiction and dependence set in as meth becomes the only way to feel “normal” and avoid the harsh comedown.

Medical Detox for Safe Withdrawal

The first step when overcoming methamphetamine addiction is to clear it from your system through medical detox. Withdrawal can be very difficult and even dangerous without professional 24/7 medical supervision and care.

We provide comprehensive, personalized detox services tailored to your unique metabolism and healthcare needs to ensure safe, comfortable withdrawal.

Our experienced, licensed medical team will create a customized detox protocol using medications as appropriate to ease your specific symptoms.

With constant monitoring and compassionate support, we smoothly guide you through detox until methamphetamine, alcohol and other substances have safely exited your system.

Once detox is complete, you’ll be medically stabilized and fully ready to begin our recovery programs clearheaded.

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Residential Inpatient Rehabilitation for Intensive Recovery

Once detox is complete, our 30 to 90 day residential rehabilitation program provides an intensive recovery experience focused on treating core causes of addiction and establishing a strong foundation for lifelong sobriety.

You’ll reside in comfortable, shared or private rooms at our dedicated recovery center surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Our residential program immerses you in evidence-based therapies and healing activities designed to facilitate deep healing of mind, body and spirit.

Our core treatment components include:

  • Individual and group counseling sessions help you get to the root issues sustaining addiction through cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoeducation, motivational interviewing, EMDR and more
  • 12-step programming guides you to accept your powerlessness over addiction and commit to lifelong recovery practices
  • Health and wellness activities such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture, massage therapy, and art therapy address mental and physical wellbeing disrupted by addiction
  • Life skills classes on managing emotions, relationships, finances, healthy routines and more help you cultivate stability and success in recovery
  • Co-occurring disorder treatment provides support for any mental health issues frequently accompanying addiction
  • Nutrition education and fitness training establish healthy lifestyles to support recovery
  • Aftercare planning equips you for transition back to daily life and maintains recovery

The rewarding, revelationary experiences you’ll have in residential rehab will empower you to maintain sobriety once you return home. You’ll build friendships and a strong recovery community with peers who uplift your journey. With their support and that of our compassionate team, you can overcome addiction for good.

Partial Hospitalization Day Treatment

If your unique circumstances do not allow you to take time away for residential rehab, our partial hospitalization program allows you to receive intensive treatment while living offsite. This customizable program provides the complete roster of our proven therapies and activities on an outpatient basis Monday through Friday.

Partial hospitalization treatment is centered around our evidence-based modalities such as individual and group counseling, holistic healing activities, life skills classes, addiction education and more. You’ll receive 8 to 10 hours of structured support and care daily coordinated by our experienced clinical team.

Peers in the program become recovery companions. By participating full-time while living at home, you can focus completely on recovery without taking time away from job or family obligations.

Intensive Outpatient Services for Continued Progress

Our flexible intensive outpatient programs support your continued progress once you complete detox, residential and/or partial hospitalization treatment. Customized treatment plans provide professional support and access to essential services while you transition back to daily life.

Intensive outpatient care typically involves 6 to 10 hours of structured programming per week. You’ll engage in group counseling, life skills courses, relapse prevention techniques, 12-step meetings, and holistic practices. We’ll collaborate with you to develop integrated continuing care resources including outpatient counseling, recovery coaching, peer support groups and alumni services.

With intensive outpatient treatment, you’ll strengthen the recovery skills and knowledge needed to maintain sobriety outside structured care.

Holistic Therapies for Lasting Wellbeing

Treating addiction involves more than ending substance use. Real recovery means restoring your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing that has been compromised by prolonged methamphetamine and substance misuse. Our holistic therapies heal the whole person to support lasting wellness and sobriety.

Holistic services we provide include:

  • Yoga calms the mind, increases body awareness and reduces cravings
  • Acupuncture alleviates withdrawal symptoms, cravings, anxiety and insomnia
  • Nature immersion activities like hiking, camping, gardening reduce stress
  • Massage therapy eases muscle tension, chronic pain and anxiety
  • Art therapy provides creative outlooks and releases difficult emotions
  • Music and dance therapies promote joy and self-expression
  • Pet therapy reduces loneliness and provides emotional support
  • Nutrition education and fitness training establish healthy lifestyles

By integrating these nurturing holistic therapies into treatment, you’ll feel more centered, hopeful, confident and equipped to stay sober one day at a time.

Compassionate, Accredited Care

Our staff make all the difference at Purpose Healing Center. They are the heart and soul of our treatment programs. Our team members are deeply committed to serving others and facilitating lifelong recovery from addiction. Many have been personally impacted by addiction and recovery, further fueling their passion to help others find freedom.

They provide thoughtful guidance and support from a place of lived experience and hard-earned knowledge. We treat all clients with unconditional compassion, love, respect and dignity. Our staff meet you where you’re at and invest fully in your success. You’ll feel seen, understood, and empowered every step of your unique journey.

Purpose Healing Center maintains top industry accreditations, affirming our dedication to the highest quality care. We are fully licensed by the state.

Our Clinical Team

Our entire clinical team, including counselors, nurses, therapists, and physicians exceed rigorous licensing requirements. They pursue continual advanced education and training to remain up-to-date on evidence-based addiction treatment.

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Cost of Treatment

We accept most insurance plans and financing options are available. Your new life in recovery and freedom starts now.

A New Beginning

The staff at Purpose Healing Center understand how the darkness of addiction isolates you and makes you feel trapped. But we want to lovingly reassure you that your life can be so much brighter. Lasting freedom, joy and purpose await you.

Recovery is possible – thousands are thriving in sobriety after passing through our doors, and you can too. With personalized treatment tailored to your unique experiences, needs and goals, we empower you to break free of methamphetamine and substance dependence and start a new chapter filled with possibilities.

Don’t Wait – Get the Help You Need Now

The light can overcome the darkness. You are not alone on your journey – we’ll walk with you each step until you emerge renewed and hopeful.

Please call us today to discuss your road to recovery. Our caring, experienced admissions navigators are happy to kindly answer any questions you have and help determine the right treatment plan for you.