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TRICARE Rehab Coverage and Purpose Healing Center: Your Journey to Healing

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Entering into addiction treatment is a major step toward healing and finding a new purpose in your life, or getting help for a loved one struggling. Of course, many people want to know what their health insurance considers covered services, and those with TRICARE are no exception.

What should you know about TRICARE rehab coverage and how it can support your mental health and substance abuse?

Purpose Healing Center aims to make our rehab facilities as accessible as possible for everyone. Even if your insurance company is not in-network with us, you will find affordable payments that allow most of our clients to pursue help without thinking about the financial aspect of treatment.

Keep reading to learn more about TRICARE rehab benefits at Purpose, and remember you can reach out to our warm and welcoming admissions staff at any time to learn more about treatment!

What Does TRICARE Rehab Coverage Offer?

The good news is that TRICARE does offer covered services for your mental health as well as robust addiction treatment programs. However, you must follow all of their guidelines when it comes to the types of services available. Understanding their prerequisites is also key to access to both inpatient and outpatient care.

First and foremost, will TRICARE cover inpatient rehab for substance abuse?

In many cases, the answer is yes. The first component is getting specific details on your coverage to our Admissions team, and letting them provide the costs (if any) as well as other details important for attending residential care.

We will look closely at the other components needed to attend rehab using TRICARE over the coming sections, and our admissions staff are always availble to answer any questions that may arise!


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Inpatient Rehab Services and Detoxification Using TRICARE

The guidelines for receiving treatment from an inpatient rehab are fairly straightforward. Services are generally covered if it is considered an emergency. This includes if you have a psychiatric emergency and a medical emergency that necessitates immediate treatment at the closest hospital. Many of the same rules apply to substance use disorder.

They will cover an inpatient rehab stay for both detoxification services and inpatient services if you have a substance use disorder or mental health condition necessitating treatment.

With that in mind, they will only cover evidence-based treatments. If you are receiving experimental or unproven options, TRICARE will not cover the cost. Fortunately, Purpose Healing Center only offers the very best treatments for both your mental health and substance use.

Partial Hospitalization Programs and TRICARE Drug Rehab Coverage

Maybe you are finally getting a handle on your substance abuse but need a little more support. Once you no longer meet the criteria for inpatient care, it might be time to transition to partial hospitalization programs. These offer you a greater degree of support while allowing you to return to your daily life, your loved ones, and your responsibilities.

If you no longer need inpatient but still require support and have significant impairment in day-to-day functioning, TRICARE will often cover your PHP. This means you still require some stabilization services and may have acute symptoms.

This is often the next step following an inpatient stay before you can transition to lower levels of outpatient rehab like intensive outpatient or general outpatient services.

Intensive Outpatient Programs for Mental Health or Addiction Treatment

In addition to an inpatient TRICARE rehab, you may also be interested in whether this type of insurance will cover your services for an intensive outpatient program. It may be easier to qualify for an IOP service, especially if your condition does not necessitate a more comprehensive recovery plan via inpatient services.

Clients can qualify for intensive outpatient programs if they have a mental health concern or substance use disorder that requires stabilization, symptom reduction, or help with relapse prevention.

It also permits an intensive outpatient program for anyone coming out of inpatient care for any reason. If you are only considered partially stabilized by your treatment team, then you may meet TRICARE’s criteria to continue receiving less intensive services. Keep in mind that IOP is more in-depth and offers a higher level of care than traditional outpatient services.

You may need prior authorization for these IOP or partial hospitalization programs.

Medication-Assisted Treatment and Opioid Treatment Programs

In addition to general treatment options for substance abuse, TRICARE makes an exception for clients with an opioid use disorder. Namely, you might have access to help at a treatment center even without prior authorization. They will mostly cover medication-assisted treatment for this condition in addition to IOP or a partial hospitalization program.

These opioid treatment programs can help cover the gap if you do not require inpatient care but do need more support than outpatient rehab allows for. The first step is a medically monitored detox to give you around-the-clock access to medical professionals at this crucial juncture.

Medication-assisted treatment may also be available for other substance use issues. Be sure to consult with your doctor or medical team to see if this is the right fit for you.

Medication Management in Substance Abuse Facilities

TRICARE acknowledges that some conditions improve upon the administration of the right medications. To this end, they do cover medication management that would allow for prescriptions designed to treat both mental health concerns as well as substance use issues.

As long as they are issued by a licensed provider as part of a robust treatment plan, you may be able to take advantage of the many medications on the market to improve your condition. This also includes monitoring by a psychiatrist or other mental health professional who can prescribe and alter your plans based on the desired results.

Therapy and Counseling as Part of an Outpatient Program

Therapy and Counseling

Even if you are interested right now in a TRICARE drug rehab and inpatient addiction treatment, it is important to set yourself up for success upon discharge. Discontinuation of services and an immediate return to your daily life can mean problems for your newfound sobriety.

Instead, you should consider ongoing therapy and counseling in outpatient rehab.

TRICARE will cover a variety of services when it comes to therapy or counseling. Individual counseling is what first comes to mind for most people. However, they will also fund group therapy sessions where you can learn important coping skills and establish peer support. Family therapy and joint sessions are also covered under their umbrella.

Ancillary Therapies for Well-Rounded Treatment

Under the purview of inpatient or residential substance abuse treatment, TRICARE will also cover any related ancillary therapies your facility may offer. This can include items like art, music, dance, and yoga therapy as well as occupational therapy.

Once you are discharged, these therapies may be covered in intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization, if offered by your rehab facility.

They are not covered regularly outside of inpatient, residential, PHP, or IOP programs.

Finding Treatment for Substance Use in Qualified Programs

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), one in three adults had a substance use disorder or mental illness in the past year. If you fall into this category, you are not alone. You need help from a rehab center specializing in your unique struggles.

Here are a few things you should consider when looking for a TRICARE drug rehab.

Personalized Care for Every Patient

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions for either substance use or mental health. This means that you need a provider who will see you as an individual rather than as part of a collective whole. One of the very first things you should look for in addiction treatment is personalized care.

Purpose Healing Center is happy to offer a unique treatment plan for every one of our patients. From individual therapy to group sessions, we tailor your services to your overall goals during your stay with us. With a customized treatment plan, you are more likely to get exactly what you need from treatment.

The result is that you will have all of the tools you need to maintain sobriety upon discharge when you return to your daily responsibilities.

Get Accredited Treatment Programs at Purpose.

Joint Commission Accreditation

When it comes to your addiction treatment, you never want to cut corners. Purpose Healing Center is proud to be a Joint Commission-accredited facility. This means we uphold the most stringent standards of care for our industry. The Joint Commission emphasizes patient safety, quality of care, and structures for improvement.

This is an objective means of measuring the standards for your care, especially if you will be residing in the facility. They take into account both CMS and OSHA standards in addition to those specific to the Joint Commission’s own rigorous standards of care. The goal is safe and high-quality care for all.

Under our Joint Commission accreditation, we offer both substance abuse treatment and mental health services.

Holistic Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Holistic Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Many facilities will focus primarily on relapse prevention strategies, but Purpose Healing Center takes this philosophy a step further. We want you to be healthy on every level: physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. Consider enrolling in comprehensive alcohol and drug rehab programs with TRICARE health insurance because it gives you the best chance of long-term success.

Keep in mind that TRICARE covers ancillary therapies while residing in a treatment center or when enrolled in a partial hospitalization program or intensive outpatient program.

Take advantage of every type of therapy that is offered to you under our umbrella of services. You never know what therapy might unlock the door to a comprehensive recovery strategy. Explore all aspects of your well-being with our experienced team to create a unique treatment plan.

Community-Based Support Groups

Another aspect of treatment that you may consider is community-based support groups. This can help you to get comfortable with 12-step meetings such as NA, AA, and others that you can utilize in your local community upon your discharge from a facility.

These are free and accessible to everyone, and you will find plenty of these support groups around the Scottsdale and Phoenix areas. SMART Recovery can also form a solid support, either as a complement to Anonymous programs or for those who prefer a different approach.

Purpose Healing Center allows for participation in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings as part of our treatment program.

Don’t Allow Cost to Deter You From Seeking Help

If you are seeking treatment with TRICARE coverage, you may find that the best treatment center for you is not included in your health insurance coverage for rehab. Whether you need emergency or non-emergency inpatient services, cost should never be the factor that holds you back from seeking care.

There are lots of options available to make sure you receive help. Here are just a few ways you can minimize out-of-pocket costs of treatment.

Shorter Stays in Inpatient Treatment

To start, you could opt for a shorter inpatient stay and transition instead to PHP or IOP treatment options. Stability is important when transitioning away from inpatient, but you will still have a high degree of support in these more intensive outpatient treatment options.

A TRICARE plan may cover less intensive services, even if they do not cover the cost for inpatient treatment programs.

Consider switching to less intensive services as soon as you feel stable enough and well-equipped to return to your home and community. Not only is this a great method to gain access to a wider support network, but it can also minimize costs.

Ask About Payment Plans and Financial Help

Sometimes, you might find that your health insurance is not going to cover the full cost of treatment. If this is the case, you don’t have to worry about where the extra funds are going to come from. Inquire with Purpose Healing Center about our payment plans and even access to financial help based on your income.

Both of these options make paying for rehab a bit more flexible. It opens the door to allow you to focus solely on your recovery journey instead of thinking about how you will afford these services when you are eventually discharged.

You will know that you have an affordable payment plan waiting for you when you return to your work.

Individual Plans May Vary

Individual policies will vary in what they will cover for substance use disorder treatment or mental health treatment. TRICARE may cover all or even a significant portion of your treatment at Purpose Healing Center, so be sure to check with our admissions team. It takes just a few minutes to verify the benefits of a TRICARE rehab stay with Purpose.

Focus on your recovery and don’t let worry about the cost impact your long-term sobriety.

Get TRICARE Insurance Verification from Purpose Healing Today

TRICARE Insurance Verification from Purpose Healing

Are you ready to take those first steps toward treatment? You don’t have to reach out to a TRICARE representative to get the answers you need for your treatment. Purpose Healing Center has a team of admissions staff who can verify insurance benefits quickly and easily.

This allows us to break down the financial obligation of treatment so that you have nothing to worry about.

Find out what your TRICARE plan will cover today so that you can get the residential substance abuse treatment or outpatient treatment that you need most. Don’t wait another minute to get help from us at Purpose Healing Center!



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