Drug Rehab in Peoria, AZ

Purpose Healing Center offers a variety of programs and therapies that can be personalized for you or a loved one who needs help recovering from drug addiction.

The Convenience of Choosing Purpose Healing for Peoria, Arizona

Is it time for you to go to an alcohol or drug rehab in Peoria, AZ? Every person begins their road to long-term recovery – by taking baby steps. First, clients gather information about addiction treatment programs; then they reach out to drug rehab centers to get more specific information about drug and alcohol treatment.

Each small stride gets you closer to lasting recovery and a better life.

The medical professionals at Purpose Healing Center understand that each step you take right now is significant, even potentially life-changing. It tells us that you understand that you are waking up to understand that you can’t do it alone, and you’re ready to ask for help with a drug and alcohol addiction.

Read on to learn more about how our inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, convenient to Peoria, can help you or your loved one reclaim your life from drugs. Our two Joint Commission-accredited treatment centers (Phoenix and Scottsdale) are a short drive away, giving you several substance abuse treatment program choices close to home!

The Demand for Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Drug Rehab Centers in Peoria, AZ

The need for alcohol and drug abuse treatment programs has never been more pressing. Everyone has heard the news about the nationwide explosion of substance use disorders. However, numbers shared by the State of Arizona drill down these numbers to a state level.

For instance, over five people die from opioid overdoses in Arizona every day. They also warn Arizonans of increases in the death rates due to illegally made and distributed fentanyl.

Even more challenging, Maricopa County released a 2023 report that identified gaps in the continuum of care for people experiencing drug or alcohol abuse. Some reasons people slip through the cracks and don’t receive the care they need are inadequate resources, lack of a coordinated statewide response, stigma about asking for help, and a lack of early intervention.

More people get well when access to drug rehab centers improves – and you have Purpose Healing Center nearby to help.

Verify Your Insurance

Get Accredited Treatment Programs at Purpose

Purpose Accepts Most Private Insurance and Medicaid for Our Treatment Programs

Purpose Healing Center is in-network with top insurance companies, including Tricare, Aetna, Cigna, and many more. We also work with the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, AHCCCS, Arizona’s Medicaid program.

You needn’t worry about calling your insurance company. It may seem like another small step, but we will gladly help you take it. It’s often better for us to call the insurer, as we understand the industry buzzwords that can trip you up when you don’t know what to say.

Call or contact us now; we will take care of this process from there. Your conversations with us are always confidential.

Behavioral and Mental Health Treatment at Purpose

Besides providing drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs, we also offer hope for improving behavioral and mental health disorders. The programs we support are helpful for depression, anxiety, panic disorders, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

You can get the help you need whether these are stand-alone (without addiction treatment) or as co-occurring disorders, along with substance abuse treatment programs.

Complete Addiction Treatment Options: The Levels of Care at Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab

When you are looking for drug and alcohol rehab, it’s important to know the levels of care that are available. These are determined by several factors, including the length and severity of an addiction, whether you have a dual diagnosis, and any past rehab centers.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs in Your Backyard

Aftercare Programs

An Intensive Outpatient Program (also often known as an IOP) is the most flexible offering for our clients. These outpatient programs mean attending at least nine hours of weekly therapy at Purpose Healing Center but offer the chance to sleep at home in Peoria, AZ, each night (or in a sober living environment if the home is not a supportive place for recovery).

Intensive outpatient treatment is best for those with a milder addiction and a supportive environment at home.

Intensive outpatient programs are also incredibly helpful for people who need assistance with a mental illness but don’t have an active addiction.

Our Partial Hospitalization Programs Near Peoria, Arizona

Another outpatient treatment program is the Partial Hospitalization Program. PHP at Purpose is more intensive than the IOP program option. Clients come to one of our treatment centers from Peoria, AZ, five days per week for up to six hours of daily therapy.

The PHP structure allows clients to go home to sleep each night. Like the IOP, it requires a supportive home. It’s perfect for people who need to balance both addiction treatment and other responsibilities – parents and people with jobs or school have great success in this program.

Inpatient Treatment Centers for the Most Intensive Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Inpatient, or residential treatment, is the most structured level of care. As you might guess from the name, an inpatient treatment program means the client spends all day in various therapies and then stays in the residential treatment center overnight.

An inpatient treatment team monitors clients in this supportive environment 24/7, caring for addictions and any additional diagnoses. Inpatient care is best for anyone with a complex, long-term addiction or additional physical or mental health issues.

Duvall’s Recovery Journey at Purpose Healing Center

Duvall came to Purpose Healing Center after an encounter that turned his life around. He grew up with a mother serving a long sentence in the Arizona prison system and only his maternal grandfather to take care of him. His grandfather loved Duvall and wanted the best for him. Feeling responsible for not being strict enough with Duvall’s mother, the grandfather was extremely harsh on Duvall. Punishments for even minor misbehaviors were harsh, swift, and usually physical.

As a young adult, Duvall started using street drugs to deal with the inadequate feelings created by the beatings. Despite that, Duvall was a gentle soul and never hurt others. Instead, he coped with the trauma of his family life by using drugs. When Duvall was twenty, he was pulled over by a patrol officer for a minor traffic violation. The officer smelled weed in Duvall’s vehicle and searched the vehicle. Duvall had a legal amount of marijuana under Arizona law in his possession; however, he was not sober enough to drive. He was arrested and went to the county detention center.

Getting Treatment as an Alternative to Jail or Prison

Get Professional Care

Duvall’s public defender recognized that he was not a hardened criminal but a victim of circumstances. Because he was a first-time offender, the judge agreed and allowed for a conditional diversion agreement. Duvall would get professional care for his addiction and get help quitting marijuana use to avoid serving time.

The Purpose Healing Center quickly diagnosed Duvall with post-traumatic stress disorder. He had faced the traumatic stress of growing up with a mother incarcerated hundreds of miles away in another part of Arizona. But he also had the daily encounters of his grandfather, who didn’t have the tools to raise a young child all those years ago.

Through intensive therapy, Duvall learned to forgive his mother and grandfather – it was healing. But his care team also taught him how to process and cope with the traumatic events that had brought him to drug abuse. Duvall proved to the judge who had cut him a break that he was worthy of a second chance. He’s now attending a top Arizona university, studying to become an attorney. He wants to use his expertise in law to become a victim’s advocate and help others who need that extra helping hand.

Get Effective Detox and Rehab at Purpose

Effective Treatments to Expect During the Recovery Process

Purpose Healing Center provides evidence-based support as you heal from addiction or mental health concerns. Our goal is your long-term sobriety. Thus, we carefully map each person’s recovery journey according to their needs.

While each addiction recovery program differs in meeting an individual’s needs, below are some typical therapies you might experience at our rehab centers:

The Medically Supervised Detox Process

Medically Supervised Detox Process

Sobriety starts the moment you arrive at rehab. You will have a quick mental and physical health assessment with our admissions team; then, it’s off to our detox centers. While the detox process may sound scary, you will have full support and medical assistance from a specially trained team.

Medical care in a professional setting is a must to keep you safe as the last of drugs and alcohol metabolize and leave your system. Our team will give you medication to help keep you comfortable and physically safe during this crucial step.

Therapy and Counseling Sessions for Addiction Recovery

Once you start to feel better in detox, you will slowly transition into the therapy sessions that will help you heal the past trauma or other underlying causes of addiction. You will likely have a combination of:

  • Individual therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy

A licensed counselor will lead these sessions to help you discover why you started using so that you can avoid alcohol or drugs in the future.

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

Some clients receive medication-assisted treatment or prescriptions that can help them overcome addiction by stepping them down from certain substances. MAT is a common way to support someone in ending opioid or alcohol dependency.

It helps their brain process the loss of their drug of choice by replacing it with another “reward” under the care of our doctor. Eventually, the client slowly stops MAT and will become substance-free.

Aftercare Programs for Relapse Prevention

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

Leaving the drug rehab center does not mean clients do not require ongoing support. The chemical dependency is often just below the surface, and staying drug-free requires vigilance. We provide support in the form of customized aftercare programs.

Before you leave the drug or alcohol rehab facility, you will have a “road map” for your next steps. The coping skills you take with you will help you return to the main trail (sobriety) if you start to veer off course.

Leading a Clean, Sober Life in Peoria, AZ

Ending your struggles with substance abuse means that you must continue to make progress in Peoria, AZ. You will need to become your own best advocate. You’ll find yourself wondering what to do next. You used to hang out with people who still have active drug and alcohol addiction, but you cannot be with them now, at least in early recovery. You’ll also need to find ways to avoid the places that trigger use.

But you are lucky! Arizona is beautiful, with plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to keep you occupied, both in Peoria, AZ, and the surrounding areas. Here are a few ways you can fill your time and meet new friends:

AA Meetings In or Near Peoria, Arizona

Click here for the most updated information on these Arizona AA groups and others in the Phoenix, AZ, metro area. While most in the western Maricopa area are online, they constantly update their meetings, so be sure to check back often. Don’t be shy about attending an online meeting; they’re convenient and don’t require a drive!

Here are details for a well-known men’s meeting in Peoria to get you started:

Mad Men (7:30 PM Thursday) Note

Spirit of Hope Church

14403 N 75th Ave Peoria, AZ 85381

NA Meetings Near Peoria, Arizona:

Join the Journey Thru Recovery Group at 9049 West Lake Pleasant Parkway, Peoria, Arizona, 85382. They meet each Thursday from 7 to 8 p.m. Click here for more information on this group.

You are also welcome to join any Arizona virtual meetings – check out this list.

Try SMART Recovery for Additional Support

SMART is another addiction recovery support group. Instead of a 12-step process, they have an evidence-based four-point system to correct behavioral challenges. Those who attend may struggle with drugs or alcohol; however, they may also want to quit overeating, smoking, or vaping.

The local SMART, which can help with Peoria drug or alcohol addictions, is located at Community of Grace Lutheran, Classroom 3, 10561 W. Pinnacle Peak Rd., Peoria, AZ 85383. They meet every Tuesday.

Enjoy Fresh Air and Outdoor Fun after Drug Rehab in Peoria

Enjoy Fresh Air

Besides kicking your addiction to the curb, you’ve probably noticed your physical health getting stronger every day. Challenge yourself to continue to make physical progress at one of Peoria’s many local outdoor activities. Here are a few things you might try:

  • Hiking at West Wing Mountain Preserve
  • Walking trails at Rio Vista Recreation Center
  • Biking or hiking the twenty miles of trails in the City of Peoria trail system
  • Learn to swing a golf club at one of the many golf facilities in the greater Phoenix, AZ, metro area
  • Pick up the game of pickleball – with friends or join a league

Attend One of the Community Colleges in the Phoenix, AZ Area

You have a fresh start. Why not consider a new career? The Maricopa Community College System has a campus just a ten-minute drive from Peoria, AZ, in Glendale. They offer degree programs in some of the fastest-growing careers.

They also have certificate programs that are great refreshers, especially if you were out of the workforce due to your struggles with drug use. Need to finish high school? Many of the Phoenix, AZ community college campuses offer GED programs.

Get Recovery Support Convenient to Peoria at Purpose Today

Purpose Healing Center is here to help you with any substance abuse issues. From marijuana or cocaine to other illicit drugs or alcohol, our drug rehab center can give you the tools you need for effective addiction recovery. With our help, you will be on your way to a clean, sober, fulfilling life.

Call us; our two treatment centers in Arizona can help you get the care you need, and in many cases, we can even pick you up locally and have you getting started within the next few hours! Reach out to us today and get support for a brighter tomorrow, now!

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