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When it comes to substance abuse treatment, Arizona is one of the best places you can land for drug and alcohol rehab. Arizona has a thriving sober living community with lots of support and activities that do not put you in danger of using again and allow for a healthy new way of life!

If you are looking to recover from an alcohol addiction or a drug addiction, you may want to consider coming to the Scottsdale or Phoenix areas and finding Purpose with us!

Purpose Healing Center offers two convenient locations for addiction treatment, allowing you to get the help you need for a substance use issue. Both facilities are Joint Commission accredited and offer you the personalized treatment programs necessary for sobriety.

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Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Centers in Arizona

You might be surprised to learn you are not alone in battling substance abuse in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. According to surveys from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, it was discovered that 16 percent of people in this area try an illicit drug each year.

This is just slightly below the statistic for the state as a whole (16.9 percent) but higher than what is considered standard for the United States nationally (14.7 percent).

Because substance abuse can be found in the sunny state of Arizona, as anywhere else, it is important to land in a thriving community built on the principles of sobriety. Here are a few of the reasons you might consider an Arizona drug and alcohol rehab like Purpose inpatient or outpatient programs.

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Recovery Meetings for Unstructured Time

One of the most challenging aspects of recovery is what you should do with your unstructured time. Some research concludes that the most challenging parts of the day are those when you have no demands on your time. Instead, you should seek to fill these idle hours with helpful activities like a recovery meeting.

No matter what time of day is most tempting for you to turn to substances, you can find a recovery meeting that is available to support you.

In the Phoenix and Scottsdale area, there are hundreds of AA meetings where you can connect with others who face similar struggles with drug and alcohol addiction. This can be great when you are discharged from our luxury rehab center programs in Arizona but aren’t ready to return to life without the support of others who understand.

Sober Activities for Free Time in Phoenix and Scottsdale

When you step down from an inpatient to an intensive outpatient program, you will have more time on your hands to explore the Arizona area. Fortunately, there are tons of sober living activities to explore with friends, family, or even on your own when in early addiction recovery.

If you have some free time after graduating from our inpatient rehab or during an intensive outpatient program, you will need activities that occupy you. Explore the best that these cities have to offer. These places can take you away from reminders of substance use and keep you occupied.

Phoenix and Scottsdale Museums for Cultural Immersion

Many people who are going through our treatment programs at Purpose Healing want to find a way to explore the culture of the local area in their free time. One of the best ways to do this is through the museums in each city. Both Phoenix and Scottsdale have beautiful museums where you can take in their galleries.

Whether you want an afternoon stroll through the air-conditioned exhibits or an evening tour, the Phoenix Art Museum and the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art have lots to offer. Each location has some evening hours, allowing you to fill time that might have previously been devoted to drug and alcohol misuse.

Admission is affordable, and you may even find free events at these locations during certain times of the month.

Hiking and Exploring Nature at Papago Park

Hiking and Exploring Nature at Papago Park

Make the most of your time during or following treatment at our Phoenix location by visiting the Papago Park. In fact, there is so much to see and do at this local treasure that you may need to come back multiple times to take it all in. You can hike the endless trails through acres and acres of beautiful land. Some trails are paved, stretching over two miles in length.

They also have interpretive trails where you can learn more about the natural beauty of the flora and fauna of the Phoenix area. Many people would categorize the trails found at Papago Park as some of the best in the entire state of Arizona. Not to mention, hiking is great for your mental health.

While enrolled in our nearby alcohol and drug rehab treatment center, you can also visit the areas surrounding this park. It has a luxurious golf course, stocked fishing ponds, and proximity to both the Phoenix Zoo and the Desert Botanical Garden.

Canyon Lake for Hot Afternoons

If you don’t mind a short drive away from the metropolitan areas of Phoenix, you may want to visit Canyon Lake on a hot summer day. This watering hole is excellent for swimming and fishing, as well as other water activities like skiing. You can even scuba dive in this natural body of water to see the ghost town just beneath the surface.

When the water doesn’t call to you, there is still plenty of space to explore in Canyon Lake. You will find dinosaur fossils and footprints that have been perfectly preserved over the centuries.

Plus, Canyon Lake is home to a wide variety of wildlife that you can take in: foxes, roadrunners, and even lots of birds who come to Arizona during the winter season. It is a peaceful place to seek a little introspection when not actively involved in your addiction treatment plan.

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Old Town Scottsdale

Maybe you want to feel a part of the bustling lifestyles of Scottsdale when you aren’t in our drug and alcohol rehab center. Old Town Scottsdale is one cultural feature that you won’t want to miss out on when you aren’t actively in treatment. It is centrally located and can be fun for everyone, no matter their age.

This spot is loaded with fun shopping boutiques, cultural items like art galleries, and even the best southwestern cuisine that Arizona has to offer. If you need a low-key way to reconnect with your closest family and friends during your off time from an Arizona drug rehab, this could be the perfect way to take off the pressure, explore, and create new conversations.

Creativity and Cooking Workshops as Part of Essential Life Skills

Cooking Workshops as Part of Essential Life Skills

Are you eager to learn some new coping skills alongside your evidence-based treatment programs at Purpose Healing Center? Many people are eager to put their skills to the test by enrolling in a variety of creative workshops and classes.

Whether you want to learn how to paint or cook amazing French cuisine, there are opportunities for you at studios all over the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. Mix Cooking School is one of the most fun options for learning how to make pasta, French macarons, or other cultural fare. Plus, they are suitable for all ages which makes this a great family activity.

On the other hand, maybe you feel a little more literary and want to explore writing as a new coping skill. Independent bookstores throughout the area, including Changing Hands Bookstore, offer an assortment of writing workshops and classes that teach you how to pen perfect prose or poetry.

Get to know other creatives in the area and make new friends to expand your support network after graduating from our treatment centers!

Roosevelt Row Arts District

If you don’t mind taking a walk outside in the warm Arizona sunshine, then you may want to spend an afternoon walking along the Roosevelt Row Arts District. This area is home to lots of art galleries, small boutiques selling handmade treasures, and even street art.

Plus, they have events at various points throughout the year to draw an even larger crowd. This includes some music festivals throughout the year where you can enjoy live music and take in even more culture.

This part of downtown is also home to several restaurants where you can enjoy an excellent meal and the company of your friends and family. Spend a weekend browsing at the local farmer’s market here as well. You will always find something fun and new to explore in this part of town.

Yoga Classes for Flexibility and Strength

The Phoenix and Scottsdale areas are wonderful host cities in which to embrace a healthier way of life. You will find an abundance of options to continue to pursue holistic health when you graduate from our inpatient rehab in Arizona. Yoga studios abound, allowing you to practice whatever style suits you. Choose from something rigorous and sweat-inducing like Ashtanga or go with the flow of a Vinyasa class.

Phoenix is also home to Kahvi Coffee. A quick afternoon pick-me-up is just what the doctor ordered, but that isn’t all that this cafe offers. They also have events like donation-based yoga classes. These classes can be a great way to get to know new people and stick with the holistic approach to behavioral health.

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When you are ready for alcohol or drug rehab, Purpose Healing Center is ready and waiting to help you through the early days of your sobriety. Our services include medical detox as well as our medically-managed residential inpatient rehab and intensive outpatient services.

To learn more about what types of private insurance we accept, you can reach out to our friendly admissions team. We will verify your benefits in a confidential call so that you can make the right decision for your long-term behavioral health care. Call us today to learn more!



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