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Navigating Rehab: Beacon Drug Rehab Coverage and Purpose Healing Center’s Expert Care

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Let’s start with putting your mind at ease. Your Beacon drug rehab coverage does give you access to addiction treatment. And, besides substance abuse treatment, Beacon covers programs to address mental health disorders – with drug and alcohol addiction or if they stand alone. Beacon Health options are numerous, covering many behavioral health insurance benefits.

Purpose Healing Center offers both residential treatment and outpatient programs, and is in-network for Beacon Health clients. We have two treatment centers (Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona) and are Joint Commission accredited. Our goal is simple: To help you live a meaningful and purpose-filled life.

Beacon specializes in covering behavioral and mental health to help people live their best lives. Read on to learn how we can help you put your coverage to work and start healing, and remember you can reach out at any time for confidential insurance verification!

Beacon Drug Rehab Coverage for Better Mental Health

Beacon Health insurance benefits (now Carelon Behavioral Health) are pretty special when it comes to insurance benefits. What sets them apart? Beacon Health strategies have a single focus: improving behavioral and mental wellness for their plan members. Some clients need drug or alcohol rehab; others have behavioral health concerns.

With Beacon, all these issues qualify for help at our treatment center.

They partner with a large network of professionals to ensure their members receive the inpatient and outpatient care needed to support their well-being. Some specialty areas Beacon covers include these:

  • Well-being programs
  • Specialty care services
  • Crisis solutions (access to help in an emergency situation)
  • Behavioral and addictive disorders
  • Autism support network
  • Child and young adult care
  • Military/veteran mental health services
  • Eating disorders
  • Peer support groups and group therapy
  • Mental illness
  • Substance use disorder (drug and alcohol addiction treatment)

With this provider’s coverage, you hold the key to evidence-based therapies supporting better mental health.

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Purpose Healing Center: In-Network Beacon Insurance Providers

Purpose Healing Center is proud to be an in-network provider, offering our treatment center clients several Beacon health options. We provide both mental health and addiction treatment. Our treatment centers believe in taking a person-centric approach, working with each client to find the best blend of evidence-based and alternative therapies to promote a healthy life.

If you landed on this page but don’t have Beacon, don’t worry.

We are also in-network with almost every insurance provider. Our in-network partnerships include Aetna, Cigna, Magellan, Ambetter, AHCCCS, BCBS, Beacon, United Healthcare, and TRICARE.

Don’t see your health insurance provider listed? Take the next step to get help with your mental illness or substance abuse. Call us right now. We will check your PPO, HMO, or other private insurance benefits and get you the lowest possible copays. Your communication with us is free and confidential.

Use Beacon Health Options for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Insurance plan information can be very confusing. You may know you’re covered but have many questions about your specifics. Here are the questions many past clients have asked us:

When do benefits kick in? What’s my exact coverage? Do I have full or partial coverage? Do I pay copays? What out-of-pocket costs should I expect?

Families whose loved ones need help (or clients themselves) often find it overwhelming to get the correct answers to these pressing questions.

We are here to help!

In fact, we encourage you to connect with us. We are in-network and know all the Beacon Health options, insurance coverage rules, and how to maximize your allowed benefits. Our admissions and insurance team considers it an honor to serve you, starting with coordinating with insurance providers.

Calling Purpose Healing Center for Help With Substance Abuse Treatment Coverage

Calling Purpose Healing Center for Substance Abuse Treatment

When you reach out to our insurance team, you leave getting accurate information to answer your questions about your Beacon Health coverage in our hands. We will contact Beacon Health to discover what they cover.

Whether you need addiction treatment or help with a mental health issue without substance abuse treatment, we can help.

What You Need When Calling Us for Help With Your Health Insurance Company

When you call us, please have the following information ready. Most of it is on your Beacon (Carelon) insurance card.

  • The policyholder’s full legal name, as stated on the insurance card
  • The client’s full name (if this person is not the policyholder)
  • Date of birth, which they use for verification
  • Full address, email, a working phone number, and other contact data
  • The group number and policy numbers
  • Any known medical or mental health conditions
  • Past experiences with mental health or substance abuse treatment

Once we get this data from you, we go to work, getting the treatment center help you need. Your job is done…for now. Just sit back and wait for our admissions specialist to call you with pre-authorized Beacon Health options.

Why Does Pre-Authorization Require Past Experiences With a Drug or Alcohol Rehab Center?

Some who ask for help question why the health insurance providers want to know about past treatment. Here’s why it’s important to share that information.

Although you have extensive coverage, Beacon Health options are pre-authorized based on numerous factors. They include the severity of the addiction or mental health concern, if the person engages in self-harm, and the frequency at which they abuse drugs or alcohol.

Another factor that weighs into their authorization decision is the client’s past attempts to get clean and sober. For example, they may authorize someone with a less severe concern to attend one of our two inpatient treatment centers, especially if it’s their first time asking for help.

However, a person who has tried an intensive outpatient program in the past and then relapsed may receive authorization for a higher level of care this time. Or, they may allow emergency services for someone in a full-blown crisis, such as having severe hallucinations or ideation of self-harm.

These details can make a difference in whether Beacon Health allows inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment and the therapies you may receive.

Discussions About Your Insurance Coverage and Treatment Plans Are Confidential

As you discuss your situation and Beacon Health options, remember that we are medical professionals. That means every team member at our recovery center takes your privacy seriously. We respect HIIPA rules in every client interaction, from the first contact through aftercare.

What About Out-of-Pocket Expenses?

While you have tremendous coverage, you might have some small costs to cover. Many people turn to their health savings account (HSA) funds to take care of these expenses.

You can also use some effective strategies to lower your expenses after you leave the drug and alcohol treatment center, such as relying on community resources. For instance, you can attend weekly meetings with your local SMART Recovery group, Alcoholics Anonymous, or Narcotics Anonymous.

You can also find community-based mental health resources through non-profit organizations like the Stamp Out Stigma program.

While community programs are not licensed, they are affordable resources that work by donations. They will be grateful if you can afford to donate; however, they don’t judge if you cannot.

Our Accredited Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment Options

Medical Detox and Withdrawal Management

You might need alcohol or drug rehab, care for a separate mental health issue, or a dual diagnosis that includes both. Whatever your treatment options, Purpose Healing Center can help you build the life skills needed to make a change for the better.

Now, you might ask, what Beacon Health options might be covered when you seek behavioral health care?

Medical Detox and Withdrawal Management

Every alcohol or drug addiction program starts with detoxification or the elimination of those harmful substances from your body. Many clients arrive expressing fear about starting the detox process. But medical detox is not the same as going cold turkey at home.

Indeed, it is safer and more effective. Our team monitors your progress during this critical phase of drug treatment. The clinician will prescribe medicine to manage the worst of your withdrawal symptoms.

Medication-assisted Treatment Recovery from Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is when a clinician replaces drugs or alcohol with a less harmful prescription medicine and then gradually tapers down the dosages. The process allows time for the brain to “reset” instead of suddenly removing all substances. Medication-assisted treatment is particularly effective for clients in early recovery from alcohol or opioid abuse.

Get Accredited Treatment Programs at Purpose.

Our Dedicated Outpatient Rehab Services

Outpatient Rehab Services

Beacon Health options include two types of outpatient treatment: Intensive Outpatient Programs and Partial Hospitalization Programs. Here’s a look at each of those outpatient programs:

Intensive Outpatient Programs for the Most Flexibility

The IOP is often the only treatment choice for people with careers, college, or children. Clients visit Purpose Healing Center several times weekly for at least nine hours of therapy and programs. It provides excellent care and the most flexibility.

Partial Hospitalization Programs for a Mid-range Experience

The partial hospitalization program is another outpatient treatment. It’s still more flexible than inpatient or residential treatment but requires more time than the IOP. PHP clients come to one of our two treatment centers five days a week and spend up to six hours daily in treatment

Inpatient Treatment Gives Clients the Most Comprehensive Care

Inpatient rehab gives clients the most structured setting, which can be the key to a successful behavioral health treatment plan. Beacon Health generally reserves inpatient services for the longest-term or trickiest cases of substance use disorder.

The inpatient rehab solution is also helpful for managing the most severe mental health disorders.

Individual Therapy (Outpatient or Inpatient Rehab)

You cannot heal from mental or behavioral health concerns without addressing the causes that come from within, and you can achieve that with the help of professional, licensed counseling during individual therapy sessions. Your therapist guides you, helping you understand the “why” behind your behavioral health issues so that you can properly face them and address them.

Group Therapy (Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment Center)

Group sessions are an amazing way to connect with your peers. Together, you can discuss past experiences without judgment. But more importantly, you will work together to brainstorm new strategies for staying clean and sober after you leave the drug and alcohol rehab center. The tools you develop together can help each group member learn how to avoid a relapse into substance use.

Family Therapy for Rebuilding Stronger Than Ever Connections

Substance use disorder impacts more than just the person struggling. It touches every family member and loved one in some way. Family therapy sessions assist clients in starting to regain their family members’ lost trust. However, they also show loved ones how they may have contributed to the problem—whether through a lack of empathy or enabling use. Trust will be rebuilt from both sides.

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Are you ready to have a fresh, clean slate and long-term recovery? Whether you need outpatient or inpatient alcohol and drug rehab treatment is just a phone call away. Reach out to our admissions and intake team for immediate assistance – we’ll help you understand your Beacon Health options for addiction treatment.

Make the confidential call to Purpose today, our warm and welcoming admissions team looks forward to speaking with you!

Up To 100% of Rehab Costs Covered By Beacon