Intensive Outpatient Program Scottsdale

Intensive Outpatient Program Scottsdale

Our IOP Services for Scottsdale

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About half of all people 12 years of age and older in the United States have used an illicit drug at least once in their lives. More than 37 million of those have done so in the last month.

The good news is that treatment works. And there are many different options, including alternatives to inpatient drug rehab, such as our Intensive Outpatient Program Scottsdale services at Purpose Healing Center.

If you want to learn more about what to look for in an intensive outpatient program in Scottsdale, keep reading. This article covers the basics, including what it entails and how it works. It will help get a better idea if it is the right option for your recovery goals.

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What Is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

Most recovery plans include various levels of treatment. Inpatient acute care is for people who are in crisis or need medical supervision. These involve placement in psychiatric or general hospitals, depending on the circumstances.

There is also inpatient residential care, the most common type of facility-based treatment. This involves a recovering drug addict living in a rehabilitation center for several weeks or more. This is so they can receive intensive care and services.

Outpatient therapy does not involve relocating to a facility, but visiting a therapist’s or counselor’s office for treatment. An intensive outpatient program or IOP requires a greater time commitment than standard outpatient care but without the commitment of having to move to a facility.

In general, it mirrors the type of treatment someone would receive at an inpatient program but in the community instead. Like inpatient care, IOP involves being under the care of a wide variety of medical and mental health professionals. 

What Does an Intensive Outpatient Program Entail?

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Intensive outpatient care usually involves a mixture of services. These can be arranged for different intervals to accommodate the patient’s schedule. As mentioned, they usually involve the same type of services one would receive in inpatient care.

Common examples include cognitive behavioral therapy. This helps address underlying mental health concerns. It also helps address problematic thoughts or behaviors that lend to abuse and replaces them with healthy alternatives.

IOP will also involve group therapy. This is useful for building support and sharing experiences and ideas for clean living.

What Does IOP Look Like at Purpose Healing Center in Scottsdale?

Since IOP is administered by a single rehab facility, staff may have certain goals patients must meet (including the number of hours). However, most reputable clinics give patients a variety of options to choose from. For instance, they may be required to attend different group meetings, but based on their schedule.

In general, IOP entails three to four hours of treatment per day, if possible. The number of days per week of treatment is usually three to five.

Most IOP programs last between eight and twelve weeks. The duration depends on the individual patient’s needs.

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Why Choose Our Intensive Outpatient Program Scottsdale Services?

There are several reasons to elect an IOP versus other types of drug rehab programs. The first is when inpatient care may not be entirely needed, but where addiction is serious enough that regular outpatient treatment is inadequate.

A second, similar scenario is where the patient, for whatever reason, cannot devote the time or resources to inpatient care. Perhaps they have young children to care for or a job they cannot leave for more than a day or two at a time.

In these cases, IOP can provide an added level of care. It is also worth noting that positive things in your life–including family and career–can aid in recovery. Not disrupting those can be a positive component of rehab.

To be clear: for serious drug or alcohol addiction, inpatient care is often the best, most effective option. Whenever inpatient care is not feasible though, IOP is a very good secondary option and IOP is also often fully covered by insurance.

A final scenario where an IOP is useful is when someone is transitioning out of inpatient care. Often, standard outpatient care will suffice, but IOP can the transition to independent recovery less abrupt. 

Other Advantages of Our Scottsdale IOP

Advantages of Our Scottsdale IOP

Besides the convenience, there are other reasons to choose an intensive outpatient program. One is the ability to extend the program as long as needed.

For instance, inpatient care cannot go on indefinitely. While it can be extended, it is designed for detox and 24-hour care and support to help get people pointed in the right direction.

Conversely, standard outpatient care is quite flexible but lacks the structure of IOP. The latter allows you to extend inpatient-like services for as long as you need, without having to “reset” with inpatient care.

Also, inpatient care is restricted to the programs that a particular facility has to offer. There is a good reason for this: their goal is to address the most critical aspects of recovery.

What are Even More Reasons an IOP Might be the Right Fit?

IOP, on the other hand, has the advantage of being able to incorporate a wider range of counseling and classes into a recovery program. For instance, it might include outside vocational, life-skills, or religious-based services that are not available at a facility.

A final advantage of IOP is cost. While beneficial and sometimes needed, inpatient care can be quite expensive. IOP can offer a more economical option.

Also, most insurance policies cover IOP. As an alternative, you can look for an intensive outpatient program in Scottsdale that accepts Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), the state’s Medicaid program. A quality facility will want you to be clear about costs upfront so that there are no surprises down the road.

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Get a Proven Intensive Outpatient Program in Scottsdale

Now that you know how intensive outpatient drug rehab works, you can determine if it is the best option for your recovery needs. With the right treatment plan, you can live a happy, healthy, drug-free life.

Purpose Healing Center offers an intensive outpatient program in Scottsdale and our Phoenix campus as well. We provide comprehensive yet customized treatment plans for every individual and can help you determine the right course for your unique recovery needs. 

Reach out to us today to learn more about recovering from drug addiction in a flexible outpatient setting!