Rehabs In Arizona That Take AHCCCS

Rehabs In Arizona That Take Ahcccs

Using Forms of Arizona Medicaid to Cover Rehab Costs

Are there still rehabs in Arizona that take AHCCCS? According to recovery specialists, there aren’t many treatment centers willing to take Medicaid coverage as payment for treatment; however, there are still a few select recovery facilities that make special accommodations for AHCCCS insured patients.

Purpose Healing Center is one of the select AHCCCS treatment centers in Scottsdale that is committed to making sure patients have access to quality care, regardless of their income or budget.

Finding a Rehab That Takes AHCCCS

Calling around can be time-consuming and often results in hours spent talking with staff who redirect your call to multiple desks throughout their facility.

If you don’t have that kind of time to waste, there’s a better solution- contact Purpose Healing Center to verify your insurance benefits for rehab with our front desk staff over the phone.

Our admissions team is experienced in assisting callers who are covered under AHCCCS. We’re rated one of the best AHCCCS insurance recovery centers in Arizona!

Fast and Free Insurance Verification

Why Are There So Few Rehab Centers in Arizona That Accept AHCCCS?

On occasion, Medicaid benefits can be slow to reimburse healthcare facilities for patient care costs, which leads many rehabs to shy away from taking AHCCCS as payment for services rendered. At Purpose Healing Center, we are more concerned with providing a high level of care to patients than we are with getting paid promptly.

If you’re ready to take the first step in your treatment plan, we’re prepared to take your Medicaid coverage and provide immediate placement into one of our programs:

Contact a Recovery Specialist From Purpose Healing Center

Contact a Recovery Specialist From Purpose Healing Center

We know that it’s difficult to choose the right treatment plan or program, especially if you’ve been through treatment in the past without seeing long-term success. For this reason, our recovery team will work closely with you to assess your goals and select from our alcohol and substance abuse programs.

If you’re going to school, are employed, or have responsibilities in your home, we can discuss a PHP or outpatient program to fit your busy schedule. For a more structured or intensive treatment, our 30, 60, or 90-day residential program would be a better choice.

#1 Among Rehab Centers That Accept Arizona Medicaid

Rest easy knowing that your AHCCCS insurance plan is accepted by Purpose Healing Center; we’ll handle the details for you so that you can concentrate on healing from addiction. Our chief goal is to provide you with the quality care necessary to overcome your addiction and give you the time you need to start a new path, one with real purpose and self-compassion.

Speak with an addiction treatment specialist right now from Purpose Healing Center when searching for rehabs in Arizona that take AHCCCS. Your phone call is confidential, so you’re free to call our helpline day or night without worrying that you’ll be obligated to enter our program. When the time is right, we’ll be waiting to assist you on your path to wellness!

What You Need to Know About Rehabs in Arizona That Take AHCCCS

If you or someone you love has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, you may know how difficult it can be to pay for treatment on your own. However, owing to the Medicaid expansion, many Arizona residents are no longer alone.

As a result, you might be able to use Medicaid coverage to make addiction treatment more affordable. If you qualify, the only thing left is finding an Arizona rehab clinic that takes AHCCCS.

What are the Rehabs in Arizona that Take AHCCS?

Medical Detox at Purpose Healing Center

Purpose Healing Center is a highly sought-after treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction in Arizona with the best amenities, comfortable accommodations, and gourmet meals. We are one of the few rehabs in Arizona that take AHCCCS and several other insurance providers.

You may still be wondering: How do I pay for addiction treatment?

Rest assured, at Purpose you can use your insurance plan, in many, many cases, to meet the cost of the addiction treatment. Make sure to call our AHCCCS rehab facility to check on exact costs (if any) today!

Up To 100% of Rehab Costs Covered By AHCCCS

Get Help Today at Purpose Using AHCCCS Insurance

If you’re seeking the top rehabs in Arizona that take AHCCCS, Purpose Healing Center should be your go-to destination. Our facility offers reliable detox, recovery, inpatient, and outpatient services, along with a serene and peaceful environment for healing.

Make the confidential call today, and get Joint Commission accredited treatment options at Purpose using your AHCCCS plan now!