Does Magellan Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Does Magellan Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Get In-Network Treatment Using Magellan Insurance at Purpose

When you are ready to seek substance abuse services, whether personally or for a loved one, minimizing out-of-pocket costs is essential. You want (or need) to find a treatment center that accepts your insurance provider to reduce the headache and the financial aspect of receiving help.

But you also need to cover the bases first, and get answers to questions like does Magellan cover drug and alcohol rehab and at what levels? Enter our newest coverage guide from Purpose!

In addition to answering your questions on the topic, Purpose Healing Center accepts Magellan health insurance for our drug and alcohol addiction treatment services. Once you are ready to commit to your sobriety, get the help you need at a price you can afford with Purpose.

Keep reading to learn more, and remember that our caring Admissions team can help you verify your insurance benefits at any time so that you know exactly what to expect financially.

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Magellan Health Insurance and Behavioral Health Coverage

We understand the situation well. Many people seeking help are concerned that their insurance provider will not cover their substance abuse treatment program. The good news is that Magellan Health insurance does cover this type of treatment, as well as many behavioral health services that may be required to help you heal.

In fact, they are mandated to cover these services under the 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The Affordable Care Act mandates that health insurance providers cover behavioral health, addiction treatment, and mental health issues at the same level as they would surgical or medical interventions. They are considered one of ten essential health benefits. Substance use disorder is covered under this umbrella of benefits, as are condition like depression and PTSD.

Pre-Existing Substance Use Disorder Conditions Are Covered

They also cannot deny you help for services based on a pre-existing condition. In the past, a provider would have had the right to deny coverage for substance use if it was deemed to be a condition you had before enrollment in their program. In some cases, this was a clever for them to deny access to expensive rehab programs.

Now, they must cover all conditions regardless of how long you have had a diagnosis and how much treatment you have received for it.

They cannot limit your coverage simply because you have had the condition long-term. Even if it pre-dates your insurance policy, you can fight for coverage of substance abuse at any in-network treatment center and any level of care from inpatient to outpatient treatment.

At Purpose we can and will help provide you with in-network Magellan Health rehab programs.

Does Magellan Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab: Understanding Your Insurance Benefits

That being said, it does not mean that insurance will cover 100 percent of your treatment costs, though in many cases it does. It still depends on your unique health insurance plan. Copayments may be required and you may have to pay your deductible before coverage kicks in. However, sometimes rehab will be covered in its entirety.

Be sure to reach out to our admissions team today to learn more about what is covered by your insurance benefits. We can help you verify what you will owe for behavioral health services with us quickly and easily.

What Rehab Services Are Covered by Magellan Health Insurance?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

There are no cookie-cutter approaches to effective addiction treatment. Purpose Healing Center believes that every one of our clients deserves a customized treatment plan to set them on the path to success.

Fortunately, the services we offer at our treatment center are covered by Magellan.

Individual Therapy in Proven Treatment Modalities

The first and most obvious place where we can start your substance use treatment is individual therapy. You will work one-on-one with an experienced counselor who understands substance use and mental health. Our counselors are trained in evidence-based methods that are well-known to be successful in this unique field.

We assist you in shoring up your coping skills and getting to the bottom of why you use substances, and we give you tools you can use to embrace sobriety.

For example, our clinicians may help you to cope with your thoughts, feelings, and actions via cognitive behavioral therapy. We may teach you to process your emotions and feel them without judgment using dialectical behavioral therapy.

The medical professionals at Purpose have lots of tools and techniques to help you get the results you desire and start living sober.

A Group Therapy Setting is Great for Peer Support

Individual therapy is a great place to start, but there is something special about connecting with a circle of your peers. According to research, cognitive behavioral therapy issued in a group setting is proven to be more effective than treatment-as-usual groups.

Everyone there has a similar issue and a unique perspective on how they want to live a sober life, cope with a mental illness, or move past trauma. Groups are led by an experienced therapist or facilitator. This is a great place to learn more coping skills as you can see what works for others.

Family Therapy for Additional Support Upon Graduation

Family Therapy for Additional Support

Eventually, you will have to leave the safety and relative comfort of our accredited treatment centers in Arizona. In our place, you will have your family and close friends to support your efforts to remain sober. However, it can be hard to connect with them after damaging relationships with substance abuse.

Instead, you need a safe space where everyone can voice their concerns and hurts.

We assist you in educating your loved ones on addiction and mental health, giving them a framework to understand your struggles. Together, we work with our clients and their loved ones to come up with a realistic treatment plan that they can stick to upon graduation. After all, we won’t always be there, but your family will be.

Holistic Treatment Approaches to Cover All Aspects of Well-Being

These clinical services are the bedrock of your behavioral health treatment, but Purpose Healing Center also believes in holistic treatment to cover all aspects of your well-being. We want to support you in the body, mind, and spirit simultaneously.

This is why we offer a comprehensive array of services such as yoga therapy and art therapy.

All of this is covered by Magellan health insurance when you enroll in our inpatient treatment programs. As an in-network provider, we give you every advantage to conquer your drug and alcohol use issue for good at a lower cost than out-of-network providers.

Get Accredited Treatment Programs at Purpose

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Services at Every Level

Addiction treatment should not be handled with a one-size-fits-all mentality. Instead, you want to seek out providers who know that you are an individual. Purpose Healing Center offers every level of care to ensure that you get the support necessary on your recovery journey.

We are in-network at all levels of care with Magellan. Consider which of these services you may utilize to get sober now.

Medical Detox to Kickstart Your Recovery

Medical Detox to Kickstart Your Recovery

Before you move into inpatient treatment, medical detox is a critical first step. The early withdrawal symptoms of alcohol and drugs of all kinds can be brutal and uncomfortable. Purpose Healing Center aims to make you more at ease during this crucial time of your recovery.

We provide you with 24/7 access to medical care, counseling, and medication-assisted treatment that minimizes the effects of withdrawal on your body and mind. We pride ourselves on being a safe and convenient place where you can detox with attention to both medical and mental health needs.

Inpatient Treatment for Long-Term Success

Inpatient or residential treatment allows you to live within our treatment center while you receive intensive assistance for a substance use issue. According to a survey of the literature, inpatient treatment provides better long-term outcomes compared to outpatient treatment alone.

Most clients will stay with us for thirty to ninety days, depending on their progress and goals.

Throughout your inpatient stay, you will receive access to an array of services that bolster you in your sober living journey. We believe in offering individual and group therapy sessions in addition to family therapy, support groups, and complementary therapies like art, music, and yoga therapy.

All of these services are covered under the Magellan health insurance umbrella during your stay.

Partial Hospitalization to Transition to Daily Life

Purpose Healing Center is also an in-network provider for our partial hospitalization (PHP) program. If you graduate from inpatient care and find that you need a greater degree of support before you are ready to pursue outpatient care, then PHP is for you. You will spend all day in our facility, attending the same therapy you would receive in residential.

However, the difference is that you will return home when the day ends. This gives you the flexibility to reconnect with your family members and loved ones. Many people prefer this because it allows them to sleep in their own bed at night and practice the coping skills they learned during the day.

This is the most intensive of our outpatient services and serves as a step down from inpatient care.

Intensive Outpatient Program for the Most Flexibility

Last but not least, you can make one more jump down from PHP with our intensive outpatient program (IOP). In this level of treatment, you will receive several hours of therapy each week including individual and group therapy time. The difference is that you are free to come and go around these sessions.

You do not have to spend your full day within the walls of our treatment center and IOP is often covered by insurance as much (or more) than residential treatment as well.

Instead, you can return to your place of employment, explore the local area, connect with your family, and attend support group meetings when needed. The emphasis is on learning how to reconnect with your life without the use of drugs or alcohol.

This is the least intensive option our treatment center can offer to you, and it is a great way to practice sobriety with a high level of support for substance abuse.

Effective Support for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Concerns

Medication-Assisted Treatmen

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimates that one in four people with a substance use issue also struggle with a mental illness. This is significant, so you need a center that specializes in treating both. Purpose Healing Center offers treatment for dual diagnosis as well as more general mental health services.

During your addiction treatment, we can get to the bottom of your reasons for substance use. If there are underlying mood issues, anxiety, or other aspects of your mental health that ensnare you in a cycle of substance use, we can help.

This may be a good time to explore medication-assisted treatment to get your mental health on solid ground.

Up To 100% of Rehab Costs Covered By Magellan

Get Services Covered Using Magellan at Purpose Today

At Purpose Healing Center we are proud to be one of the in-network providers for Magellan health insurance. When you are ready to seek treatment for your substance use issues or mental health, you will want to keep us top of mind. We have two convenient locations in Scottsdale and Phoenix.

Get an idea of what treatment will cost and what insurance will cover by calling our enrollment team today. We can quickly and confidentially verify your insurance benefits and walk you through what it takes to enroll in our treatment program. Don’t wait another day to get the help you need!


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