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When you are looking for drug and alcohol rehab, Queen Creek may have few in-town offerings. Attending addiction treatment close to home may offer several conveniences. However, it’s better to find the best substance abuse treatment program to suit your specific needs instead of deciding based solely on location.

Although addiction treatment in Queen Creek may be lacking, there’s still some good news. When you look at the larger Phoenix metro area, you will find Purpose Healing Center. We have accredited drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in Phoenix and Scottsdale – a short commute for outpatient services or a quick trip for those important family therapy sessions.

We provide evidence-based treatments and offer a holistic approach. We want you to find substance abuse treatment. However, we also hope for you to restore your physical health and mental well-being after addiction.

Keep reading to learn why seeking treatment programs outside of Queen Creek, AZ might be a good decision.

Using Insurance Coverage for Our Alcohol Rehab Queen Creek Services

Some people fear their insurance won’t cover drug rehab centers. That fear goes back to the era before the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010. Before the ACA, insurance coverage for substance use disorders was limited.

Insurance companies avoided paying out for mental health disorders, including substance use disorders. They would set low plan limits and high deductibles. Or, they unfairly called it a “pre-existing condition.” However, the ACA mandated that these companies immediately start to consider mental health treatment centers as important as treating physical health concerns.

Verify Your Insurance

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Call Us With Any Questions About Your Health Benefits

Understanding your health coverage can be extremely confusing. Whether you have group/private health insurance or AHCCCS, Arizona’s medical assistance program, our staff can help. We are in-network with most major carriers and will use our experience dealing with them to your advantage.

We accept nearly all forms of AHCCCS and can help with a quick and confidential insurance verification process.

Our admissions team will gladly call your insurance provider and get your addiction treatment services pre-approved. It only takes a few minutes. Call us with your insurance information handy, and we will take it from there.

Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment for Whole-Person Recovery

Many clients choose Purpose Healing Center from other areas around Phoenix, including Queen Creek, Chandler, Gilbert, and beyond.

But what sets us apart so much that people are willing to drive to our substance abuse treatment center? Word has spread around the region, with many telling their friends and family members how we have helped them conquer drug or alcohol struggles.

One example is Claire, a former client. Claire had attempted the recovery process several times in her hometown, near Queen Creek. Her substance use disorder was persistent, and she could not quite break the bonds of her alcohol addiction.

Addressing the Underlying Causes of Drinking or Drugging

We discovered that the facility that had treated her substance abuse addiction in the past had offered medication-assisted treatment to step her down from alcohol addiction. But they never probed to find the root causes of her nightly drinking. That meant that while they stopped her from drinking, it did not equal lasting recovery.

Claire quickly reverted to drinking, lacking the coping skills to manage the “why” behind her addiction issues. We learned that Claire had narrowly survived a violent assault – it meant significant trauma in her background. By treating the alcohol addiction and desensitizing the trauma, Claire made a full recovery.

This return to health was life-changing for Claire. She flourished in her career. In her spare time, she is a victims’ rights advocate in the Queen Creek, AZ, area and openly shares her story of triumph over chemical dependency – and the excellent treatment she received at our inpatient care center.

Inpatient Treatment for the Most Comprehensive Medical Care

Inpatient rehab is the most intensive of all our treatment programs. Inpatient treatment means our caring clinical staff will monitor your emotional and physical well-being 24/7. You spend days in therapy and other treatments, such as exercise or nutritional counseling.

At night, you sleep at the treatment center. Most who qualify for this treatment have ongoing drug and alcohol struggles or have had past outpatient experiences.

Outpatient Services: Intensive Outpatient Program vs. Partial Hospitalization Program

Outpatient Services

We offer two levels of care for outpatient treatment. These treatment programs are best for people who cannot attend drug or alcohol treatment centers. It’s also good for college students with a full coursework load they can’t abandon.

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) or Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) allow you to come to treatment several hours a week while balancing the demands of everyday life. With an IOP or PHP, you sleep in a clean home or sober living facility at night.

We offer daily transportation from sober living facility partners to our drug abuse treatment facilities for those who need a ride.

Medical Supervision at Our Detox Center

One thing that might hold some looking for rehab in Queen Creek back from recovery is a fear of detoxification. But medical detox is a game-changer. Our team closely watches you during the process and will administer an appropriate prescription medication if the withdrawal symptoms become too overwhelming.

Addiction Treatment and Mental Health Treatment (Co-Occurring Disorders)

Addiction does not occur without an underlying factor. These can be social influences, a desire to relieve physical pain, or mental illness, among other things. We can only start the healing process by identifying and addressing these conditions.

Co-occurring disorders are when someone has a drug and alcohol addiction along with a mental health diagnosis. These can range in severity and encompass everything from depression to eating disorders.

Evidence-Based Therapies Set us Apart from Treatment Centers in Queen Creek, AZ

Evidence-Based Therapy

Once we identify the cause of drug or alcohol abuse, we can help the person recover. We assign the therapies according to individual needs and with a singular goal: to maintain sobriety and imagine a life with purpose.

Individual and Group Therapy

In these sessions, clients work with a qualified drug and alcohol counselor to continue to learn more about the causes of addiction. You also get help finding new coping mechanisms that are sustainable for life.

Motivational Interviewing

The MI process is client-centered, helping clients find the motivation to make long-lasting changes. Each person explores and resolves ambivalent behavior that could otherwise hold them back.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

DBT is a form of psychosocial therapy. It helps teach clients mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation, and interpersonal skills. Once they master these tools, clients can better manage their stresses.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT seeks to help people identify and modify harmful thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. In addition to treating drug abuse, it’s helpful for many mental health conditions. Think depression, anxiety disorders, or panic attacks.

Find Hope and Healing at Purpose Healing Center!

Relapse Prevention Planning to Stay Clean and Sober After Achieving Sobriety

In Queen Creek, drug addiction does not need to rule your life. When you leave Purpose, you will also have a final piece of your treatment plan – the aftercare plan. Some alcohol rehab centers miss this step – a big mistake! This planning helps you stay clean and sober, encouraging you to build a support system. Recovery also means avoiding triggering places and people.

Consider your first weeks after treatment as a time to reconnect within your community. It is natural and necessary to replace triggers with positivity. Here are some things you can do to fill your time, keeping your mind off of drug use, and in a good place for continued health and recovery:

AA, NA, and SMART Recovery: Get Support After Substance Abuse Addiction

Alcoholics Anonymous

Local support groups are a must for Queen Creek drug relapse avoidance. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are the best-known twelve-step programs. Participants surrender to a higher power and admit they need help, and they work the steps. More treatment centers today are also recommending SMART Recovery, a CBT-based workshop. All are effective and free to attend.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings in Queen Creek, Arizona

In AZ, Queen Creek is unique because those who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse have a unique a non-profit called the Queen Creek Meeting House. This facility hosts AA and NA recovery meetings in a private, comfortable location. Their address is 19729 E. San Tan Blvd., Queen Creek, AZ 85142.

They offer at least one AA meeting every day of the week – you can find the times by clicking here.

Near Queen Creek – Drug Abuse Workshops: Narcotics Anonymous

Queen Creek, AZ, has four NA meetings per week. They are:

  • Monday 7 pm | 24414 South Ellsworth Road, Queen Creek, AZ
  • Wednesday 7 pm; Friday 7 pm; Saturday 5 pm | You can attend each session at the Queen Creek Meeting House, 19729 E. San Tan Blvd, Queen Creek AZ

You can learn more about these NA meetings by clicking here.

SMART Recovery, Support After Rehab in Queen Creek, AZ

SMART meetings are primarily delivered to the Queen Creek, AZ community via online technology. The nearest opportunities are in Mesa, Arizona – about a 20-minute drive but worth the effort. You can search for a convenient meeting time on their website, click here.

Hike the San Tan Mountains

Getting out to nature can be the best medicine and a great way to avoid negative influences. The San Tan Mountain Regional Park boasts 10,000 acres with mountain and Sonoran Desert views. It has miles of hiking trails and is a great way to help your body continue healing after drug rehab.

Explore Chandler-Gilbert Community College’s Communiversity at Queen Creek

After spending time at alcohol treatment centers, you might feel ready for a whole new career. Fortunately, Chandler-Gilbert Community College has a campus in Queen Creek, AZ. They offer degrees and certifications in hot-demand industries, like healthcare and technology. The campus address is 21740 S. Ellsworth Rd., Queen Creek, AZ 85142. Check out their website to learn about their courses.

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We realize that Queen Creek, AZ, has limited drug rehab options. But Purpose Healing Center can help guide you as you recover from your addiction with convenient alternatives. Whether you need inpatient or outpatient options, we are here to help.

Connect with us today – you or your loved one can start an alcohol or drug rehab program immediately, and start getting support and feeling better as soon as today!

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