Can You Go to Rehab on Probation?

Can You Go to Rehab on Probation

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If you have been drinking or using for any amount of time, you may already be familiar with the fact that legal issues and jail time can be pretty common consequences of substance abuse. In fact, around 65% of prison inmates in the United States are said to live with a substance use disorder.

If you (or someone) you know is on probation and struggling to stay clean, and/or sober, treatment at Purpose can be a lifeline and way out of the constant stress and worry.

This is because the answer to the question, ‘Can you go to rehab on probation?’ is nearly always a resounding yes!

Although it isn’t possible in every single instance, most people can get probation or attend court-ordered rehab as an alternative to jail time. Not only is rehab likely preferable if you’re facing potential jail time, but it can help you recover, rebuild your life, and avoid future legal problems.

This blog post will discuss the ins and outs of attending rehab while on probation, the benefits of doing so, and how insurance coverage can help.

And remember, at Purpose Healing Center, we proudly accept Arizona Medicaid, as well as most other insurance plans, and can confidentially verify your insurance and give options for support as soon as today!

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Can You Go to Rehab on Probation in Arizona?

Yes is the short answer here, whether in Arizona or another state. While it is true that every case is unique, it is almost always possible to go to rehab on probation. Not only can you go to rehab while on probation, but addiction treatment can be life-changing for people on probation or in any sort of legal trouble related to drug abuse.

Why? Seeking treatment will help you address the underlying cause of legal issues related to drug addiction so that you can move forward and avoid future legal consequences.

Sometimes in Arizona, substance abuse treatment is even required for those who engage in a drug-related crime. If drug court requires that you attend treatment, it’s called court-ordered rehab.

A re-offender may have a more challenging time avoiding incarceration or jail time than a first-time offender. It also depends on the specific details of the crime committed. However, if you can access addiction treatment, it’s worth it.

6 Well-Known Benefits of Attending Treatment During Probation

Probation Officer Support You to Enter a Rehab Program

A probation officer will nearly always support your choice to enter a rehab program while on probation. Just like we realize at Purpose, they know that someone seeking recovery and trying to better their lives is much more likely to successfully complete probation than someone who is not.

With that in mind, here are some of the benefits of going to rehab while on probation.

1) Staying Sober During Probation

One of the primary benefits of going to a rehab center for drug-related offenses is that it can help you stay sober during probation.

While you might get away with one (or even two) dirty urine results, continuing to fail drug tests during probation can have serious consequences, such as serving out the rest of your sentence in its entirety.

At Purpose, our rehabilitation programs provide a strong support system and expert clinicians dedicated to helping people overcome drug and alcohol dependence. It simply makes sense that people who get some form of help for addiction are more likely to remain substance-free.

2) Support for Clients With Pending Legal Issues

Our Arizona treatment facilities in Scottsdale and our facility located in Phoenix offer support for clients with pending legal issues. Purpose Healing Center is well-versed in working with clients in court-ordered treatment or who are navigating drug-related crimes committed due to addiction.

If you attend Purpose Healing Center while on probation or need help navigating legal issues, we can assign you to an on-site case manager as part of your treatment plan.

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3) Sober Housing, Employment, and Education Help

An ideal addiction treatment program will help you create a sustainable life that you love, a life with purpose. As you can tell by our name, this is a core part of the mission at our Arizona treatment facilities, and we will walk with you throughout early recovery.

We can also help you navigate employment and education planning and can connect you with resources like sober housing. These services are vital and play a critical role in lasting sobriety for many people.

4) Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Substance abuse can affect the relationships you have with other people—for example, family members, romantic partners, and close friends.

In addition to group therapy, individual mental health counseling, life skills, and other treatments, addiction treatment can help you learn skills necessary for healthy relationships. 

5) Comprehensive Mental Health Treatment

It’s estimated that more than one in four people with a serious mental illness also meet the criteria for a substance use disorder.

If you have a co-occurring mental or behavioral health condition, our dual-diagnosis rehab program can help.

Our dual diagnosis programs address addiction and co-occurring disorders comprehensively for the best treatment outcomes.

6) Relapse Prevention and Aftercare Planning

Relapse Prevention and Aftercare Planning

Relapse prevention is a vital part of helping clients achieve ongoing sobriety. Before you graduate from one of the programs at our treatment center, we’ll help you make a customized relapse prevention and aftercare plan.

Aftercare plans are always unique to the individual but may include services like ongoing therapy, medication management, or staying connected to the support system you built while attending drug rehab services through an alumni program.

The alumni program at Purpose Healing Center lets you stay in touch with your team once you’ve completed treatment so that you can continue receiving recovery support.

What Kind of Treatment Program is Right for Me?

Purpose Healing Center’s full continuum of care allows us to help people with all levels of addiction or substance abuse issues. Treatment options at Purpose Healing Center include inpatient rehab, outpatient programs, and detoxification.

Some people start with a higher level of care, like inpatient rehab, and step down to an outpatient program as they make treatment progress. Others are able or prefer to start with an outpatient program.

Before you start treatment at Purpose Healing Center, we’ll give you an intake assessment and discuss your treatment options with you.

Does Insurance Cover Attending Rehab on Probation in AZ?

In many cases, health insurance is the only way someone is able to attend rehab. We understand that rehab can be expensive without insurance, and take pride in the fact that Purpose is accessible through a wide range of insurance carriers.

This is why Purpose Healing Center accepts many major health insurance plans as an in-network provider, including nearly all forms of Arizona Medicaid (AHCCCS and AIHP).

Call our treatment center today to verify your health insurance coverage for treatment, it is always kept strictly confidential!

Get Support to Complete Probation Successfully at Purpose

Get Support to Complete Probation Successfully

If you’re ready to overcome your struggles on probation or want to learn more about treatment at Purpose Healing Center in Arizona for a loved one, contact us today. We are here to answer your questions and help you understand the details of attending rehab on probation.

To get in touch for a total confidential assessment, call the admissions line on our website now! 

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FAQs on Probation and Attending Rehab

What are the rules for attending rehab on probation in Arizona?

Everyone attending rehab while on probation in the Grand Canyon State will have distinct probation conditions, terms, or requirements. For example, you may need to complete community service. However, drug use is always a probation violation in drug court.

If you attend a treatment facility while on probation, you’ll have to continue working with your probation officer. Open communication with your probation officer and adherence to probation terms are crucial for your success.

What are the rules for attending court-ordered rehab in Arizona?

In cases of court-ordered rehab, failure to attend agreed-upon treatment at a rehab facility for substance abuse issues will have consequences. This differs from voluntary rehab, where clients can choose to exit a recovery program prematurely.

What happens if I fail a drug test on probation?

If you fail a drug test during your probation period, especially more than once or even twice in some cases, there will be serious consequences. Your probation may be revoked as a result of a failed drug test, and you may be sentenced to your remaining jail or prison sentence for breaking probation requirements.