Addiction Treatment and Life Coaching

Life Coaching at Purpose Healing Center

An important aspect in receiving addiction treatment at Purpose Healing Center is our client’s future after completing an inpatient or outpatient recovery program. Our program focuses on teaching clients how to stay sober by engaging in positive activities, creating goals and developing strategies to achieve those goals. It also teaches clients how to deal with negative emotions and how to avoid triggers that may cause a relapse.

Recovering addicts are faced with the challenge of staying sober after treatment. Without good support, there is potential for them to relapse, which is why we have a program for coaching and teaching life skills for long term recovery.  

To accomplish this our staff of therapists and clinicians will design a life coaching and skill building program around your specific needs.

How Life Coaching Works

Life coaching is a tool that is used to support an addict’s journey to long-term sobriety. Every process requires a plan and your recovery coach knows that with a good plan in place, your journey to long-term sober living will be a success. Our recovery coach helps you create a plan that will help you reach your goals. If your goal is to abstain from substance use completely, but you don’t know how to do it, your recovery coach will help you create strategies to achieve this goal.

The main objective of our coaching program is to develop and implement strategies that will help you achieve your goals and live a healthy productive life. Proper coaching can help you with certain areas of your life including balancing your life, performing well at work and achieving satisfaction. This is because coaching uses personalized techniques and strategies to help meet your needs and attain your goals. 

Goal Setting and Planning

The roles of our recovery coaches are many and they often include strategic planning, counseling, and support system building. Our recovery coaches can help you can achieve positive results in every aspect of your life while still focusing on your recovery. 

Our coaches also collaborate with other addiction recovery professionals to help meet your needs by identifying the different sources of support available and how these supports can be best used to develop an actionable plan.

There are many reasons addicts are unable to meet their needs when it comes to employment, housing, finances, socialization, and physical exercise. We know that many recovering addicts have limited resources to meet their needs, which is why we find the best resources for them to help meet those needs. 

In addition to individualized plans, our recovery coaches can provide extra services to those who are committed to staying sober not only because of their health, but because they also have a family to think about. They are others who want to remain sober because they have legal or medical obligations. In essence, your recovery coach can help you protect your investments. 

When it comes to planning your day-to-day activities, your recovery coach can help you create a plan that can help you stay sober and still enjoy your life. When you discover that there is more to life than getting high, you will experience peace and joy that you have never experienced before or in a long time. 

Addiction Treatment and Life Coaching at Purpose Healing Center

Your coach offers more than guidance, he or she can learn about your weaknesses and strengths, understand your challenges, and identify problems that may hamper your recovery. Using this information, your coach can help you create achievable goals and strategies that will keep you on the path to successful recovery. 

It does not matter where you are in your recovery, our coaches will be there to guide you. Whether you are thinking about getting rid of your addiction, dealing with a recent relapse, getting treatment, or staying at home after leaving our center, whenever you need help, contact us and we shall connect you with one of our recovery coaches.