Alcohol Treatment Center Arizona

When someone is struggling with alcohol addiction, it is tough for them to admit to having a problem. Seeking out an alcohol treatment center in Arizona like Purpose Healing Center is the best course of action to reel in the habit before it ruins their lives.

What are the signs of alcohol addiction?

There are several warning signs to be on the lookout for if you suspect your loved one might be addicted to alcohol. Some of these signs are difficult to identify while others are obvious. The severity of alcohol abuse is also visible in the warning signs that the addict will exhibit. Some addicts isolate themselves when the addiction starts becoming a problem making it very hard to notice the signs.

It is easy to overlook mild alcohol abuse. However, these early warning signs tell you when casual drinking is escalating into a problem:

  • Sudden blackouts and short-term memory loss
  • Mood swings and the addict becomes easily irritated
  • Finding excuses to drink
  • Making drinking a priority above other responsibilities
  • Drinking in isolation or secretly
  • Exhibiting withdrawal symptoms when not drinking
  • A gradual change in appearance
  • Sudden change in the type of people they hang out with

Treating alcoholism

Prolonged heavy alcohol use can lead to a variety of issues, wreaking havoc in the addict’s personal and professional life. It will not only lead to the development of severe health complications but can also result in worse consequences. Seeking out treatment from a qualified alcohol treatment center in Arizona sooner rather than later is critical. Self-treatment may do more harm than good when it comes to recovery and maintaining sobriety.

Alcoholism is an addiction that is best handled by professionals in an alcohol treatment center. Going through a recovery program with the aid of an alcohol treatment specialist assures you of a higher chance to full recovery and long-term stability. Our specialists will take you through each step of the treatment process, helping you establish sobriety goals and guiding you through achieving them. After rehab, we will link you up with counselors, mentors, and support groups which will encourage and support you along the way.

How effective is alcohol treatment?

A study by the NCBI (national center for biotechnology information) showed that one-third of patients who have received alcohol treatment remain asymptomatic a year after the process. The other two thirds on average exhibit significant drinking decreases and a decrease in related problems. One in every four patients maintained complete abstinence from drinking after treatment while one in every ten went back to using alcohol moderately. During the study period, the patients’ overall alcohol consumption reduced by 87%, alcohol-related problems went down by 60%, and mortality rates averaged below 2%.

The study, which was conducted to see how well people fare after receiving treatment for alcohol use disorders, shows that indeed, alcohol treatment is effective. Are you looking to join an alcohol treatment center in Arizona? Look no further than Purpose Healing Center.

Alcohol Treatment Center Arizona

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