Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Effective Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Arizona

Purpose Healing Center is an alcohol rehab center that specializes in alcohol addiction treatment. Our state-of-the-art treatment facility is a luxury rehab, designed to make rehab treatment bearable – even enjoyable! Our facilities and our staff are well-equipped to deal with the pains and discomforts that people encounter when quitting alcohol after prolonged abuse.

We firmly believe that Purpose Healing Center is the best treatment center for alcohol addiction in Arizona! Why?

We think outside the box. We use a variety of treatment models at Purpose Healing Center. We use the best of all worlds! For example, we use the best, most proven concepts from AA and NA. We also use the best and most proven concepts from brain-based treatment, holistic treatment, etc.

By combining the best of all treatment models, we are able to provide better services to our patients and help them achieve meaningful recovery that lasts.

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Does Luxury Lead to Lasting Sobriety?

Recovery from any kind of addiction is a lifelong journey that begins with Purpose, and this is especially true of alcohol addiction and alcohol rehab programs. We provide our patients with delicious, nutritious, gourmet meals, access to quality amenities, and outside-the-box, evidence-based treatment options.

We never use a one-size-fits-all treatment strategy for our patients. Instead, we customize our treatment solutions, providing flexible treatment options that are specifically tailored to the needs and personality of each patient we serve.

It is a combination of our luxury settings, amenity-rich environment and the evidence-based treatment services and therapies that we utilize on behalf of our clients that makes Purpose Healing Center successful.

What is success to us? Success to us means helping our patients get clean, regain their sanity and inner-peace, and acquire some of the resources and tools that they need to stay clean long after they leave our facility.

What Kind of Alcohol Addiction Treatment Does Purpose Healing Center Provide?

Purpose Healing Center offers partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient (IOP), and 30, 60, and 90-day inpatient treatment. In addition to these core services, we have medical personnel on-hand 24 x 7 x 365 to assist our patients as needed.

Going further, Purpose Healing Center goes above and beyond to help our patients begin to rediscover themselves, reclaim their sanity, and retake control of their lives. Addiction is a progressive disease that eventually leads to jails, institutions, and death.

Purpose Healing Center is here to make sure that none of these are at the end of the road for you!

We’ll Be There for You at Every Turn

Often, we find that people who suffer from alcohol addiction need to change the people, places, and things in their lives to foster continued sobriety and recovery. This may involve leaving bad living environments, relationships, and even jobs if needed! That is why Purpose Healing Center has a long-standing history of helping our clients beyond these four walls.

We have rich partnerships in throughout Arizona to help people find sober living homes, new jobs, sponsors, and more. We are as dedicated to your recovery as you are! Choose Purpose for alcohol addiction treatment.

How To Make A Success Of Your Stay In Rehab

Make A Success Of Your Stay In Rehab

Every addict will get to a point where they are so sick of the habits and cannot wait to regain some sense of normalcy. Each person’s motivation to get better is rooted in a unique situation.

People who come in with dire addiction problems will have to go through a detox, while others will only get medication and then proceed to the IOP.

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Get Proven Alcohol Addiction Treatment Support Now

Recognizing you have a problem with alcohol, and becoming convinced that professional help is needed, is the most significant step in your recovery. We applaud you or your loved one for coming to this realization. Now comes the part where you pick up the phone!

Make the confidential call to Purpose Healing Center today, and get effective, accredited treatment programs for alcohol now!