Alcohol Rehabilitation

Alcohol Rehabilitation

According to recent research, one in eight American adults is an alcoholic. In reality, this figure is likely much higher. Many who have developed a dependence on alcohol fail to realize it, owing to society’s tendency to glorify heavy drinking. Those who recognize their relationship with alcohol is unhealthy may enlist the help of addiction professionals. If you are considering alcohol rehabilitation, we at Purpose Healing Center can give you the help you need.

When Is Rehab Needed?

Alcohol abuse can cause a variety of health issues, both in the short-term and in later life. Additionally, an alcoholic may see their professional, personal, and financial situations deteriorate if they don’t accept they have a problem.

The first step in overcoming alcohol addiction is establishing it is an issue. There are a number of factors and situations which point to alcoholism. For example, if a person is regularly drinking to the point of intoxication while alone, they are extremely likely to develop an alcohol dependency. If they have been partaking in this activity for an extended period of time, it’s quite possible they have already fallen into the depths of alcoholism. A person may be an alcoholic if they are intimidated by the idea of attending non-alcoholic events. Attempting to smuggle alcohol into birthday parties and similar family gatherings is a sure sign of alcohol dependence.

If a person has been a heavy drinker for a number of years, they may experience extreme mood swings. These can occur both when the patient has consumed alcohol and when they are in withdrawal. Additional symptoms of alcohol withdrawal include heat flashes, increased perspiration, and anxiety.

Rehabilitation At Purpose Healing Center

Purpose Healing Center has long been one of the leading providers of addiction treatment in the United States. Our dedicated addiction professionals craft a customized treatment plan for each of our patients. By placing each client on a program tailored exclusively to their needs, we markedly increase the chances of our patients achieving and maintaining sobriety. 

Our alcohol rehabilitation programs can be pursued as a resident of our clinic or as an outpatient. Our inpatient programs last for 30, 60, or 90 days, depending on the severity of the patient’s alcohol addiction. During their stay at Purpose Healing Center, residents will have access to 24/7 support to complement their regular therapy sessions. Once a resident has completed their stay, they will be placed on our intensive outpatient program. Those who choose to bypass our inpatient courses and move directly onto our intensive outpatient program will receive the same treatment as former residents. This includes a minimum of nine hours of therapy per week to ensure relapse prevention. 

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Purpose Healing Center treats all levels of alcohol addiction. Our addiction professionals ensure comprehensive care and customized treatment to each of our clients. If you feel this is what you or your loved one requires to conquer a dependence on alcohol, contact us today. We accept almost all major insurers and provide free addiction assessment prior to admission.

Alcohol Rehabilitation

How to approach the alcohol rehabilitation treatment

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