Drug Rehab Centers Arizona

Drug Rehab Centers Arizona

Purpose Healing Center is one of the few drug rehab centers in Arizona to offer equine therapy as a part of addiction treatment. Reach out to us for more details on our drug rehab programs.

How does equine therapy help recovering addicts?

Equine therapy is an addiction treatment involving horses. It is one of the commonly preferred treatment approaches by therapists to help recovering adults achieve mental relief, spiritual empowerment, and build positivity. It is especially useful to mend trust issues, develop communication, and relationship skills. Equine therapy helps to:

  • Balance internal feelings
  • Build resilience, confidence, and assertiveness
  • Understand boundaries
  • Improve focus and positivity
  • Banish negative thoughts, behaviors, and feelings
  • Improve non-verbal communication skills

Many times, recovering addicts can capitulate to relapse after treatment. Equine therapy equips our patients with tools to maintain a steady and calm state of mind that allows them to cognitively analyze the triggering situations and adopt healthy coping mechanisms to deal with such situations. We are among the very few drug rehab centers in Arizona to offer equine therapy for addiction treatment. Call us for details.

How does EMDR help in treating addiction?

Evidence proves that use of EMDR is highly effective in altering traumatizing memories in the brain. EMDR uses eye movements to reduce the feelings of negativity and anxiety associated with emotionally straining memories. EMDR works best on those with an addiction problem as a result of being in abusive relationships or suffering from PTSD. Furthermore, employing EMDR therapy in addiction treatment helps in treating the root cause of addiction, thereby abnegating the chances of relapse in the future.

During an EMDR therapy, your therapist will attempt visual stimulation with the help of special equipment while you recall traumatic and emotionally draining memories. By the end of the treatment, you should feel relaxed and calm. Reach out to us for more information.

Borderline Personality Disorder and addiction

As much as 2/3rd of BPD patients have a drug dependency problem. BPD patients self-medicate to overcome the symptoms of BPD and to feel relaxed, thereby developing a substance dependency problem. To make things worse, the symptoms of BPD and addiction are more or less similar to each other. Extreme mood swings, suicidal thoughts, and thought os self-harm, harmful and deceitful thoughts, etc. are some of the common symptoms with both the conditions. Patients in both cases suffer from relationship troubles, social conduct issues, and problems at work likewise.

Treating individuals with BPD and addiction issues is exceptionally challenging because of their emotional instability and erratic behaviors. It becomes an arduous task to make such patients adhere to treatment and have them actively participate in treatment sessions. Such patients may require rehab treatment for up to 90 days or more to achieve the best results in recovery. To get help for BPD and addiction, call us now.

We offer proficient drug rehab centers in Arizona to provide EMDR, equine therapy, and holistic therapy to treat drug and alcohol addiction. Contact Purpose Healing Center to begin a life-reforming journey towards sobriety.

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