Does Medicaid Cover Drug Rehab?

Does Medicaid Cover Drug Rehab

Getting Addiction Treatment Covered Using AHCCCS at Purpose

Addiction treatment can be complex to navigate with health insurance, even if you are using a federal or state-sponsored Medicaid plan. Be aware of what your benefits are so that you can anticipate the out-of-pocket costs of care.

You need to know: does Medicaid cover drug rehab and what kind of bill will you be stuck with?

Purpose Healing Center is proud to offer AHCCCS coverage at both of our treatment centers. If you are unsure what Medicaid benefits will cover for your addiction treatment, we can verify your benefits on your unique plan and help you figure out the details.

Keep reading to get all the details, and reach out to us today to learn more!

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and Medicaid Coverage

Drug and alcohol treatment is an important topic that needs to be addressed, especially in light of how Medicaid coverage kicks in to cover its costs. According to data from Medicaid, 12 million emergency room visits each year are for substance abuse, mental health, or both.

That means there are a great deal of medical bills that require payment.

Fortunately, many of these facilities accept Medicaid. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration puts the number of facilities that accept Medicaid at roughly 71 percent. But what should you expect from the cost of these treatment centers?

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The Affordable Care Act and Coverage for Behavioral Health Services

If you are seeking addiction treatment services, the good news is that your Medicaid coverage may be enough to get in the door. Substance abuse treatment is required to be covered as one of ten essential health benefits under the Affordable Care Act.

This includes behavioral health services, mental health services, and substance abuse treatment.

Under the purview of this legal requirement, they must treat your substance abuse treatment as if it were medical assistance or surgical intervention. That means that they cannot place any additional restrictions upon you that might hinder you from receiving the care you require.

Parity Requirements and Medicaid Benefits for Addiction Treatment

In addition to requiring that Medicaid coverage extend to substance use disorder, there are also parity protections in place. This means that health insurance companies cannot set a lifetime limit on mental health services or substance use disorder treatment.

This means that your treatment will be able to resolve itself instead of being cut off before you achieve your goals. It also means that, in many cases, a return to treatment is possible for those who have attended rehab programs in the past!

Think of it this way: If you had an appendectomy, you would want your insurance to cover the surgery and recovery process as much as possible. They would not cut you off mid-surgery or after just a couple of hours in the recovery room.

The same is true with the newer parity requirement for behavioral health coverage. Insurance programs including Medicaid must treat substance abuse treatment services the same way as an appendectomy. Substance use is now treated as it always should have been and Medicaid coverage helps.

Getting Help at Qualified Treatment Centers for Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Getting Help at Qualified Treatment Center

With all of this in mind, you might be wondering what alcohol and drug rehab services are going to be covered under the umbrella of Medicaid coverage.

What sort of mental health treatment can you really expect from this program run jointly by the federal government and state government?

Does Medicaid Cover Drug Rehab: Start with an Affordable and Accredited Detox

Even before residential treatment, the first step for many people who want drug rehab services is a supervised, medical detox. Here, you will have around-the-clock access to care from a team of true professionals who are experienced with drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. They can make you significantly more comfortable during these early days.

The problem is that a private detox facility is prohibitively expensive, often running into thousands of dollars each day for 24/7 care.

However, there are several detox programs in Arizona that can make you comfortable and start you on a successful path to alcohol or drug rehab completion. They are less expensive and most of them will also accept Medicaid for your detox, any mental health counseling you require, and medication-assisted treatment.

Our services at Purpose Healing Center offer the benefits of being both accessible (we take almost all forms of AHCCCS and AIHP) as well as fully accredited by the Joint Commission!

Get Effective Detox and Rehab Options at Purpose

Get Help With Our Full Array of Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs

Once you graduate from detox, you might be wondering if Medicaid will cover the next phase of your treatment: residential treatment programs and then outpatient services. Health coverage should encompass every aspect of your treatment: detox, residential, partial hospitalization, and even intensive outpatient programs are often covered.

There have been great strides in Medicaid coverage for these services. If you have a low income and qualify for Medicaid, you can find a great drug rehab that will accept your insurance at all levels.

We suggest Purpose Healing Center, with our locations in both Phoenix and Scottsdale, we are a convenient and evidence-based treatment center that serves all Arizona residents.

Only a small percentage of people receive the help they need. Don’t delay based on Medicaid coverage. At Purpose, the answer to does Medicaid cover drug rehab is an emphatic, yes!

Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System and Drug Rehab Services

Health Care Cost

The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS for short) is a state-sponsored Medicaid plan that will work with you to cover rehab. If you have used substances at all in the past twelve months or have an active substance use issue, they can kick in to cover the cost of your treatment.

Being underinsured or even uninsured should not hold you back from treatment centers.

You can apply for AHCCCS benefits and seek treatment from drug rehab centers even while you wait for approval of your application.

Who Qualifies for AHCCCS?

Are you in a position where you know you could benefit from inpatient or outpatient rehab but don’t have insurance coverage? Arizona residents with a substance use disorder may qualify for AHCCCS coverage if they fall into one of these categories:

  • Pregnant women who inject or use substances
  • Teenagers who inject or use substances
  • Anyone using drugs by injection
  • Women and teenagers who use substances and have dependent children
  • Women attempting to regain custody of their children

If funding is available, AHCCCS coverage will extend to anyone who uses substances regardless of route or gender.

Of course, AHCCCS also applies to low-income individuals across the board. Getting health insurance coverage should be important to you, and Arizona’s Medicaid program does not have to be complex. Apply for the coverage you need now and then enroll in substance abuse treatment services while you wait.

Does Medicaid Cover Drug Rehab: What is Covered Under AHCCCS?

Another benefit to AHCCCS coverage for addiction treatment is that it is extremely comprehensive if you qualify. Enroll at an approved treatment facility (like Purpose Healing Center) and you could have access to key benefits like:

  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Residential or inpatient rehabilitation
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Transportation and childcare

If there is anything that can assist you in getting the help you need for substance use or mental health issues, AHCCCS has likely already thought of it. They may also cover other therapies that can assist with substance use disorders, including the ancillary therapies you may receive with us in inpatient rehab.

Get Accredited Help for Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders

Get Accredited Help for Mental Illness

You may also want to know if you can afford treatment for mental health disorders under the AHCCCS umbrella. While you are in our care at Purpose Healing Center, we take a comprehensive look at your substance use and mental health.

Your Medicaid eligibility will still kick in, even if we determine that you have an underlying or co-occurring mental illness. AHCCCS treatment coverage extends to behavioral health counseling and therapy, family therapy, peer support, and crisis services.

It also covers the cost of your prescriptions, medication management, and even transportation to make accessing services easier. Purpose Healing Center can help you make the most of your treatment coverage with co-occurring disorders while enrolled in our rehab programs.

Up To 100% of Rehab Costs Covered By Medicaid

Choosing an Accredited Facility with AHCCCS

Of course, not all treatment centers are created equal. You need to ensure that your addiction treatment takes place in a qualified center that can truly help you on the path to healing. At Purpose, our drug and alcohol rehab offers all levels of treatment programs from rehabilitation services to outpatient care.

We teach you healthy coping mechanisms and help you manage withdrawal symptoms.

More than that, we have an objective standard of care for all of our patients. We are a Joint Commission-accredited facility which means that we adhere to a very strict set of standards for patient care.

This means that we have met all of the OSHA and CMS requirements as well as the stringent criteria set by the Joint Commission itself.

You will be comfortable, safe, and well cared for when you enroll in our program. You will be paired with a treatment provider who sees and understands you, and you won’t have to worry about the medical costs because we accept your AHCCCS insurance plan. It’s a win-win situation for all!

Get Help Using Arizona Medicaid at Purpose Today

Addiction Treatment at Purpose Using Arizona Medicaid

At Purpose Healing Center, we want treatment to be as accessible to as many people as possible. That is why we are proud to be an AHCCCS provider so that you can get the medical assistance needed to start on the path to sober living.

Whether you require a medical detox, inpatient rehab, or an outpatient drug program, we can help you at our state-of-the-art treatment centers in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Not sure what your Medicaid benefits will cover?

All you have to do is reach out to our warm and welcoming admissions team to allow them to verify your benefits and discuss the various treatment options. It takes just a few minutes of your time and we can start the healing process. Reach out to us today to learn more about AHCCCS coverage at Purpose Healing Center!


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