Arizona Drug Treatment Programs

Purpose Healing Center is a pre-eminent treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction. As a part of our Arizona drug treatment programs, we offer therapies like EMDR, Equine, and CBT to help the patient attain sobriety. Call us to start a life-changing journey.

How does CBT help in addiction treatment?

One of the leading causes of substance use is mental disorders like depression and anxiety. Automatic negative thoughts are the primary problem with most mental health disorders. With the help of CBT, we try to reduce the impact caused by these negative thoughts.

CBT techniques aim to dismiss insecurities and negative beliefs in an individual and help them build coping mechanisms and develop positive thoughts. We also try to develop effective communication skills in recovering addicts with the help of CBT. For more information on our Arizona drug treatment programs, speak to one of our experts today.

CBT Techniques in Addiction treatment

CBT plays a vital role in helping people logically analyze their negative thoughts, actions, and feelings and realize as to how it can impact recovery. Some of the CBT techniques that we use include:

  • Thought Records – We guide our patients to examine their negative thoughts and list evidence supporting and disapproving such thoughts. In this process, we try to help them develop a more rational type of analytical and cognitive skills. 
  • Behavioral Experiments – We conduct a couple of behavioral experiments with the patients. This is to understand as to what works best in changing the behavior in a recovering addict.
  • Imagery Based Exposure – We guide our patients to think of memories with powerful negative feelings and ask them to recall the sounds, visuals, emotions, and thoughts associated with them. We practice this exercise frequently to reduce the anxiety coming from such experiences. 

These techniques not only help to address addiction issues but helps to build healthy coping mechanisms in individuals to avoid relapse after treatment. If you think this therapy can help you come out of addiction, then call us today.

What happens in inpatient rehab?

Inpatient treatment programs follow a structured, personalized treatment plan for each person in rehab. It offers a stress-free, safe, and supportive environment for recovering addicts to heal and recover. A typical day for our inpatient rehab patients starts with a nourishing and healthy breakfast that is often followed by early meetings. 

We encourage our patients to rise early and involve in mind-calming exercises like yoga and meditation. We also help our patients build a healthy routine that they can follow even after rehab. We do so by encouraging them to participate in gym sessions, cycling, pilates, aerobics, etc. You can expect to attend a couple of group sessions during the day, which is often led by our friendly counselors and therapists.

Following an appetizing lunch, we start with our therapeutic session, where we work one-on-one with patients and offer specialized sessions of CBT, EMDR, Biofeedback, etc. Choose a healthier and fulfilling life with Purpose Healing Center. Reach out to one of our treatment specialists for more information on our Arizona drug treatment programs

Unique Arizona Drug Treatment Programs

Drug addiction is a devastating condition, often causing irreparable and long-term damages. To avoid that, you need to contact Purpose Healing Center for the best Arizona drug treatment programs today! Our facility offers all the tools, procedures, and treatments necessary to overcome addiction safely with immediate benefits.The benefits of medical detoxificationWe believe that all patients should receive a form of medical detox, especially those struggling with severe and prolonged addiction. To ensure immediate recovery, we …