Where To Start Heroin Addiction Treatment In Phoenix

Purpose Healing Center offers unsurpassed heroin addiction treatment in Phoenix in a modern, sophisticated and futuristic rehab facility. Heroin is one of the most hazardous and addictive substances on the planet that can destroy lives in no time. If you suffer from heroin addiction, seek help at the earliest to regain control over your life safely.

Do I Need Heroin Addiction Treatment?

Yes, treatment is necessary to contain and overcome your heroin addiction. While no one intends to develop a heroin addiction, people using it find it hard to function normally without the drug. Not to mention, heroin users are usually good at hiding their addiction. Some of the signs heroin abuse to consider are:

  1. Bloodshot eyes
  2. Constricted pupils
  3. Sudden weight loss
  4. Secretive behavior
  5. Changes in appearance
  6. Lack of motivation
  7. Extreme drowsiness or nodding off
  8. Financial problems

You require treatment for your addiction disorder soon after realizing it to prevent life-threatening health problems. More importantly, intravenous heroin users also have a higher risk of contracting viruses like HIV and hepatitis. If your loved one exhibits signs of heroin abuse, encourage them to seek heroin addiction treatment in Phoenix at the earliest.

Inpatient Rehab For Heroin Addiction

Inpatient rehabilitation is an inevitable part of recovery from heroin addiction. Inpatient rehab treatment helps you stay in a safe and secluded treatment center far from the environmental and social factors that can trigger heroin use. During your stay at inpatient rehab, you will follow a structured routine encompassing daily therapy, support group meetings, and other holistic activities.

As a pioneer recovery center, we offer 24/7 medical care and support to our clients during recovery and guide them towards sobriety in a step-by-step treatment process. Our program leverages equal focus on helping individuals overcome addiction and mental health problems. Inpatient heroin rehab treatment can last for anywhere from 30 to 90 days, based on your progress in recovery.

Tips To Prevent Heroin Relapse

Relapse is a common problem in over 60% of recovering addicts in the first 12 months after addiction treatment. Here’s how you can prevent heroin relapse:

  • Take your medications without fail

If your addiction treatment specialist prescribed Buprenorphine, do not stop the medications even if you think you have recovered. Continue taking the drugs until your doctor advises you that it is safe to stop.

  • Continue counseling and meetings

Heroin can have lasting effects on the brain’s reward system, even after the drug is out of your body. Make sure to attend your weekly support group meetings and meet with your therapist regularly.

  • Make sober friends and find sober hobbies

Most recovering addicts feel lonely and bored as they transition from a treatment facility to the outside world. You may distract yourself by playing sports, watching movies, going to the beach, etc., with individuals you meet at the support meetings.

If you are unable to cease your heroin use, you have some options available. Call Purpose Healing Center at 480-579-3319 to learn about our heroin addiction treatment in Phoenix. We begin by outlining the needs of each client and design a treatment plan accordingly. Our non-clinical will help you work out your budget and guide you with tips and resources to help you pay for treatment. Get in touch with us today for rehab-related help.Heroin Addiction Treatment Phoenix