Heroin Addiction Treatment Phoenix

Heroin is markedly more addictive than many other illicit substances. As a result, users of the drug almost always develop a dependence on it. Addiction to heroin can be difficult to kick, but sobriety can be achieved through the help of an accredited rehabilitation clinic. Purpose Healing Center is one such rehabilitation clinic. We employ some of the finest addiction professionals in all of America. This allows us to offer the most effective heroin addiction treatment in Phoenix.

Dangers Of Heroin Use

Generally, heroin addicts are aware that the drug is harmful. However, not all understand the specific dangers posed by heroin use. When used for the first time, heroin can cause drowsiness. It is also not uncommon for first-time heroin users to experience nausea and vomiting. These side-effects are certainly dangerous. However, they are relatively inconsequential when compared to the more pressing threats of heroin use.

Prolonged use of heroin will cause the body to become dependent on the drug. Additionally, an addict will develop a tolerance over time, meaning they must use higher doses to achieve any sort of effect. This often puts a great financial strain on the user. In extreme cases, a heroin addict may resort to stealing in order to feed their habit.

Because heroin is commonly injected, it can cause collapsed veins. Addicts also have an increased risk of contracting HIV through the use of contaminated needles. Lung and cardiovascular diseases are common side-effects of prolonged heroin use, as is a miscarriage in expectant mothers.

It is extremely common for heroin addicts to overdose, especially when they require greater amounts of the drug to achieve an effect. In many cases, a heroin overdose can result in the user’s death. For this reason, it is essential that those in need of heroin addiction treatment in Phoenix consult Purpose Healing Center right away.

How We Can Help

The heroin addiction treatment programs we offer at Purpose Healing Center are among the most comprehensive in the country. Our programs utilize tried and tested conventional rehabilitation techniques. Our addiction professionals blend these with a series of holistic courses – such as meditation and yoga – for a treatment package that heals both the body and the spirit. This allows us to tackle the cause of the patient’s addiction, rather than simply reversing their body’s heroin dependence.

When a patient completes their in-house rehabilitation, they are transitioned on to our intensive outpatient program. When enrolled in this program, a former resident of Purpose Healing Center will continue to meet with our addiction professionals while they acclimate to the outside world. Patients will be asked to complete a minimum of nine hours of therapy per week. This number reduces as time goes on and the patient gradually adjusts to life without substance abuse.

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At Purpose Healing Center, we work with most major insurance companies. This allows providing robust heroin addiction treatment to everybody who needs our help. Contact us today so our addiction professionals can begin crafting an exclusive treatment plan for you or your loved one.

Heroin Addiction Treatment Phoenix

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