Do I need Arizona luxury rehab?

Purpose Healing Center is a top-rated Arizona luxury rehab with highly effective residential, IOP, and PHP treatments. We treat different alcohol and drug addictions using a combination of evidence-based and holistic therapies.

What Is A Luxury Rehab Center?

Once you decide to seek help for your substance abuse disorder, you have several options available for your recovery journey. Some people find peace in losing themselves in the wilderness, while a few others choose to fight their demons in a dorm-style living. Some people wish to overcome their behavioral and mental health challenges in a rehab facility with 5-star resort-like amenities. Resort-style rehabilitation centers offer luxury treatment options for individuals battling addiction. Luxury rehabs provide medically supervised detox, around-the-clock medical care, and individualized treatment plans while providing recovering addicts with top-tier comfort.

Joining an Arizona luxury rehab can cost more than a standard treatment center. Hence, these rehabs appeal to people living a more affluent lifestyle.

What Can I Expect In Luxury Treatment?

The luxury treatments you receive at an upscale rehab facility can vary. Nevertheless, commonalities in most luxury rehab centers include comfortable private rooms, a high-end facility, chef-prepared meals, private therapy, massage therapy, a fitness studio, etc.

Some of these rehabs also use innovative and futuristic treatments and therapies to help recovering addicts garner the best outcome in recovery. A few luxury rehabs offer animal-assisted therapies like equine-assisted therapy, dolphin-assisted therapy, etc., to improve emotional stability and mental wellness.

You can also look forward to receiving personalized care and support from a dedicated and highly experienced team of clinicians. Luxury rehabs have the lowest client-staff ratio, allowing clinicians to work dedicatedly on each patient’s recovery. Also, luxury rehabs use a lot of holistic therapies to help recovering users overcome cravings and learn critical coping skills. Commonly used holistic treatments include adventure therapy, art and music therapy, mindfulness, yoga, tai chi, etc.

Should I Go To A Luxury Rehab?

The most vital thing is to seek help for your addiction situation. The type of rehab you choose does not matter as long as it is a licensed and accredited treatment facility. Going to a luxury rehab is a personal choice. Some people respond better to treatments and progress well in recovery when surrounded by the best amenities and a tranquil healing environment. Also, not all rehabs offer personalized support in recovery, which is pivotal to maintaining sobriety in the long term.

Nonetheless, you should not feel compelled to borrow a hefty loan to attend luxury addiction treatment. If you can afford luxury treatment services, joining a 5-star resort-like rehab may be your best route to recovery. On the other hand, if your insurance does not cover luxury addiction treatment and you cannot afford to pay for it, it may serve you well to choose an in-network facility. Speak to a treatment provider at a luxury rehab center near you to evaluate your options.

Call Purpose Healing Center at 480-579-3319 to verify your insurance with us. Ranked as the #1 Arizona luxury rehab, we help individuals battling addiction attain a safe, sustainable, and speedy recovery with personalized care and individual attention. Breakfree from your addiction disorder today with the best rehab facility in AZ.