Detox Facilities In Arizona

When someone talks about detox, they usually refer to either a detox treatment program or the process of detoxing from substances. Detoxification from alcohol or drugs involves freeing the body from substances (toxins) and managing any withdrawal symptoms. The process could take anywhere from a few days to weeks or months, depending on the addict and other factors. When entering detox facilities in Arizona, you will learn about the process and how it may look.

Did you know? Alcohol can leave the body after a few days, but the cravings may last much longer.

How Long Does Detox Take?

The length of time someone goes through detox, and subsequent withdrawal symptoms depend on several factors, including:

  • The substance(s) abused
  • Whether or not multiple substances are regularly abused
  • How often the addict uses
  • The amount of substances consumed
  • Underlying health conditions and co-occurring disorders
  • Medical history
  • Age and gender
  • And more

How Long Does Treatment Take?

At detox facilities in Arizona, the programs are made to assist those looking to battle withdrawals while they quit drugs, alcohol, or both. While the timeframe will vary from one addict to another, many detox programs will last anywhere from three days to a week. Detoxification is the first phase of addiction recovery and should never get looked at as a substitution for necessary therapy or rehab to follow.

Different substances will stay inside the body for varying lengths of time, which can impact the detox time for each of them. Many people can detox from substance abuse in about a week, but there could be cravings that last longer. It is important to remember that withdrawal could also have several life-threatening side effects, including rapid dehydration from vomiting, sweating, and diarrhea. This is why it is strongly recommended to get help at a medically-supervised detox center.

Get Passed The First Steps

You must make the first step into treatment by admitting there is a problem and that you need to get help. From there, the proper detox facilities in Arizona can get you on the path to ridding your system of the drugs or alcohol that have been impacting your life. Someone suffering from Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) should never go through detox alone as it can be life-threatening and enhance the chances of relapsing. At Purpose Healing Center, we have a caring, licensed staff ready to assist with withdrawals and the common side effects of kicking drugs and alcohol. We will work with you to formulate a customized plan to address painful withdrawal symptoms and help you build a solid foundation to move into the next phase of your recovery journey.

Purpose Healing Center not only offers detox programs and 24-hour medical staff, but we can also set up treatment programs and therapy to help you move into your sober lifestyle. We would love to talk with you about what sets our detox facilities in Arizona apart from all the rest. Call us today at (480) 579-3319 to learn more about our programs and address any questions you have. We accept most major insurances!