A Unique Luxury Rehab In Arizona

A Unique Luxury Rehab in Arizona

Drug and alcohol addiction and debilitating and chronic disorders with severe long-term effects. They can often occur at the same time, causing even more physical and psychological problems as a result. Purpose Healing Center offers luxury rehab in Arizona in a comfortable, serene, and supportive environment for a smooth healing experience.

How to address addiction effectively

The rehabilitation process isn’t easy, as it encompasses multiple procedures and rehabilitation modalities. To ensure optimal long-lasting results, we rely on a structured approach to rehab, taking patients through four core phases:

In-depth clinical evaluation – This step is vital for diagnosing your condition accurately and helping our experts assess your health status. They will use what they learn to craft a customized rehabilitation protocol for a unique recovery experience. It’s also when our specialists will assess your mental health disorders, if any, to recommend adequate medical and psychiatric treatment.Residential treatment – The residential program is the first treatment phase with three time-defined options (30, 60, and 90 days). It is among the most effective and reliable forms of treatment for aggravated addiction conditions that require 24/7 supervision, medication management, and daily therapy and counseling sessions. The residential treatment will provide you access at our luxurious facility, with treatments including dual diagnosis, family therapy, relapse prevention training, community support groups, recreational therapies, and more.Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) – PHP’s main attraction is its non-intensive schedule, only requiring your presence for five days per week, up to six hours per day. This allows patients to remain at home throughout the treatment’s duration and fulfill their family or job-related obligations easier. This program also takes place in our luxury rehab in Arizona and builds upon the residential treatment’s foundation. It encompasses therapy and counseling sessions, family support, and recreational programs like yoga, meditation, fitness routine, equine therapy, etc.Intensive Outpatient Therapy (IOP) – Completing the residential program or the PHP will make you eligible for IOP, which offers nine hours of therapy weekly, divided into 5-7 days. The treatment hours necessary will decrease as you progress through treatment and get better and become more stable. It is the ideal precursor-program to outpatient care, aiming to assist the patient with successful and smooth social reintegration and a self-sufficient lifestyle over the years.

Once completing these programs, you can always opt for outpatient services if you lack the supportive and positive environment to return to. Our luxury rehab in Arizona will allow you to:

Improve your mindset and become more confident and optimisticUse your energy to transform your life bottoms-upEmbrace a no-surrender attitude and grind through the recovery processAdopt specific relapse prevention behaviors and lifestyle choicesAvoid social and familial triggersImprove your lifestyle, career, and personal relationships, etc.

Our facility is the ideal recovery environment, allowing you to overcome addiction and mental health disorders in a premier rehabilitation setting. We urge you to contact Purpose Healing Center and ask to speak with a rehab professional today! The sooner you start the rehab program, the easier the recovery process will be.

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