Why Choose Outpatient Rehab In Arizona? 5 Compelling Reasons

Why Choose Outpatient Rehab In Arizona? 5 Compelling Reasons

When it comes to treating addiction, no one program can meet the needs of every patient. At Purpose Healing Center, we offer patients three levels of care that include Residential Treatment Programs, Intensive Outpatient Programs, and Partial Hospitalization Programs. Whatever your history with rehab, whether you’ve been in and out of treatment or it’s your first time in recovery, we have a program that’s perfect for you. By working with recovery specialists from PHC, you’ll find your path to wellness through therapy, meetings, and engaging activities that keep you moving forward toward your goal.

5 Reasons Outpatient Rehab In Arizona Might Be Perfect For You

1. If you’ve already completed inpatient recovery and are concerned about going home without a lifeline to support, an outpatient recovery program can keep you on track and help you avoid taking a step backward. Intensive Outpatient programs are often used as step-down programs or transitional programs between residential treatment and life outside of rehab. Purpose Healing Center can tailor our IOP to fully meet your needs.

2. If you have a job and worry about completing rehab only to discover that someone else has filled your position, an outpatient recovery program can allow you to work at your job as usual while getting the help you need for addiction in your off-hours. You may have thought about outpatient treatment as a program suited only for patients who were ready to leave treatment; if you’re motivated to overcome your addiction, IOP or PHP might work for you.

3. If you’re paying for recovery services out-of-pocket, you’ll discover that outpatient programs are much more affordable when compared to inpatient rehab services. If you’re a good candidate for outpatient rehab, you’ll spend less on addiction treatment when you choose n outpatient program from Purpose Healing Center.

4. You’ll have access to many of the same programs provided in an inpatient program, only they’re more suited to your busy lifestyle. Instead of staying in rehab 24/7, you’ll be free to go home at night and typically on weekends. Our recovery experts at PHC will make sure you get up for quality programs geared to your individual needs.

5. If you have children living at home who rely on you for support and protection, you can be with them when they need you most when you choose our outpatient rehab in Arizona. Purpose Healing Center’s PHP and IOP programs comfortably mesh with any busy lifestyle and make it possible for patients to get help for any drug or alcohol addiction.

Amenities Aboud At PHC

Experience rehab in a luxury setting where you have access to therapy, medication, recreational activities, counseling, treatment, and much more. When you’re ready to start treatment, reach out to our recovery center at 480-579-3319; let us know a little about your circumstances and goals. Our intake specialists will get you plugged into the right program based on your addiction history and your objectives in rehab. There’s no better time to begin treatment- call PHC now.

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