Understanding Holistic Addiction Treatment Before Visiting Any Drug Rehab Centers in Phoenix AZ

Understanding Holistic Addiction Treatment Before Visiting Any Drug Rehab Centers in Phoenix AZ

Almost all drug addicts striving to overcome addiction needs to undergo a detox program followed by rehabilitation. Rehab programs combine various psychotherapeutic treatments like group therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy to subdue both the psychological and emotional problems resulting from substance abuse. However, holistic therapy is also a proven method of curing addiction illness. But what is the holistic treatment all about, and how does it works?

What is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

The holistic addiction treatment aims at treating the whole person. This treatment goes beyond working only the physical symptoms; it treats the spiritual, mental, and social aspects. And this is because they are all believed to have strong connectivity in the healing process. Holistic therapy makes it easier for patients to heal and improve in all the treated aspects of their lives while embracing sobriety. However, every addict has a unique reason that propelled their drug intake. For some, it could be due to a co-occurring disorder, while others get addicted to using these substances as pain medication.

Unique Holistic Treatments That Help

Although not everyone finds the holistic treatment unique (perhaps, they’ve not been offered), almost everyone who has used the treatment and enjoyed its benefits with proven results finds it effective. These treatments expose one to a new perspective of life, coping with stressors, understanding and controlling emotions, and understanding co-occurring disorders. Holistic addiction treatment includes;

Nutritional Therapy

Maintaining a healthy body while in recovery enhances the process. Feeding recovering addicts with appropriate nutrition help to yield a tangible healing result. This helps provide their bodies with the needed nutrition to overcome addiction.

Exercise and Recreational Therapy

Everyone needs exercise to stay healthy as it strengthens the body and relieves stress. And as a result of this, holistic treatment prioritizes exercise and recreational therapy, among other treatments. However, recreational activities offered depends on the drug rehab center.


For better and quick addiction recovery, having a clear mind is mandatory! Hence, guided meditation is always an inclusion in any holistic treatment program. Yoga remains one effective meditative practice that helps recovering addicts attain a clear mind.

Massage and Acupuncture

In holistic treatment therapy, massage is used the relieve stress and also relax the body. Almost all addicts suffer a body-wide imbalance due to extended substance abuse. Acupuncture helps to restore these balances.

Benefits Of Using Holistic Treatments

The holistic treatment approach helps addicts uncover the actual reason behind their addiction. And it also provides knowledge on how to control and handle it, hence, improving their lives. Patients receiving holistic treatment are made to understand that a problem in any one of these areas will affect the others.

For instance, when a person becomes addicted to opiates to alleviate physical pains, such a person could begin to suffer depression and stop taking good care of themselves. Without adequately addressing this, the process continues and gets worse. Notwithstanding, holistic treatment has unique ways of tackling such situations and improve all of these.

The involvement of various therapies in holistic treatment for addiction recovery facilitates quick addiction recovery. Therapies such as yoga, nutrition, recreation, and many others help patients find and maintain balance in their lives outside recovery, helping maintain sobriety.

Needing Holistic Treatment?

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