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Purpose Healing Center is a leading Scottsdale rehab center that specializes in treating co-occurring mental health illnesses along with drug/alcohol addiction. Our high-end infrastructure and experienced staff team can help you attain sobriety in the shortest time possible.

Holistic addiction therapies

Our holistic therapy program is a non-medical treatment approach to help patients suffering from addiction. Holistic therapies play a critical role in treating physical and mental illnesses caused by addiction and helps patients develop emotional balance. Some of the holistic therapies that we practice include:

  • Nutritional Therapy – Most patients in rehab suffer from poor appetite or excessive weight loss/weight gain. We correct such issues by developing a well-balanced and nutritious meal plan to nourish the mind, soul, and bodies of a recovering addict.
  • Recreational Therapy – As a rule of thumb, we guide all our patient to indulge in daily exercise or some form of physical activity. This builds routine, resilience, persistence, and relieves stress in patients.
  • Meditation and Yoga – A peaceful and sane mind is crucial to make steady strides in the journey towards recovery. We offer guided meditation and yoga sessions to help individuals achieve mental clarity and a serene state of mind.

All our holistic therapies aim to build positivity in patients allowing them to lead a fulfilling and happier life. For more information on our treatment programs, contact our Scottsdale rehab center.

Can rehab centers prevent relapse?

Yes, rehab centers can avoid relapse in recovering addicts to a certain extent. We offer aftercare support programs for recovering addicts following completion of an inpatient or outpatient treatment program. We offer continued care to recovering addicts in the form of counseling, psychotherapies, group sessions, and aftercare programs.

Through continuing care, we ensure that recovering addicts do not give in to relapse. Furthermore, we constantly encourage our patients with positive reinforcements and equip them with effective tools to habituate to triggers and stressful situations. Call us for admissions and inquiries.

How do I avoid drinking or using drugs at a party?

If you are a recovering addict just out of rehab or still in outpatient rehab treatment, it can be challenging to resist temptation. One of the best ways to avoid relapse is to stay away from old places, people, situations, and things that remind you of alcohol or drugs. However, if you are at an event where drinking is inevitable, surround yourself with people who don’t drink or take a non-drinking friend to accompany you at the party. Entertain yourself with a non-alcoholic beverage to keep yourself occupied.

Another tip that we recommend to our recovering addicts is to make their appearance short at parties that involve drinking by arriving late and leaving early. Should you feel tempted or uncomfortable, leave the place immediately.

Purpose Healing Center is a pioneer Scottsdale rehab center that offers a variety of evidence-based psychotherapies to treat patients battling with addiction. We offer highly effective treatment programs at affordable prices. Call us today for detail

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