What is a Sober Living Home?

After a period of drug rehab, it’s essential for recovering individuals to have a safe and supportive place to help transition back into everyday living. A sober living home is just that. A facility that’s exclusively for those who are coming directly from a treatment program.

In a sober living facility, residents will live in an alcohol and drug-free space with other former addicts. These homes are designed to help men and women increase their independence and responsibility before making the final move back home. While they do not offer any type of formal treatment services they will encourage their residents to take part in groups like Narcotics or Alcoholics Anonymous while they’re there.

A sober living home offers a structured environment with more flexibility than a treatment center. Drugs and alcohol are not permitted on the premises, and residents of the home are often monitored with random drug tests. They are also expected to take part in the daily chores and will be required to pay rent. Many help residents find jobs while they are living there.

Sober Living Homes can be Essential

Where you go after getting out of a treatment center can really make or break you. If you head right back into a destructive home environment with the same old triggers, it will be that much easier to fall right back into all of your old habits. A sober living home will help bridge the gap between treatment and normal life. Living with others in the same situation helps former addicts slowly come to terms with their role in life.

What is the difference between Sober Living & Halfway Houses?

Typically, halfway houses are government run. They often offer dorm-like facilities that can accommodate lots of people, and they offer little in terms of comfort or structure or privacy. But, because of all this, they are also often inexpensive.

In comparison with halfway houses, sober living homes offer more comfort and privacy, and they more actively support a patient’s transition to recovery. Because of all this, they are also often more expensive than halfway houses. Though many health insurance providers offer coverage for sober living homes, which can make them a good option regardless of a patient’s means.

Sober Living in Scottsdale & Phoenix

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