Scottsdale Medical Detox Center

DIY detox or medical detox? This is a question that many people consider when trying to choose the right method for ridding their bodies of drugs or alcohol. If you are looking into a Scottsdale medical detox center for yourself or a loved one, the more you learn and understand the process, the easier it is to decide.

Know The Process

When thinking about detox from alcohol or drugs, there are two common paths to choose from: one is at home or DIY detox, and the other is a medical detox center. However, the decision is not as simple for everyone as the addiction, and each unique situation should be considered. However, you can use criteria to tell which path might be the right one for you. For many, a trusted Scottsdale medical detox center is the best option.

Will an alcohol and drug rehab program always offer detox? To answer, no. However, the best centers will have detoxification options to ensure that the patient has a solid foundation to move into the subsequent recovery phase.

About At-Home (DIY) Detox

Going through detox at home is a DIY approach. This is when the alcoholic or addict takes the steps of detox into their own hands while ridding their system of toxins. This approach can work for some addicts when moving away from less-disruptive substances. However, there are some dangerous shortcomings to consider.

The benefits of at-home detox may include cost, as some people do not have the funds or health insurance to go into a rehabilitation and detox center. However, severe discomfort and dangers could be involved when experiencing severe side effects of the withdrawal process at home. Not having medical supervision and trained professionals to care for you during detox is a major downfall.

About Supervised Medical Detox

When you enter a Scottsdale medical detox center, you will have all the staff to help you cope with the withdrawal effects. Contrary to at-home detox, the differences include medical professionals and exclusive access to detox medications that can curb the side effects and challenges an addict faces in early withdrawal.

A considerable benefit of medically supervised detox is the change of environment mixed with skilled professionals to monitor any changes in your body and health. Studies have shown that people who go through medical detox before moving into the next treatment and recovery phase have a much higher chance ofof success than those who take the DIY route.

Medical detox facilities are often the best choice for some patients versus others. If you have a high chance of health risks or serious discomfort, taking part in a structured medical detox is the best option. Do you want to know more about our Scottsdale medical detox center at Purpose Healing Center? Contact us by calling (480) 579-3319, and a team member will be happy to address any of your questions or concerns. We have comfortable facilities, trained staff, and proven methods to get you on a path to recovery with all the tools for success.