Scottsdale Drug Rehab

Drug addiction is a major cause of a lot of socioeconomic issues, and they cause trauma to the addicts themselves and their loved ones. Hence, getting the right treatment is so important. If you’re looking for Scottsdale drug rehab facilities, Purpose Healing Center offers comprehensive addiction recovery programs in Arizona.

What is drug addiction, and what are the main causes?

Drug addiction is a chronic disease forcing people to consume drugs compulsively and uncontrollably. Once falling victims to addiction, the victims’ bodies cannot function normally without the drug. Although drug addiction first starts with the voluntary action, chronic drug use will eventually alter the brain’s chemistry leading to addiction.

People abuse drugs for a host of reasons. They are mainly psychological and socioeconomic issues that lead to drug addiction, such as peer pressure, family history, mental health issues like depression or ADHD, and dealing with grief, pain, or trauma. You’ve also probably heard of the highly publicized opioid crisis that is currently plaguing the US, where alarming numbers of patients are getting addicted to opiate-based pain killers.

Drug addiction negatively impacts a person’s life in so many ways, from personal relationships and irreversible damage to the body’s organs in severe cases. So, it is crucial to get the correct treatment at a reputable drug rehab center.

What to expect at a drug rehabilitation treatment

The exact type of treatment program you will be put on will depend on how severe the addiction is. Some drug rehab centers expect patients to be fully detoxed prior to admission, while others offer a full A-Z treatment with detoxing treatments included. So, this is something you need to find out in advance.

Detoxing involves removing all drugs from your system and receiving around-the-clock medical and psychological care, to help deal with withdrawal symptoms. We are a Scottsdale drug rehab center that offers a range of programs with different levels of care, such as residential inpatient rehab, partial hospitalization programs, and intensive outpatient programs.

What are the differences between the various drug treatment programs?

A residential inpatient treatment program is the first phase of treatment for someone who has a severe drug addiction. The patients will be staying overnight at the rehab facility, where they will receive permanent medical and psychological care. Patients will be involved in intensive psychiatric therapy, undergoing things like cognitive behavioral therapy and group counseling to discuss underlying psychological issues.

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs) allow patients to live at home while undergoing treatment at the rehab facility for at least five days a week and 4-6 hours a day. Intensive outpatient programs also allow patients to live at home during the treatment, but the programs aren’t as intense as PHPs and don’t have as much dedicated attention and care. These programs are suitable for people with mild addictions or those with more severe cases, who can handle the treatment while living at home.

Are you looking for a Scottsdale drug rehab facility that offers a range of dedicated treatment programs to suit your needs? Purpose Healing Center offers patients individual attention, care, and customized treatment programs.

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