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Addiction doesn’t choose. However, some people are more prone to substance abuse than others. This is because of various factors that increase the risk of developing an addiction. If you’re addicted and want to quit, we’re here for you. At Purpose Healing Center, we have a team of the finest addiction specialists that can help you overcome withdrawal symptoms and build a strong foundation for long-term sobriety. As a leading Scottsdale Arizona detox center, we’ll ensure you’re able to easily move to the next level of treatment to continue strengthening your recovery.

Risk Factors For Addiction

Some of the factors that make you more susceptible to addiction include:

Substance Of Choice

The type of drug you use can determine how fast you get addicted. For instance, prescription medications are highly addictive. Using prescription painkillers, antidepressants, and sedatives can quickly lead to mental and physical dependence by flooding the feel-good receptors in your brain.

Also, drugs such as heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine are typically very addictive compared to substances like alcohol or marijuana. You’ll likely experience painful withdrawal symptoms if you use cocaine or heroin. That can make it easier to develop an addiction.


As per The National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than half of your risk for addiction is due to genetics. Hence the reason people whose family members have a substance use disorder become addicted themselves.

Genes have been associated with an addictive personality, a faster reaction to drugs, and increased euphoria. These genetic factors can quickly make experimental substance use turn into a full-blown addiction.

Mental Health Illness

Studies show that people with an existing mental health disorder are more likely to use alcohol or drugs recreationally or in order to self-medicate. For example, anxiety or depression can significantly up your chances of partaking alcohol or drugs as a way to cope. You may feel that the substance you’re using decreases your symptoms. But in the real sense, addiction to those substances only makes matters worse with time.


Another factor that can make you more predisposed to addiction is your environment. The home you were raised in can encourage drug or alcohol use due to constant fights, divorce, absenteeism, and other reasons. For instance, teens with parents who’re not very present in their lives are more likely to experiment with alcohol and drugs.

Another example is being neglected by your parents or seeing them fight all the time. You may start using drugs or alcohol as a way to suppress your emotions or escape reality.

Peer pressure has also seen many people develop an addiction after using just to be accepted or fit in. Not to mention living in an environment where drugs and alcohol are readily available. Or hanging around people who regularly engage in alcohol or drug abuse. These, too, can increase your chances of becoming addicted.

Addiction Doesn’t Have To Ruin Your Life

If you’re tired of living a life of addiction, we can help. At Purpose Healing Center, we’re staffed by experienced, caring professionals who can assist you in reclaiming your life from addiction. Ready to seek help for your addiction from a top Scottsdale Arizona detox center? Contact us today to get started:

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