Scottsdale Alcohol Rehab

Scottsdale Alcohol Rehab

Alcoholism is a serious issue plaguing our society today, affecting millions across the US. Untreated cases can ruin people’s personal lives and those around them, and also cause irreversible physical damage. If you’re looking for a Scottsdale alcohol rehab facility, Purpose Healing Center is one of the leading rehab centers in Arizona.

What is alcoholism?

Medically, alcoholism is called Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) and refers to a condition where alcohol consumption has reached the point where it disrupts a person’s life and affects their physical health. There are dozens of reasons people become alcoholic, and it is usually caused by escaping deep-rooted psychological issues.

The main reasons people become alcoholics include dealing with stress, depression, anxiety, grief, sudden bereavement, and other mental health conditions. Some doctors also believe there could be a genetic component that predisposes you to AUD.

How does alcohol become an addiction? Habitual drinking of alcohol, especially when you’re feeling down, can alter your brain chemistry and associate alcohol with pleasure. Addiction occurs when your brain builds up a tolerance to it so that you need increasingly higher doses to feel pleasure.

What to expect at an alcohol rehabilitation

As with most substance abuse cases, the underlying causes of AUD are mostly psychological so that alcohol rehab would be a mix of medical care and individual or group counseling. The level of treatment you need will depend on how severe your case of AUD is. We are a Scottsdale alcohol rehab center that can help you decide which treatment program is best for your situation.

Severe cases of AUD will need a detoxing phase, where they receive medical care and assistance in dealing with any withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms include severe anxiety, hallucinations, insomnia, shakiness in the limbs, severe depression, delirium tremens (DT- a condition where there’s severe restlessness, depression and in some cases, fever and seizures). It may last up to a week to fully detox and get rid of withdrawal symptoms.

Not all rehabs offer detox programs, which is why you need to research your rehab center of choice beforehand, in case you need detox services. After detox treatment, you will receive individual and group counseling to tackle your underlying psychological issues and triggers and be introduced to the 12-step program.

What are the different types of treatment programs?

You can choose from a multitude of treatment programs such as inpatient or outpatient depending on the severity of your case. With inpatient programs, patients live in the rehab facility and receive round-the-clock care, primarily designed for very severe cases.

Outpatient programs let patients return home every day and let them continue their daily routine while being treated, so it is best for milder cases. Residential rehab centers allow patients to live in their facilities for 1-3 months so that they can entirely focus on recovering.

Are you looking for a top Scottsdale alcohol rehab facility that offers individualized, attentive care? Contact Purpose Healing Center for a free assessment from our admissions counselors.