Scottsdale Alcohol And Drug Addiction Detox

Knowing the signs of addiction can be essential in getting a loved one the help they need before drugs completely ruin their lives. After recognizing the signs, detoxification is crucial in the early stages of recovery. At Purpose Healing Center, we’re a top-rated Scottsdale alcohol & drug addiction detox center. Our detoxification program is efficient for those battling addiction.

We know that withdrawal from different drugs causes varying side effects, demanding specialized approaches to detox. That’s why we tailor our programs according to the specific needs of your loved one to make the process safe, successful, and as comfortable as possible.

Signs Your Loved One Has A Drug Addiction

There are many warning signs that someone close to you needs professional help. Here are some of the red flags of drug abuse.

Unexplainable Weight Fluctuations

Drugs react in different ways. Some can suppress the user’s appetite and interfere with their metabolism. On the other hand, others may increase a person’s appetite. For example, drugs like marijuana can cause a loved one to eat more than usual, but you’ll only notice when they considerably add weight. When it comes to drugs such as methamphetamine and cocaine, the person can drastically and abruptly lose weight.

Fluctuating Energy Or Sleep Levels

Drugs significantly affect sleep patterns and energy levels. Someone abusing drugs may appear exhausted and sluggish sometimes or almost wild with little to no need for sleep other times. Some drugs, like benzodiazepines, make a person drowsy, while others, such as cocaine, are stimulants.

Mood Swings

When a person has an addiction, their mood tends to change quickly without any reasonable cause. For instance, they may be extremely happy one minute and pretty agitated the next. In addition to addiction, mood swings can also indicate an underlying mental health disorder. An addiction specialist can evaluate your loved one and determine the best way to address their addiction.

Lying Regularly

Lying becomes second nature to many people with drug addiction. They will lie about anything and everything concerning drug use just to keep you off track.

Being Secretive

For fear of being found out, the individual abusing drugs is usually secretive in their behavior. They do everything possible to hide their substance use. So they’ll need more privacy than is normally the case. Even when you try to find out where they’ve been, they’ll respond in an evasive manner.

Neglecting Obligations

A once-responsible person will start missing work or getting behind on rent and utilities. Basically, they’ll stop caring about important responsibilities. For example, they’ll fail to call in sick when they skip work, ignore work calls, or even leave the house for work looking shabby.

Beat Addiction With Us

If you’ve noticed signs of drug abuse in someone close to you, our highly specialized program in our Scottsdale alcohol & drug addiction detox center can get them on the road to sustained recovery. At Purpose Healing Center, we can address your loved one’s specific concerns so they can gain freedom from substance dependency. Ready to seek help for your addiction at Purpose Healing Center? Contact us today to get started:

Scottsdale Alcohol And Drug Addiction Detox Center

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