Where to find the best rehab center in Arizona

Purpose Healing Center is the #1 Scottsdale addiction treatment center with affordable therapies and a seasoned clinical team. Rated as the best rehab center in Arizona, we offer highly effective alcohol and drug addiction treatments in a state-of-the-art facility.

What to look for in a top rehab center in Arizona

With numerous rehabs in Arizona, it can be hard to find the best recovery center for you. For starters, you want to join a rehab facility with the lowest relapse and dropout rates.

Besides, look at the staff profiles, their experience, educational qualification, and training. You must join a rehab center with an efficient clinical team to receive the highest quality care and support in your journey towards sobriety.  

Can I lose my job for attending rehab treatment?

Most people avoid addressing their substance abuse disorders in a specialized facility out of fear of jeopardizing their careers or losing their jobs. However, seeking help for your addiction can actually prevent you from losing your job and help you perform better at work. Several studies prove that individuals who chose to seek addiction treatment are more successful at their workplace and had no issues getting ahead in their careers.

Besides, The Americans with Disabilities Act protects recovering addicts from experiencing discrimination at work for their decision to attend rehab treatment. The ADA protects you from getting fired at work. You can file a complaint against your employer with the US equal employment opportunity commission if you face discrimination at work. Qualifying employees can take up to 12 workweeks of unpaid leave within 12 months for addiction treatment. Do not procrastinate rehab treatment worrying about your job. The ADA also requires your employer to maintain complete confidentiality about your addiction and treatment.

How do I prevent relapse after recovery?

Do not put your recently achieved sobriety to the test too early in your recovery journey. Make sure you sign up for continuing care programs at a rehab center near you to help you stay committed to sobriety in the long term. Here are a few tips to help you stay clean after addiction treatment:

  • Engage in regular physical exercise and have a balanced diet to prevent withdrawal symptoms like fatigue or insomnia. Following a structured sleep and exercise schedule and eating routine can help you sleep better at night and reduce your risk of relapse.
  • Practice yoga and meditation regularly to increase self-awareness and cope with potential triggers in a better manner. Several studies state that recovering addicts who practice mindfulness meditation remain clean and sober in the long term and experience fewer cravings.
  • Stay close to family, build a new social circle, and take up a new hobby or class to keep yourself occupied, positive, and active. Engaging in activities you like can prevent you from experiencing feelings of loneliness and hopelessness and allow you to foster a healthy mindset.

Call 480-579-3319 to verify your insurance with Purpose Healing Center, the #1 rehab center in Arizona. We use a broad range of highly effective and advanced therapies to address and treat substance abuse disorders and co-occurring mental health issues. Contact us now! Let us help you get started on a liberating journey towards a brighter and healthier tomorrow.

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