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Purpose Healing Center is one of the preeminent rehabs with affordable therapies and a dedicated medical team. As one of the top-rated alcohol treatment centers in Phoenix, our clinical staff offers personalized care to each patient in recovery and guides them towards sobriety in a safe and pain-free manner.

What happens during alcohol detox?

Alcohol detox is the first step in a long-term recovery process. As a leading alcohol treatment center, we create customized detox plans and offer around-the-clock medical care to help patients overcome the withdrawal symptoms safely. Our medical team conducts a comprehensive physical and mental health review for a thorough understanding of each patient's addiction situation.

Our licensed physician then prescribes and administers medications to mimic the effects of alcohol and alleviate the withdrawal symptoms. We also administer specific prescription drugs to target and treat your co-occurring mental disorders. Our therapists then rely on medical and psychological therapies, providing patients with a balanced state of mind and body.

Benefits of inpatient alcohol treatment

Inpatient alcohol treatment can provide you an immersive healing experience as you disconnect from your everyday life to focus on recovery at a tranquil and secluded treatment facility. Here are some benefits of the inpatient alcohol treatment:

  1. Inpatient rehab offers continuous medical care and personalized support, which can help you achieve sobriety in a safe and pain-free manner.
  2. Inpatient treatment addresses your addiction's underlying causes alongside your behavioral disorder, allowing you to achieve comprehensive recovery and improved overall wellness.
  3. It equips you with critical life skills, communication tools, and coping mechanisms to manage triggers and cravings via a rational approach. The skills you learn at rehab can help you perform better at work, have relationships, and be more productive.

The outpatient program can help prepare you for lasting success with sobriety and help you lead a fulfilling and healthy life. We are one of the reputed alcohol treatment centers in Phoenix with excellent detox, inpatient, IOP, and PHP programs.

Characteristics to look for in an alcohol rehab

Joining an alcohol rehab for the first time can be an intimidating experience. Knowing what to look for in a leading rehab facility can help you choose the right treatment center for your recovery. Here are a few characteristics to look at in an alcohol rehab:

  1. License and accreditation – Be sure to join a rehab with appropriate licensure and accreditations to receive the ideal treatment and highest quality care. We are a licensed and JCAHO accredited rehab with experienced and skilled clinical staff.
  2. Amenities and accommodations – Look for rehab with the best lodging and sophisticated amenities to get the best bang for your buck. Our facility offers luxurious accommodations, gourmet meals, and other modern amenities to help recovering addicts feel comfortable and relaxed in their recovery journey. 
  3. Customized recovery plans – You want to join a rehab that creates personalized recovery plans for each patient as every addiction circumstance is unique. Stay away from rehab centers that use a cookie-cutter treatment approach to address addiction and co-occurring mental disorders.

Call 480-579-3319 to verify your insurance with Purpose Healing Center. We are one of the highly sought-after alcohol treatment centers in Phoenix, with comfortable accommodations, home-style meals, and modern amenities. With a 4.6-star rating on Google from hundreds of alumni clients, we continue to offer unsurpassed addiction treatment and care in Phoenix.

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