Phoenix Drug Rehab Centers

Phoenix Drug Rehab Centers

Being on the right recovery program is vital for any substance abuse patient. Every recovery program should give individualized attention to all patients, as no two recovery journeys are the same. Purpose Healing Center is one of the Phoenix drug rehab centers that offer several recovery programs, from inpatient to outpatient programs.

What are the different types of drug addiction?

Drug addiction, or the medical term for it, Drug Use Disorder (DUD) is a broad definition of addiction to several types of drugs. Every drug causes a chemical change in our bodies, so addiction can happen with any substance, including meth, cocaine, prescription drugs like opioids, etc. There are even addictions to substances like sleeping pills or OTC drugs.

Prescription drug abuse often starts for a medical reason, where your doctor prescribes the drug for things like pain relief. If you keep abusing them over time, you’ll need a higher dose to numb your pain, leading to addiction. The most salient case of prescription drug abuse is part of the current opioid epidemic, where people abuse drugs such as Fentanyl, Methadone, and Oxycodone.

Illicit drugs are those that are illegal, such as cocaine, MDMA, heroin, and methamphetamine. These cause the most amount of harm with severe addiction cases, leading victims to extensive psychiatric, legal, and financial troubles.

How we treat drug addiction

The basic structure for any drug or alcohol addiction recovery program is the same, with a combination of psychological and medical assistance to patients. Most recovery programs often require a full detox of the substance from the patient’s body prior to starting the program. If you’re looking for Phoenix drug rehab centers that offer different types of treatment programs, contact us for a consultation.

There are a variety of programs available, with different settings to suit the patients’ circumstances. The most common type of program is the residential inpatient program, where we keep patients in our facilities for the duration of their recovery. We also offer Partial Hospitalization Programs and Intensive Outpatient Programs where patients can live at home during treatment.

Our comprehensive treatment programs combine many different types of therapy, such as group counseling, family counseling, and individual therapy like cognitive behavioral therapy. These therapy sessions help patients identify their triggers and teach them healthier ways of responding to them.

What should I look for in a great rehab center?

The most important things you need to check are the quality of care and the types of treatment programs available. A good rehab center should offer treatment programs in different settings, such as inpatient residential programs or outpatient programs to suit various patient circumstances.

A reputable rehab facility will personalize each treatment program to match the preferences and situation of each patient. This means offering different types of recreational activities and therapy types.

Are you searching for Phoenix drug rehab centers that offer comprehensive, dedicated care to patients? At our Purpose Healing Center, we pride ourselves in offering quality, personalized care for each patient.

Phoenix Drug Rehab Centers