Outpatient Drug Rehab Phoenix Az

At Purpose Healing Center, we understand the importance of individualized treatment for substance abuse. The recovery process varies on the person, type of addiction, and severity. That’s why we offer several types of programs such as residential inpatient, partial hospitalization programs, and outpatient drug rehab in Phoenix, AZ.

Why is substance addiction a huge issue in the US?

In the US, drug and alcohol abuse ruins the lives of millions across the country. The reason addiction treatment is so complex is that the causes of addiction are multiple and hard to combat. Addiction is often due to a combination of several socioeconomic factors, which vary based on age and ethnicity, and to a lesser extent, genetic factors as well.

Unless you or a loved one experienced addiction, it is quite easy to write it off as a lack of willpower or motivation. People often overlook the biological and chemical changes that occur in the body over time, which leads to addiction. The initial causes are often psychological in nature, such as stress, grief, trauma, or depression. Abusing drugs regularly will cause chemical imprint on the brain, making it impossible to stop addiction by willpower alone.

In the US, people experience countless stressors in their daily life. One of the most widespread reasons for substance abuse is job pressure. Automation is on the brink of replacing already stressful jobs like farming and mining, so people turn to drugs or alcohol to numb the pain and work beyond their capacity. Other everyday stressors include grief or trauma due to family or relationship issues and domestic abuse.

The addiction treatment process

Substance abuse recovery programs consist of detoxing and intensive therapy sessions to help patients battle addiction. While detoxing is an essential first step, not all recovery programs offer it. However, all programs do provide several types of therapy, such as group and individual counseling with a licensed therapist and preventative aftercare.

Programs can be in the rehab facility (residential) or at home (outpatient). Therapy includes elements like the 12-step program, cognitive behavioral therapy, and group therapy. We also include calming, recreational activities like yoga, music, and guided meditation. If you’re looking for inpatient or outpatient drug rehab in Phoenix, AZ, visit our website for more info.

What are the different types of addiction recovery programs?

There are three main types of programs we run: Residential Inpatient, Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), and Intensive Outpatient Program. In the residential programs, patients receive treatment inside our facilities with round the clock medical and psychological support. Hence, it is suitable for those with severe addictions at the initial stage of the recovery process.

With PHP and Outpatient Programs, patients live at home during their treatment. They are best for those who can cope with daily life during treatment, for less severe addictions or for those at the latter stages of the recovery process.

Purpose Healing Center offers quality, comprehensive treatment for patients suffering from substance abuse. We offer inpatient and outpatient drug rehab in Phoenix, AZ, to all patients who need our help today.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Phoenix Az

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