Medical Detox Scottsdale

Someone looking to get clean that has been addicted to alcohol or drugs knows it is not just as simple as quitting. Most addicts want a continual flow of the substance they use, which takes priority over everything else. Quitting drugs or alcohol cold turkey can trigger challenging withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawals can make the experience painful or deadly, depending on the severity of your addiction. This is why choosing the proper medical detox in Scottsdale is imperative.

Why Choose Medical Detox?

Medical detox programs employ psychiatric and medical professionals that can help you manage withdrawals you may be experiencing. During medical detoxification, this is the time that you end active use while remaining as comfortable as possible with professional intervention.

Entering into a medical detox in Scottsdale might be ideal if you are:

  • Struggling to gain sobriety alone because of repeated relapses and intense cravings
  • Physically dependent on alcohol or drugs
  • Addicted to a substance (or substances) that may cause fatality if you quit cold turkey

You must remember that addiction is a disease that can have severe consequences if you do not approach detox carefully. Taking part in a program offered through medical detox in Scottsdale ensures you do whatever possible to safely and efficiently work through the withdrawal phase and possibly dangerous side effects.

Why Not Detox At Home?

Medical detox is an essential step in any recovery journey. Taking part in medically-assisted detoxification provides a solid foundation for recovery for most patients. There are several reasons to take part in detox at a facility rather than attempting it on your own at home. These include the following:

  1. Physical Safety
    While abusing alcohol or drugs, your body has undoubtedly gone through suffering. If you have been using it long, this can be even worse. Deciding to stop using means looking for care to ensure physical safety. Withdrawals depend on many factors, but some of them include headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, cravings, loss of appetite, and tremors. Medical detox considers these symptoms and possible underlying health concerns and ensures safety so that you can rid your body of toxins.
  2. Psychological Support
    Physical stabilization is the main focus of detox. However, you will likely have psychological effects when detoxing that also must get addressed. At a medical detox in Scottsdale, you have professionals available to offer the support you need.
  3. Relapse Prevention
    Above everything, medical detoxification helps patients prevent relapse. You can ease stress, pain, and cravings with the withdrawals that take place. The symptoms are tended to, you are monitored, and you have support each step of the way. This helps to build a foundation that lessens the chance of relapse when you finish your initial treatment program.

Are you looking for a medical detox in Scottsdale or other professional interventions? We are here to help at Purpose Healing Center. Every time that you use it, it could honestly be your last. Due to the seriousness of addiction, we want all our potential patients and their families to know that our program, intense detox, and treatment planning are what is best to get into your recovery path. Call us at (480) 579-3319 to talk with our team about medical detox and the subsequent phases in your new, more purposeful life!

Medical Detox Scottsdale

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