Medical Detox Phoenix

Medical Detox Phoenix

You cannot overstate the benefits of medical detox when looking at well-being, safety, and success. Medical detox in Phoenix is an essential initial step for addiction treatment, and you will find it through the quality programs we offer here at Purpose Healing Center.

The Addiction Detox Process

Addiction and dependence develop from brain function changes due to heavy substance use. Once the chemical functions change in the brain to compensate for drug and alcohol presence, a higher tolerance level develops. Tolerance means the addict needs more and more alcohol or drugs to have the same effects as they used to get with smaller doses. As you use more, the brain will keep changing to maintain normal function. When you stop using, the brain function rebounds, leading to withdrawal symptoms.

Addiction detox helps remove alcohol and drug traces from the body so that the brain can reset and the function returns to normal. Medical detox in Phoenix involves supervision by mental health and medical professionals that monitor the process and provide medications to help shorten and lessen the severity of the withdrawal side effects.

While there are many incredible benefits of taking part in medical detox, these are just a few to keep in mind:

  1. Medical detox offers comfort.
    A major benefit of medical detox is that the patient can remain more comfortable during the detoxification process. People who detox on their own often turn back to drugs or alcohol quickly to stop the pain and discomfort of the withdrawal. Medications administered during medical detox reduce the severity of the symptoms and enhance the chances of a successful recovery.
  2. Supervised detox provides increased safety.
    Alcohol and drug withdrawal are uncomfortable, but they can also become dangerous or deadly, depending on the situation. With supervised medical detox, the patient is safer as they are always monitored for any potentially harmful changes in the body, such as seizures, severe fever, rapid heart rate, and changes in blood pressure.
  3. It improves overall well-being.
    Detox and the following withdrawal symptoms can wreak havoc with your sense of well-being. Rather than feeling sick and miserable, the right medications given at a detox center can lessen the feelings of discomfort and help the patient to transition into sobriety.
  4. Normalize brain function while ending dependence.
    Medical detox helps you regain normal brain function. After all traces of alcohol and drugs leave your system, your brain returns to normal function and no longer craves the substances to feel normal.

It is important to remember that detox is not addiction treatment but the first step in recovery. After you complete medical detox, you will still need to go through all the following phases of treatment to become successful in your journey to sobriety. Purpose Healing Center can customize a plan for treatment and meetings after you complete medical detox, so you have all the tools you need to be successful and live your life purposefully.

Do you want to know more about our medical detox in Phoenix and whether it is right for you or a loved one? Contact us online or call our team at (480) 579-3319, and we can get you set up for the intake process.

Medical Detox Phoenix