Medical Detox Phoenix Az

Are you curious about what to expect when taking part in a medical detox in Phoenix, AZ? Purpose Healing Center is here to assist and is ready to address all your questions or concerns.

The idea of committing to detox can be frightening and even intimidating. Even when you genuinely know that you require help to battle drug or alcohol addiction, it is natural to be scared of what might happen. This includes what takes place while in detox but also during the days to follow. While detox facilities may vary depending on the length of stay, services, and staffing, there are several general steps that you can expect when entering into a medical detox program.

Intake And Evaluation

Everyone must undergo an intake process at a medical detox in Phoenix, AZ. During this step, you get evaluated by an admissions specialist or professional counselor that determines your care level. You must get assessed based on your current status of use/intoxication, your substance abuse history, and any possible mental illnesses or co-occurring health issues.

At intake, patients undergo drug testing to determine all substances in the system. This is not to judge but to ensure you can get the care you need. During this part of admissions, you will also be informed of your rights to have safe, confidential treatment. The treatment you will receive, the discharge procedures, and everything else pertaining to your stay will be clearly explained.

Medical Stabilization

The initial goal for detox is to ensure you can remain medically stable. Medical detox stabilization involves medications to help alleviate withdrawal discomfort and lessen cravings. You could get medications, nutritional supplementation, IV supplements, fluids, and more, depending on individual needs. There will also be monitoring from staff that may include a nurse or clinician to test for adverse medication reactions and withdrawal symptoms. Any signs of changes in consciousness levels, vomiting, seizure activity, or other side effects get reported and treated as needed.

Further Treatment

Should you be taking part in an inpatient or residential program after medical detox in Phoenix, AZ, you will have a variety of treatments to take part in. The goal is to move from the detox phase into ongoing therapy until you have all the tools and skills necessary to journey through a sober lifestyle.

It is best to remember that detox is there to address withdrawal symptoms but cannot resolve any underlying issues that drove the addiction. The toxins get flushed during detox, which gives you the clear mind and body you need to work on recovery. Ongoing care should include group therapy, individual counseling, family meetings, and follow-up with a 12-step program.

Purpose Healing Center offers a variety of programs and therapies to help you move from medical detox in Phoenix, AZ, into the perfect treatment to set you up for success. We provide a comfortable recovery facility with impeccable care so that you have the support and guidance necessary to move into living life with purpose. If you have questions about financing, our facilities, or what you should bring, please contact our team by calling (480) 579-3319.

Medical Detox Phoenix Az

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