Join Our Premier Inpatient Rehab in Scottsdale!

Join Our Premier Inpatient Rehab In Scottsdale!

Purpose Healing Center is a preeminent inpatient rehab in Scottsdale with a skilled clinical team and 24/7 medical care. We help patients embrace sobriety one day at a time via counseling, psychotherapies, holistic treatments, 12-step meetings, and medical detox.

Top reasons to choose us for inpatient treatment

We are a leading rehab for alcohol and drug addiction treatment with state-of-the-art amenities and a compassionate staff team. Here’s why you need our detox and rehab services today:

We offer the best inpatient, PHP, and IOP programs at affordable prices and accept all major insurance.Our clinical staff provide 24/7 medical care and support during the recovery treatment.We use a mix of evidence-based therapies and holistic treatments to help our recovering addicts embrace sustainable sobriety.

Our medical team creates a customized treatment plan after a thorough clinical and psychiatric assessment of each patient during intake. This allows us to address each patient’s unique addiction circumstances and craft a personalized program for long-lasting benefits.

Can I detox at home?

Detoxing at home can be dangerous and can lead to regrettable consequences. The withdrawal symptoms you experience during and after detox can be unpleasant, painful, and in some cases, life-threatening.

You must receive detox in a clinical setting in the presence of a medical team to safely overcome the withdrawal symptoms. Besides, detox alone may not help you attain sobriety. Following detox, you must receive psychotherapies, counseling and participate in support group meetings to effectively combat addiction and your co-occurring mental disorders.

Who is the ideal candidate for inpatient treatment?

Residential treatment refers to staying at a rehab facility for several weeks or months and participating in psychotherapies, holistic programs, and 12-step meetings to overcome addiction. Inpatient treatment is ideal for:

Individuals who suffer from long-term or severe addiction disorders.Those with co-occurring mental disorders.Recovering addicts who have relapsed in the past after treatment.

Anybody who wishes to receive the highest quality care and round-the-clock clinical support can sign up for inpatient treatment. It not only offers an immersive healing experience, but the residential treatment also equips you with critical tools to maintain sobriety over the years.

What can I expect with inpatient rehab treatment?

Residential treatment requires you to stay at an upscale facility for 30, 60, or 90 days. During the treatment, you can expect to:

Engage in a series of treatments and therapies throughout the day.Get access to round-the-clock medical care and support.Meet new people battling with similar behavioral and mental issues and exchange mutual moral and spiritual support along the way.

Patients who receive inpatient rehab treatment are also less likely to relapse in the long run. More importantly, you may enjoy the peace at an inpatient treatment center and get to overcome addiction from a stress-free environment.

Call 480-579-3319 to join our inpatient rehab in Scottsdale. Purpose Healing Center is a leading alcohol and drug rehab facility with world-class accommodations and unsurpassed addiction treatment problems. Join us to attain improved physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

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