Is Outpatient Rehab in Tucson, AZ Effective?

Is Outpatient Rehab in Tucson, AZ Effective?

Effective addiction treatment can take place in a variety of settings. For some patients, residential treatment is the best option, since 24/7 support is available in comfortable surroundings. For others, treatment in an outpatient environment is more realistic, particularly when work, school, or a busy home life is an issue. Purpose Healing Center can work around your schedule, providing quality recovery services based on your individual needs. If you have questions about our treatment center or are looking for a well-respected outpatient rehab in Tucson, AZ, give us a call.

Is Outpatient Rehab Right For You?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, you may be a good candidate for an IOP or PHP program at Purpose Healing Center:

  • Are you willing to do whatever it takes to stay sober once you’ve committed to recovery?
  • Do you feel confident that you’ll stay motivated to attend meetings while living at home?
  • Is your home a safe haven?
  • Do you have support from family and friends?
  • Will you commit to avoiding triggers whenever possible?
  • Are you working a full-time job or engaged in a career?
  • Are you mid-way through completing courses at school?
  • Do you have children or family members depending on you for support or care?

Why Outpatient Rehab In Tucson, AZ Is Not Right For Everyone

Our staff at Purpose Healing Center is committed to making sure every patient who walks through our doors is given compassionate and individualized attention. Our goal is for you to find your path to recovery from addiction, even if it seems inconvenient during early rehab. We know that not every patient is able to stay overnight in a treatment center; yet, for many patients we see, residential rehab is the best option for a full recovery. If you’re battling a severe addiction, we may recommend our residential program while keeping other options open for you.

How To Choose A Good Recovery Program

By working closely with one of our counselors, you’ll find the ideal program based on your schedule, financial situation, and home life. You can get connected with us right now when you call our 24-hour helpline at 480-579-3319. Recovery specialists from Purpose Healing Center are happy to answer your questions and provide all the information needed to make an informed treatment decision. When you’re ready, please give us a call or connect with us online.

Flexible Outpatient Rehab In Tucson, AZ

Outpatient treatment is meant to be convenient; if you’ve tried addiction rehab in the past only to relapse due to an inability to stay on track, you may find that an outpatient program works better for you compared with an inpatient rehab. Review our programs online, check out amenities offered at Purpose Healing Center, and start your journey to recovery today. We offer a proven path to recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs. Call for yourself when you’re ready to make a change or for a loved one in need of addiction treatment that’s close to home.

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