Intervention Services

What Is an Intervention?

The principle behind an intervention is that those with an addiction may never choose to seek treatment on their own. The goal of an intervention is to use empathy and understanding to make a case that opens the eyes of the addict, making them suddenly capable of seeing that help is needed after all. Sometimes, the experience of seeing all of their loved ones in one place or of hearing a case made by a professional interventionist will make the situation seem more serious and urgent to the addict. Interventions are very effective at illustrating the fact that everyone is united in the belief that there is a significant problem (and that this problem is causing strife and misery for a wide range of people).

How Can We Help?

When required, family members and loved ones need the services of a qualified interventionist. Purpose Healing Center can help navigate this process, with the ultimate goal being a successful admission and graduation from treatment.


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