How drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Scottsdale work

As an addiction victim struggling to contain your withdrawal every day, getting professional rehab help is key to your recovery. Purpose Healing Center owns some of the most advanced drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Scottsdale, providing access to high-end programs and recovery strategies.

How rehab centers work

If you’ve never participated in a rehabilitation treatment before, you may not know what to expect. Here are the steps involved in the rehab process that all patients will take:

Comprehensive preliminary assessment

This first phase will take you through a clinical evaluation phase, during which our experts aim to gather as much data about your case as they can. This will allow our professionals to find out about your medical history, withdrawal symptoms and severity, and your addiction’s specifics.

This phase is necessary to build a personalized treatment, targeting your condition’s underlying causes. It’s what allows us to offer patient-oriented care, helping our clients forger their own paths through recovery.

Detox and medical stabilization

The next step is joining the residential program, where you will receive continuous care and assistance 24/7. We will place you in a comfortable, secure, and controlled environment designed to help you manage your withdrawal effectively, with minimal distractions. Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Scottsdale offer personalized care in a conducive environment, with a team of health professionals and rehab experts guiding the treatment.

The residential program is key to combating severe addiction disorders with life-threatening withdrawal. Undergoing rehab treatment in a contained and comfortable setting will help you overcome the withdrawal easier and remain sober and stable for longer.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

PHP is the ideal follow-up routine once you have completed the residential program. At this point, you are already stable, capable of managing cravings and having moved beyond the withdrawal.

The purpose of PHP is to help you adapt to a sober, stable, and clean lifestyle moving forward. You will no longer require 24/7 supervision, as PHP allows patients to return home every day after treatment. The program only requires your presence at our center between 4 to 6 hours, 5 days weekly.

This is schedule will allow you to spend time with your family and even pursue your career and educational obligations during rehab.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

IOP is the final form of treatment, focusing on helping you become independent and self-sufficient. This approach is imperative for patients who lack support at home and find social reintegration difficult and confusing.

IOP only relies on 9 hours of treatment per week, aiming to teach you about:

  • Preserving your sobriety over the years
  • Identifying early signs of relapse and taking action before it’s too late
  • Finding closure by fixing broken relationships with family and friends
  • Learning new hobbies along the way
  • Understand the importance of defining traits and values like discipline, honesty, motivation, positivity, etc.

Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Scottsdale aim to help you reset your life and start anew. Call Purpose Healing Center, share your story, and allow us to bring some light into your life!Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers Scottsdale