Finding Rehab Centers In Arizona That Accept AHCCCS

Finding Rehab Centers in Arizona That Accept AHCCCS

If you’re looking for reliable rehab centers in Arizona that accept AHCCCS, Purpose Healing Center is the ideal destination for you. We deal with all addiction forms and degrees effectively, providing safety, comfort, and long-lasting benefits. As an addiction victim, you should start looking for professional assistance fast, before the condition aggravates and infects your life in all aspects.

How to overcome withdrawal

The only way to overcome withdrawal safely comes with joining an accredited rehab program in a top-notch facility. Every addiction victim deals with different degrees of withdrawal daily. The intensity and manifestations usually depend on several factors, including the substance in question, addiction’s length, potential co-occurring disorders, etc. Overcoming the withdrawal phase without relapsing is an unattainable dream for most addicts, especially when considering severe addiction.

At our facility, we offer medical and psychiatric support throughout the rehabilitation process to help you recover and heal effectively. Our professionals will make sure you recover in a safe and comfortable environment, ready to intervene at the first sign of trouble.

How rehab works

The rehabilitation process is very much straightforward, consisting of several steps like:

Preliminary assessment – Analyzing and assessing your medical history and clinical status and extracting data about your addiction and mental health. This information will allow our clinicians to create a relevant plan of attack for optimal results.Detox if necessary – While not all addicts require detox services, most do. If the assessment stage reveals that you need detox, we’ll prepare a medication plan to cleanse your system, restore your brain’s normal functioning, and help you overcome the withdrawal.Psychotherapies – Psychotherapies effectively deal with emotional traumas, co-occurring disorders and identify and address addiction’s underlying causes.Dual diagnosis treatment – The dual diagnosis treatment is paramount for fast and long-lasting recovery. The treatment relies on medication and therapeutic support to tackle co-occurring mental problems and promote healthy living for years to come.Long-term maintenance – At our rehab centers in Arizona that accept AHCCCS, we offer addiction education and relapse prevention support as part of a comprehensive maintenance program. You will learn how to remain sober over the years and embrace a healthier, cleaner lifestyle after treatment.

Once completing the inpatient treatment, you may also opt for IOP or Alumni programs to further your sobriety goals and rebuild your life entirely.

How much does rehab cost?

The shortest and most honest answer would be, “It depends.” It depends on the type of care you need, how severe your addiction is, and how long the treatment will last. To find out more about our top pricing options or insurance coverage, call to speak to a counselor today! Our rehab centers in Arizona that accept AHCCCS provide medical assistance to all addiction victims at affordable prices.

Check our website at Purpose Healing Center, speak to a rehab expert, and tell us your story! We can help you recover fast and make sure you remain sober, healthy, and strong after completing the rehab program. We are your best chance at a new life.