Drug Treatment Scottsdale

We all know the extent of damage drug addiction causes to victims’ personal lives, finances, and the irreversible damage to physical health. So, it is incredibly important to treat the addiction at a suitable rehab facility. If you’re looking for centers for drug treatment in Scottsdale, give Purpose Healing Center a call to discover your options.

What to look for when choosing a good drug rehab facility

The quality of treatment programs is obviously the most important thing to look for. An excellent rehab facility would have a range of treatment programs available with different levels of care, to suit the needs of various patients. You can judge the quality of treatment programs by looking at the qualifications of the medical staff, the facilities available, and what past patients have to say about them.

Location is another key factor in choosing a great drug rehab facility. For some people, usually those with severe cases, it is better to select a facility far away from their usual drug-use environment. This way, they can entirely focus on recovering when they will separate themselves from their surroundings and usual triggers.

For other people, being far away from home is harder to deal with, being apart from loved ones. So, ideally, a good rehabilitation center should cater to both types of patients. They should have programs where they can stay at the facility overnight or programs where they can continue treatment while at home.

How do I choose the best drug treatment program?

We offer various options for drug treatment in Scottsdale. The treatment programs include residential inpatient rehab, partial hospitalization programs, and intensive outpatient programs. Which one is ideal for you will vary, depending on the severity of your case and how well you can handle treatment in the environment you choose.

For residential inpatient rehab programs, the patient lives at the facility and receives round-the-clock care. This is the first phase of treatment for people with severe addiction cases, where they need constant supervision to avoid relapsing.

The Partial Hospitalization Program allows our patients to remain at home and only come to the drug rehab facility for treatment, usually for about five days a week and 4-6 hours of treatment per day. Intensive Outpatient Programs are similar to PHPs in that they allow patients to stay at home, but they’re not as intensive as PHPs.

What kind of therapy is included in drug treatment programs?

All our drug treatment programs are a combination of behavioral therapy and medications. There is individual therapy, including cognitive behavioral therapy and group counseling, to discuss underlying psychological issues.

The types of therapy in our PHPs include family therapy, contingency management, relapse prevention training, substance abuse education, and 12-step support groups. There will also be dedicated aftercare treatment plans to continue any extra therapy needed and to develop healthy responses to potential triggers.

At Purpose Healing Center, we offer various types of drug treatment in Scottsdale. Whether you’re looking for inpatient or outpatient programs, we’re confident we can cater to your needs. Call us for a free assessment with our admissions counselors.

Drug Treatment Scottsdale

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